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  1. My son lives in London. A Demons' supporter of course. He's booked a ticket to watch it at the Hope & Anchor in Brixton. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The AFL Grand Final LIVE in London in South London's best sports bar! About this event After the huge season the last Saturday in September is looming as one of the all time grand finals! And we are showing the game LIVE on the 25th at the amazing Hope and Anchor in Brixton. With HD TVs and projectors inside with a MASSIVE beer garden with screens, there won't be a bad seat in the house. There'll be Aussie beers as well as breakfast burgers available all morning and once the game is done...we are kicking off al all Aussie DJ set into the afternoon. What's not to like! Tickets on sale Monday 23rd August
  2. Footy Classified. Lloyd and Wilson tipped Demons. Lyon and Triplechins tipped Bulldogs.
  3. They are awesome. Useless fact #323 .... I know Grange's sister. She is one of the nicest people I know.
  4. Not convinced about that Knight poster, but if the Dees win I'll certainly buy it and get it framed.
  5. I love the Scared Weird Little Guys. I remember walking through the MCG carpark after a Melbourne match in the 1980s. I walked past Jim Keays, who was also wearing a Demons scarf. I said "g'day Jim" or something similar. He looked at me, said nothing, looked away then kept walking. Oh well, never meet your heroes they say !! I suppose I shouldn't speak ill of the dead.
  6. Sadly The Age is similarly a little paper. It ceased being a broadsheet in 2013.
  7. I'm ok with Wines winning. However, Jimmy Toumpas was a fine signing.
  8. I left the 88 GF in the third quarter. I can't quite remember whether I left the 2000 GF before the end. I was with my son (he was 7) so I probably stayed to the (bitter) end.
  9. I'm thinking Trac will outpoll Clarrie. Mainly because Trac is so likeable, and Clarrie less so.
  10. I have a FB friend (a friend's wife in truth) who posted the most unpleasant taunting post on FB after the Demons missed out on the finals in 2017 by 0.1% (or whatever it was). It was after the Demons lost to the filth in the final round, and WC beat Adelaide to scrape in ahead of Melborne. She is a filth supporter ... Her post was something along the following lines ... "What's better than Collingwood beating Melbourne? Them missing out on the finals by 0.1%." Call me overly senstive, but it kinda reeks of taunting the little fat kid when he's just missed out on getting a game in the school footy team after thinking he/she was a real chance to get a game. If the Demons win, I'm tempted to post "Karma's a [censored]" ... and remind her of her post and draw to her attention the filth's 2021 ... sacked coach, finished 17th, board a shambles, President effectively sacked, independent review into racism, salary cap fiasco involving Treloar, Stephenson & Phillips. Would that be a bad thing to do? Hopefully the Dees win so I face this dilemna.
  11. Of course it wouldn't be the same. Unable to go to the final training session before the GF, the parade, the excitement of going to the G for the match, the aftermath, the celebration the following day ... Despite that I'll be thrilled to get the monkey of the back.
  12. This season has been unbelievable for me and my 3 (adult) kids. I was going to say that this will create an incredible bond between us. But thankfully we already have that!! But this would be an incredibly important and exciting event that we could share. The next item on the bucket list would be to become a grandfather !! C'mon kids .... get on with it!!
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