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  1. Sadly, it isn't embarrassing for them, it's the new norm of low level journalism - not only in footy, but across a lot of the mainstream media now. Look at the sensationalist headlines around the current Hawks story in the Herald Sun: there's a cleverly worded disclaimer in each of the pieces, but the rest of it is pure conjecture, that may have little or no truth to it. Our standards, as a society, seem to have slipped so low as to what we consume media-wise, that the muck rakers and bulltish artists are no longer held to account.
  2. No doubt the Casey facilities are great, but the Club still needs a spiritual home, where the clan can gather.
  3. Whilst I’d be glad to have Ooze at the Dees next year, it must be incredibly frustrating to be scuppered by the AFL Boys’ Club.
  4. Dreadful umpiring - two sets of rules.
  5. It’s on Channel 7 or 7HD in Melbourne. Come On Boys!!!
  6. Geelong are this year’s Melbourne - they were so p!ssed off at being humiliated twice by us last year, that they resolved to do better.
  7. That, plus a cruisy run into finals and a week off to freshen up.
  8. Our 2021 form would have beaten both of these teams tonight. However, it’s incredible how tired we looked in the last two weeks, compared to these two teams.
  9. Yes! How the hell has Munro missed out?!
  10. Regardless of the revisionist responses as to how ordinary a player he is, it is a sad day for the club: he seemed like a great bloke, who undoubtably has a good career ahead of him. Just not with us! Looking forward to see what gold JT and Lamby are going to produce with the spoils.
  11. How come Casey get only 2 players in the VFL team of the year, one of whom (Mitch White) is on the bench? No Chandler or JVR? Moniz-Wakefield?
  12. If you were Goody, what would be 3 changes you would make to a) the game plan and b) the personnel?
  13. Have just got back from a social event where I got talking to a very well known footy journalist. He didn’t give much away, other than Jackson is gone, providing Freo can find two first rounders. He believes Grundy will be at Melbourne next year, for a first round pick and a significant amount of his wage picked up by the Pies - said that Goody really rates Grundy and we’ll have the best ruck combination for the next 4-5 years. He also said that they’ll work to get Kozzy signed up as a priority, but there’s no truth in the rumours that he wants to go to an SA club: he has no allegiance in SA - probably the only place he would move to would be country WA, if they had a team! Apparently v happy with the set up at Melbourne, so should be reasonably straightforward. He thought that the main reasons for the Dees falling short this year were injuries and perhaps the mental fatigue of trying to win a B2B. On a more general note, he thought that this years trade period will be epic, with lots of names being thrown up for movement. Nothing earth-shattering in what he said, but just thought I’d share it with my fellow Dees!
  14. I’d also add that, overall, Viney had his best season yet. Finals weren’t the greatest, but in most of the H&A games he was incredible.
  15. Totally agree - absolutely love the bloke, busts a gut every time. He could go up to CHF with Disco Turner replacing him in the back line.
  16. As soon as Geelong have decided who they’d like to play and where
  17. That’s kind of how I imagined last night panning out.
  18. Whoever would’ve thought, at the end of 2020, that TMac would’ve been so crucial to our team? He is exactly what you outline above and when in a forward line with BBB and Fritsch, stretches any defence wide open.
  19. Absolute gold! Post of the decade!
  20. I hope to see a lot more of the swashbuckling, fun-loving Demons that we saw last year.
  21. They have - almost became the Man City of London, with everyone jumping on board, including the swathes of local moleskin-wearing rugger buggers who got involved during Cool Britannia.
  22. You’re bang on - we are more like Arsenal in noise, demographic like Fulham! A few Pimms down the Sloaney Pony and off to the Cottage: “Rah, Rah, Rah, we’re going to smash the oiks!”
  23. I think we’re all feeling a bit that way, DJ. Let’s hope we have something to cheer about tomorrow.
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