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  1. How does one come down after a win like that? Lying in bed at 12.30 am, reading the posts, and icing my right ankle. Grade 1 sprain jumping for joy in front of the TV after Gawn's snap out of the ruck. Like Steven May, I should be right for the GF thanks to the bye week. So many thoughts. Other old timers on Demonland will understand. I was drawn to follow this Club as a teenager by the brilliance, loyalty and humility of Robbie Flower. There have been long dark periods with only occasional flickers of hope since. But nothing, absolutely nothing like this. Doesn't matter what happens in the GF, I am just so proud of this team. And when I dare to dream, I see Gawny holding the Premiership Cup with the team, and I'm sure that I see others in the background: Robbie, Jimmy, Sean and all the supporters who couldn't live to see it. But there's one more game, one more challenge against another very good side. A challenge that this team will embrace (as Goodwin so calmly states) And, like the team, I have to put fresh ice on my ankle to prepare...
  2. We play a ballistic demanding style. Our younger players (Jackson, Rivers, Pickett, Jordan) have tired somewhat. No criticism. They need a freshen-up and preseasons. I don't think the commentators recognise how important these young players were to our early season form. All is not lost! We are loading. We can get that form back. If not, imagine 1-2 years time when we have the sweet-spot of preseasons into the youngsters and the core are at their prime. I have followed Melbourne for 40 years. This team is the best constructed with the greatest chance of success over the next few years. We just need to rack up Preliminary Final appearances. Anything can happen from there.
  3. Get Melksham out of this side! Permanently
  4. 12 disposals 3 marks and 3 tackles (that I admit I didn't see). That's not excellent. Needs to play with Spargo's intensity or get dropped.
  5. Please get Melksham out of this side. What is Godwin's fascination there?
  6. It depends on next week. But the last time Melbourne was 6-0 was 1965. That was the year Norm Smith was sacked after winning the Premiership in 1964, Ron Barassi had gone to Carlton, and the rest is all sad history ...
  7. Can't find a thread on Jack's appearance on Open Mike. His decency and leadership sadly far surpassed his luck and speed. Now running an investment company for ex-athletes. Still speaks lovingly of MFC. The world is a strange place. Trump is president, Dusty is a dual premiership player (from the same draft), and Jack is out of the league.
  8. Does anyone from the Club monitor this site? Deplorable result. 30 minutes later, we are still at page 2. Even the diehards are giving-up! Like most of the players.
  9. I was forced to watch women's tennis. Thanks a lot Mike Fitzpatrick.
  10. Awesome news. The Club has returned the loyalty shown by Jack throughout his career at Melbourne. He extended his first contract early. He supped from the poisoned chalice of captaincy in dire days. I saw Jack play in the SANFL finals for Sturt. You all remember his first season; a player who willed himself to win contests at critical junctures in games. Can you imagine our midfield when he gets back to playing like that with Jones, Viney, Petracca, Brayshaw, Vandenberg et al?
  11. Carltón are in very familiar terrítory, aren't they?? And they don't even have a Nathan Jones who keeps trying. Would Melbourne covet a single player on the Carlton list? I suggest not. Μick Malthouse will be able to collect the pension ánd geta free bus ride to the ground when Çarlton are next çompétitive. Regarding the Friday night tv games, I will happily watch 5 more Carlton drubbings if I çan't see the Demons play.
  12. Stretch, Viney & Lovett all mentioned in one message. We oldies will remember past victories & dream of even greater glories in the future.
  13. As an aging Demons supporter with the scars to prove it, I have to note that "Diamond Jim" Tilbrook played his last two games for MFC in 1975 and is listed in the Annual Report wearing #18. So W_J, we still had the biggest "big name recruit" of all on the 1975 list. Perhaps I am just bitter & twisted to be making this point after all of these years? Maybe 1975 also teaches us not to look for "messiahs" but to invest in club administration, coaching and overall team development.
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