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  1. Probably just cost a staffer at the club their job. Thanks Harley. You couldn't wait one more day?
  2. Up there with the Goodwin 4 year signing and Tomlinson for 4 years @ $500K 🤣
  3. Melksham this season averaging around 50 in Supercoach, less than 10 disposals and less than a goal a game. That's pretty much today, for 17 games. Shocker.
  4. Essendon are SERIOUSLY bad and we made them look like superstars for a quarter. Poor coaching again had us trying to shut up shop for 20 minutes, with a negative mindset which is just ridiculous. Dogs deserve the finals far more than us, it would be a travesty if we got through.
  5. Except the other teams also have skill and composure.
  6. It's better for the club if we lose, imagine going to Perth vs West Coast anyway. We've been proven time and again to be mentally weak.
  7. This is good, we shouldn't be ending the season making Goodwin look good. This is more realistic now.
  8. Can we just end this season already I can't watch this rubbish.
  9. Hollywood football, consistently trying to break tackles, undisciplined play. We deserve everything that comes at us.
  10. More weird butt groping going on. Footy players are a different breed. 🤨
  11. Well that was one of the most woeful quarters of football I've ever seen. Both teams just spinning their wheels and probably will be for the forseeable future.
  12. Our inside 50's are seriously diabolical. We haven't learnt anything in 4 years.
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