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  1. Oliver is shocking in front of goal, has zero confidence.
  2. 'We'll learn from this'? Have we not been 'learning' how to deliver inside 50 for about 10 years now? SOME OF THE THINGS I HATED TODAY : 'Senior' players sh*tting themselves and serving up absolute TRIPE inside 50 all day. Sparrow looking like a scared little kid and not having the guts to go the torp. Too terrified to fail. Needs a spell until he can at least pretend to be confident footballer, because he looks incredibly nervous Lack of pressure in the midfield at every centre clearance We've gone back to panicked handballs to guys under even more pres
  3. What are you doing Sparrow, this isn't under 15's. Get rid of it! Clarry and Trac set that bad example
  4. Well at least he's kept his opponent quiet... Oh wait, he hasn't done that either.
  5. Absolutely getting ahead of ourselves, blokes like Petracca and Oliver taking on tacklers and failing, instead of giving the easy or obvious option. Really disappointed with Petracca today, we need him, along with Tmac and Weid unable, unwilling to demand the ball or run to the right spot. I would love to see a montage of our pathetic kicks inside 50 today. Either straight out of bounds, straight to 3 huge Collingwood players, or so wide it would be impossible to score anyway, just over and over and over. At this point I think we'd get more of a wake-up call if we lost this game, be
  6. 'Cool customer with the ball, Brayshaw' I beg to differ BT. I have never seen us play this badly forward of centre, EVER.
  7. and nobody is going to them! The lack of pressure is horrendous.
  8. LOL at our inside 50's, seriously. Kick it any higher and wider guys? Collingwood are literally demonstrating how to do it, yet we can't get our heads around it.
  9. Delivery inside 50 is DISGUSTING And any danger we can stop firing panicked rocket handballs to blokes with 3 opponents already on them? Horrible to watch so far.
  10. That was the worst best goal I've seen
  11. Jesus it's so weird how TMac just melts through tackles sometimes 🤣
  12. probably because he plays for so many
  13. Whats the point of sagging back and letting them walk it out of their defensive 50, when we then don't even man up on the wing? When is leaving Daniel Rich alone a good thing? Clearances now 13-22. 4-10 in the middle. Horrendous. Who is playing on Bailey?
  14. GOD! Two terrible kicks in a row by Trac, it's costing us. Can't blame our forwards tonight, the midfield is letting them down.
  15. Clearances 9-16. There's a lot of gumby efforts by Melbourne players tonight, reminds me of the Adelaide game. Aaaaand another throw by us. Aaaaand another holding the ball. Jackson is better off staying away from the ball tonight. I'm not a Brayshaw fan but he's been great.
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