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  1. I don’t like participation medals for doing nothing either, but for a bloke like Hunt to miss out, when he has played and made a huge contribution for the bulk of the year is deserving of the recognition.
  2. That’s right - also harks back to a time where football clubs didn’t have massive squads: if you were not in the first team, you were competing for the Reserves Premiership or U19 Premiership, so would have had a dip at one of the titles.
  3. Exactly right - the fact that there is only 1 prize per year, makes it bloody hard to get any recognition: in the English Football League, there are 3 different cup competitions as well as the 4 leagues to try and win or get promotion from. From memory, I think that a promotion or championship medal is given to any player that’s played a game. I think after the upheaval for these players over past two years, it would be a good time to start squad recognition for each player that’s played a game that season.
  4. Why do people still use that dreadful logo? I have only bad memories of that era!
  5. I heard Garry and Tim interview this guy on their show a couple of weeks back: absolutely fantastic.
  6. I was thinking exactly this: I’m sure they’ve explored this option, but could he run things from Adelaide, with a trip over each week? Maybe it’s a job where you need to be always amongst the players?
  7. Just chatting to my mad Bombers neighbour: says he and all his crew are right behind the Dees.
  8. It’ll be there at every turn - we can’t do too much about that. Let that be their narrative: one of the things I like about Goody, is that he doesn’t get involved in any of this - just outwardly respects the opposition, whilst focusing on what we can do. The narrative is misleading - they dropped into 5th after being top 2 for virtually the whole season. Sure, they’ve had disruptions with travel/quarantine, but so has everybody else: 8 hours on a plane, anyone?! Lightning strike interruptions when you’re in full flow?! Let that be their narrative - we’ll just focus on our game.
  9. Bevo will definitely play this game, but we just need to keep focused and stick to our task.
  10. Gung-ho all day, after last night, now MFCSS is kicking back in…
  11. True…my MFCSS has kicked back in!
  12. I think this bye was brought in to cover any potential quarantine issues - it has given the Doggies a serious hand in resting and recuperating.
  13. In the style of Sliding Doors: IF…Melbourne win the Grand Final in two weeks time… THEN…Garry Lyon should present the Premiership Cup (Too soon?)
  14. Whatever happens today, we have turned the corner as a football club - no question. If it’s not to be, this year, there’s one coming pretty soon. Go you mighty Dees! Don’t worry!
  15. I can’t believe (actually, I can) that Gold Coast get yet another draft concession with a free hit at 19 as well as picks 3 and 22.
  16. Please don’t ever use this phrase. I know you don’t mean it literally, but it’s an awful turn of phrase.
  17. Why not just take out a membership with access to Finals tickets?
  18. They have definitely got better, pretty good listening now. It shows what a great culture has been built up at the Dees - in no small part, due to Macy’s influence as captain, I’d say.
  19. I hear what you’re saying, but I think Sparrow is being modelled as the next Viney and will be integral to the team going forward. Similarly, Harmesy is becoming that unselfish role player that are so important in great teams. I wonder if they’d look at trading Weideman to GCS - even though the club insists they want to keep him?
  20. Looking at it another way, we are not desperate to get him: he should be itching to come and play for us. In my opinion, Jackson, Rivers and Kossie are all better or at least as good as Cerra - no way we should be trading any of them out and I don’t think the club ever would.
  21. Surely it will be Clarko?
  22. Agree with all the above, also add Lever, May, Lingers, Petracca - makes a refreshing change from the usual “Yeah, nah”.
  23. It’s weird, isn’t it? Just an irrational hatred - Jake Stringer front and centre!
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