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  1. I didn't enjoy watching the match at all. Sadly, the refreshments during the match - Petaluma chardonnay + salmon quiche (avec salad) - helped only slightly. But I was so [censored] off that I didn't even bother with the tea cake.
  2. When the Demons lose, is worse if: 1. The loss happens on a Friday night match, 2. The loss happens on Sunday night, or Monday afternoon? On one view, if the loss happens on Friday, it ruins the weekend. Conversely, a Sunday night/Monday afternoon (QB) loss drags the misery into the work week. Of course, in a usual Melbourne year, we are all somewhat immune to losses and/or poor performances. But the 2021 version has raised our expectations. I just spend 5 minutes typing this out. I could have used that time for something more useful. Perhaps I sh
  3. Gawn and Oliver are repeatedly assaulted during matches.
  4. Agree !!! Weid has been given enough chances. Clearly a nice guy, and tries hard enough. But it's just not working, and someone else needs to be given a go.
  5. Never looked like winning today. Misses by Tmac (2) and a few others were real momentum killers.
  6. In the pocket is part of the team plan. The idea is that if the mark isn't taken, there will be a stoppage. And presumably a repeat entry if the ball is kicked out by a defender.
  7. Terrible so far. Lucky to only be 16 points down. Turning point ... TMac running into open goal and missing.
  8. My ladyfriend (also a Dees' supporter) is bringing round quiche to enjoy during the match. I'll be putting together a simple salad. No cheese platter though. Too fattening. I bought tea cake for afternoon tea. As for beverages, I have beer. But was more thinking of a light red, such as temporanillo or pinot noir. And, like other posters, I'm suffering from MFCSS. FFS Dees, get off to a good start!!!
  9. Agree with previous posters re Neale ... and Credlin.
  10. It clearly wasn't. I wouldn't want to buy real estate from those umpires!!
  11. Yeah, but 6-6-6 wasn't a rule when Hawks were winning flags.
  12. Can't stand that object. He is apparently on Channel 7's payroll. He gets asked to comment on various issues, and is often on that station's news. If ever I am watching Channel 7's news (which I rarely do) and his ugly head appears, I have to switch off or chance the channel.
  13. Why don't the commentators call out throws? Are they directed to turn a blind eye to this, or are they just stupid? (Or both?)
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