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  1. Nah !!! 40 kegs too light! Very tasteful make up though.
  2. FMD!! I just came in from raking leaves ..... I'm going back to it. Tonight I will drink booze while avoiding Fox and FTA. There's a couple of decent Korean shows on Netflix while boozing. Uncle Bitter is signing off ...... before I vomit.
  3. I put a small goal kicking multi on and backed the unders . Like yourself, I not that interested. In fact, I'll probably only watch bit and pieces and maybe tidy up The Manor's gardens.
  4. What's the blue heart for WCW? Are you one of those toofless western 'burbs sheilas?
  5. What a ****ty, ****ty morning! At the start of this year I was dead set certain I'd finally be putting my GF guarantee to use and heading off to watch the Dees defend their crown. What a [censored] up of a season. As to the outcome today. I'd be physically ill if I have to watch Scott arrogantly soaking in the victory . Go Swans!
  6. I have a concern. As far as I know , in Australia, we act under the presumption of innocence. I am concerned that that crucial principal is getting lost in the emotion that this situation has stirred up up. I certainly don't know the truth of this matter. Let's see what this enquiry reveals. I will make no further comment until such enquiry is completed. PS. I suggest a few others do the same.
  7. That was a bloody joke right from the start RTG. I remember at the time someone saying how appropriate the appointment was because his actions as Premier caused so much depression.
  8. Whatever we end up with would have to be an improvement on what we copped this year.
  9. I would be extraordinarily [censored] off if we gave a first round pick for Grundy !!!!!
  10. Can The Brownlow ever be taken seriously again ?
  11. Cripps winning is just pure and simple ............. bull [censored] !!
  12. I fear that Clarrie is going to join that august group, which includes some of the greatest footballers ever, to never win a Brownlow.
  13. Uncle Bitter - over and out! I hope I ake it to the cot before passing out drug
  14. Look at Scott, the arrogant [censored], walking around the boundary [censored] me , I hate these [censored]
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