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  1. got ahead of themselves after cats game? developing team followed, thats why
  2. I would expect red & blue strip, be gone with white. The club in their wisdom has produced a new red & blue logo... follow suit with the strip.
  3. That's disappointing. As Sly of the underworld says what a stuff up.
  4. i'd like to ask those in this thread who have all commented and relayed their complete confidence in getting Prestia to Melborne for 2017 - do you have something concrete? or are you just pinning your hopes on rumour and innuendo due to well known family connections or fluff pieces in the press with similar innuendo?
  5. would not call it barbaric either..
  6. Yze for mine. What about no.26 for Sam? Luke Williams?
  7. Love it! We've had enough of badwill. It's been holding us back.
  8. We have the jigsaw, although it needs to be put together.
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