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  1. got ahead of themselves after cats game? developing team followed, thats why
  2. I would expect red & blue strip, be gone with white. The club in their wisdom has produced a new red & blue logo... follow suit with the strip.
  3. That's disappointing. As Sly of the underworld says what a stuff up.
  4. i'd like to ask those in this thread who have all commented and relayed their complete confidence in getting Prestia to Melborne for 2017 - do you have something concrete? or are you just pinning your hopes on rumour and innuendo due to well known family connections or fluff pieces in the press with similar innuendo?
  5. would not call it barbaric either..
  6. Yze for mine. What about no.26 for Sam? Luke Williams?
  7. Love it! We've had enough of badwill. It's been holding us back.
  8. We have the jigsaw, although it needs to be put together.
  9. I think everyone will get value with their picks. Had we gone Parish with first pick the consensus may have been accusing Dees of playing at safe. At the end of the day the Dees went best available in their mind, so did Dons. The safe and speculative innuendo is just that.
  10. Hey D'Land. Parish or Weideman for club. Went Darcy Parish. I hope the Weed lasts to 7, otherwise , Francis looks a pretty good and versatile selection, reads the play well.
  11. Leadership, midfield, experience, class and now a somewhat weakened backline. Seems not much has changed from the problems that existed back in 2011. Understandably it takes time. Equally understandably frustrating.
  12. does anyone know the terms? other than the extra year..
  13. the footage on the site each day is really good for suporters. seeing that live i thought neeld did well to not dwell on it and be straight and sincere.
  14. i think the new mobile skin is fantastic. colours look good. well done demonland!
  15. maybe a year early with the question. i just hope he can get a full quota of games in 2013 uninterrupted.
  16. correction on the title: So Many former Demons elsewhere Morton - ask yourself, when was the last time he played a good game in the seniors. why was he predominantly at Casey? decision to cut him warranted; poor selection; plenty of development time. Bennell - in and out like a revolving door for a number of years. what did he offer? how accountable was he? how much influence had he shown? decision warranted. Gysberts - jury is out, but when you look at our midfield he couldn't get a look in. enter toumpas, viney, possibly taggert. his pace puts him further back in the pecking order. decision most likely warranted. could possibly be a bargain for the Roos long term, but short term unlikely. Martin - with dawes in, clark available looks as though we have surplus with spencer, gawn and fitzpatrick up. A back up ruck sometimes fill in forward with not much presence. decision to trade warranted. although didn't get much in return - telling sign. moloney - poor influence and poor year after an ok season winning the b&f no thanks to Jamar. lacks accountability defensively, is strong, but not a leaders backside. would have found it difficult to compete with viney and the like who need time in the middle. result traded - warranted. petterd - i'll miss him a touch. but he just couldn't get on the park, too many interruptions and too many in front of him now to get a look in. I am pleased he has been picked up to be given a chance. warranted. Rivers - Hoped he would have stuck around, but it was ultimately his decision. every rihgt to explore Free Agency options and has landed at a good club. hope he does well at geelong. irrelevant to this discussion because it wasn't Neeld's decision or judgement. this threads focus on Neeld's judgement next year in relation to former players at other clubs won't matter much, because in the greater picture it's really either the individual players inability to conform or reach the standards necessary for a good period of time AND/OR poor recruiting well before Neeld's time that will ultimately be the focus. the real focus or judgement will be on our new young and old recruits go and seeing how a Dawes and Clark forward combination work with a new look midfield.
  17. Have a read of this. there's other threads on robbie. Just search Robbie Flower for titles only. http://demonland.com/forums/index.php?/topic/386-how-good-was-robbie-flower/?hl=%22robbie+flower%22
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