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  1. If everyone on that interchange is fit to go then you'd reckon Jackson, ANB and Kossie are certainties. If Bedford has earned another go then Sparrow would miss - interesting as usual.
  2. Has he done much at Casey? Maybe getting named in the squad is a sort of encouragement award!
  3. Probably the wrong thread but I'm just watching 360- geez Eddie Betts is a lovely humble bloke !!
  4. Casey is a bloody long way from Romsey!
  5. Geez, The Weagles are off the planet! I just had a peek at their Website ( covid free I hope). Currently, to get a match access membership you have to go through an "In the Wings" waiting process. This costs $55 PA. Their premium memberships ( reserved seat) are $1675 and $1195 . The "Club 87" ( $1675) appears to be the equivalent of my Trident Membership (just over $600) They are rolling in it!
  6. Maybe Luci. But remember, there was a review, so that may have muted the celebrations?
  7. I think a good supporter can do both Red. Cheers for their own and a bit of banter against the opposition. Abuse is reserved for the maggots!
  8. I, on the other hand, was in much the better company of a couple of drunken Demon fans!
  9. Further to that SWSW, in my view, the above mentioned 3 stand, without doubt among Melbourne's best ever! And .... they are in the same team !!!!!!
  10. He was certainly below his best Neil but I think we need to give him another week or two before making that call.
  11. No .... I don't think so R+B ..... we won that game going at about 3/4 rat power.
  12. Backing Randy Andy won't get you that Gong you've been fantasising about for years Earl!
  13. Max. I've said it before but he's the best ruckman I've seen . He's got the lot Oliver. First quarter in particular was stupendous - especially as the Hawks were pressing us. Trac May. Despite a couple of rare errors he provided a wall down back Viney A strong return. His best consistent form for a while Bowey. A few deserved a vote but I have money on Bowey for rising star so....
  14. Well there's 300 Dees victories to lock in. Must be a Flag or three in that lot!
  15. Well I'm happy to say I'll be going to the footy in daylight - at least for a short while. I had therefore, planned to return to The Manor at a decent hour but as I'm meeting with a couple of Demonland lunatics, the post game libations could be my Boozerloo . As to the forced changes ...... well you always want to go in with your best team but .....footy being footy, that rarely happens. Despite that, we are still putting a bloody good outfit on the 'G that will squash the Hawks without overmuch bother. However, that statement is subject to review, if we lose ( touch giant tree) anymore pre game. Will have eyes on Bedford of course but Tmac must realise he's under pressure so he will be having a decent crack. Milkshake as a late in provides another point of interest . The skies are clear (ish) in Romsey, so I'm tipping decent conditions tonight, which may give Weid and BBB a chance to grab a couple Adversity often brings out the best, so on the punt, I'm going for Dees 40+ and I'll try and find a decent goals/possesions multi to go with it. My ungrateful domestic staff still haven't returned from their free camping trip ( maybe they're having difficulty unpitching their tents) so The Manor is a bleak and lonely place currently. Dees winning streak to continue.
  16. They are Richmond fans ! I doubt they would know circumspect from circumcision !!!
  17. Well that idea has turned into [censored] in a basket with quite alarming alacrity .
  18. I also wondered about that DZ. Do you know what the story with him is?
  19. No "second" required Stig - I always have a bit of ill gained available for the punt ( geez almost misspelt that) .
  20. I sincerely hope WC want it more Dub - I've placed a "responsible" investment on them.
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