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  1. 2020 ... MFC had a virtually injury free year. And missed the 8.
  2. Nothing worse than blatant apo's'trop'he abu's'e !!!
  3. I get the creeps when I see Dr Kerry Chant. She's a dead ringer for my ex wife personality wise. (Or more accurately zero personality.)
  4. I thought the same. A fantastic warrior, but the fact that he won 3 x B'n'F s without ever being AA shows how poor the team was during his career. Oliver and Petracca are way better players. Hopefully they have long careers with MFC.
  5. Yes. Soz ... I can't get rid of my pedantry.
  6. Troy was clearly a top bloke. And had a great career ahead of him. His best match (final v Essendon?) was sadly his last. As another poster pointed out the memorial match was incredibly moving. RIP ...
  7. I reckon he has the composure, but not the thuggery, of Luke Hodge.
  8. Point of order ... Stairway to Heaven was never released as a single.
  9. I don't understand him referring his son/s finishing school as a reason for quitting his radio show & the filth presidency. As a parent, surely it's more important to spend time with your kids while they are at school?
  10. Can't stand him ... or his chins. Good riddance.
  11. I wonder what Alan Scott thinks of this appointment
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