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  1. Hi Bitter 

    I have enjoyed reading your posts for years 

    I have only just signed on myself

    what Id like to ask have you lived in Romsey long and maybe I know  you?

    i lived there from 78 to 88 and played for the Redbacks for most  of that time in fact as club secretary changed their name from Robins to Redbacks

    Thats why their regularly wining flags obviously


    1. Bitter but optimistic

      Bitter but optimistic

      G'day Bear!!

      Only lived in Romsey 10 and did not know that about the "Robins". What a [censored] weak name. I have never actually watched a game of local footy but intend to sign up this year.

      Pitiful website they have



      PS. Used to have a dog named Bear. Bloody good dog.

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