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  1. 1990 I think. Twas when I was on my honeymoon. Think it was even more than 5 - 0. I'm sure someone will clarify/correct this.
  2. What's all this talk about Geelong? Isn't it Jee-long? I hate Selwood. Hopefully Viney gives him a nice greeting or two. I hate Dangerfield and Rohan too, but apparently they're not playing. I hate their coach, but he's not playing. I'm in two minds whether or not to go to the match. I think probably not when I look outside and it's [censored] down, but then the rain stops and the sun's out. Go Dees !!!!
  3. Hate to say it ... but Darcy Moore is so good. And for some reason I don't mind Daicos. Pretty much hate the rest. I might pop over to the Big Footy/Filth board.
  4. Filth losing by 27 points .... so good. Keep going GWS !!!
  5. Brisbane are terrible. Not looking like a top 8 side, let alone top 4.
  6. I checked out Big Footy Richmond. Common themes .... hate for umpires ... one in particular .... and almost universal hate for Aarts. Also complaints about Martyn and Mansell being selected.
  7. Lol ... Useless facts #405 & 406 Conversely, have you noticed that commentators usually call players with surname type first names by both names, as if they were hyphenated surnames? e.g. Aliir Aliir (hardly ever just called Aliir), Harris Andrews, Darcy Moore, numerous Bulldogs players whose first names are Bailey (and our boy Fritsch), Mason Cox, Basher Houli, Lin Jong. And a player with a hyphenated surname occasionally gets called by only the second part, e.g. (Neal)-Bullen !! I clearly have too much time on my hands.
  8. The Cats have a very tall backline. Bomb the ball in and they will have a field day picking up intercept marks. Shame Evans isn't playing. Very inexperienced.
  9. Agree that Jetts is really struggling, and the end is nigh. Don't understand the love for Melksham. He's played poorly the past 2 seasons, particularly the lack of defensive effort. What has he done to justify a recall? No one has particularly mentioned the absence of Harmes. His absence seems to have been covered.
  10. Those commentators are morons. Hartigan gave Hawkins a clip over the head after he (Hawkins) marked the ball. Brayshaw laughed about it saying "Spud would be looking down and smiling" or words to that effect. That whole hitting over the head thing (or similar) led to Frawley's demise. Clueless. He obviously attended the Triplechins school of tact. Seeing the constant crosses to Kennett almost made me do a little sick in my mouth. Vile man.
  11. Point of order !! Don't you mean Jee-long?
  12. Pretty much verbatim what I was going to post. Well said sir/madam !!
  13. ABC Live News channel (TV). Sports report showed highlights of the match ... "Viney and McDonald starred." They played OK, but what about Oliver, Salem and Petracca. They were the stars.
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