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  1. Rivers was fantastic tonight, desperate when it mattered, made great decisions, held his marks, hit his targets. SOLID.
  2. Please, anyone can 'take a defender' and allow others space. He's not a decoy, he's there to kick goals. He was well below his best and barely got near it. 4 possessions from a roaming forward with his tank is not good.
  3. What's going on with Tmac? Almost replace him with Melksham at this point..
  4. the only thing worse is his looping handballs over his head straight to them
  5. Ben Brown is really annoying me tonight.
  6. Salem is really slow.. like his little legs are pumping but he never gets anywhere :D
  7. If Trac could kick this would be done. His kicking technique is nasty. Just need that belief in front of goals, the tentative vibe is creeping through the whole team and it's been an issue all year. Brilliant behind the ball and loving our contest work. Just focus on winning this quarter and we've got it.
  8. I turned it off too... it was too painful... but luckily I turned it back on at 3 quarter time!!!
  9. What's the bet Brown doesn't take another mark for the game. Tmac? Any danger of getting involved?
  10. There is literally no point playing Hawkins body on body, that's what he wants! May is giving 10 kilos. F#@cking tsunami of goals
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