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  1. I say no to Clarko as he has been rubbish since Fagan left his side. We’d be suckers to bring him in (which means we definitely will). I vote for Brad Scott. He’s the right candidate.
  2. I can't understand all the Bennell love on this site. He looks cooked IMO.
  3. Forward line a rabble - no confidence in any of them
  4. agree - goodwin’s manic pressure play on at all costs works against crappy teams but good teams pick us apart. he needs to instil this into the team or next years his last season coaching.
  5. at the game - it’s clear sydney’s positional structures and where they run is far superior to ours. we look scrappy - they look polished. partially it’s coaching and partially it’s our lack of maturity i reckon.
  6. lewis - massive liability all year lever - go to casey and work it out
  7. Lots of deserved omac love on here but let's not forget how well tmac is playing (a couple of bad kicks aside). Definitely our first choice ruck atm and in everything. A true force to be reckoned with. We play Etihad well now because we are so tough. Find the bigger grounds harder due to lack of height. Next week is a huge challenge, I'd be reluctant to drop anyone but we need height in Perth?
  8. FB: Jetta Dunn Garland HB: Frost McDonald Melksham C: Salem Viney Brayshaw HF: Petracca Hogan Vanders FF: Garlett Pedersen Kent Foll: Gawn Vince Jones Int: Tyson Harmes Bugg Watts Backs; Lumumba Grimes OMac White Terlich Mids: ANB Trengove Michie Newton M Jones Stretch Kennedy Fwds: JKH Dawes King Hunt Ruck: Spencer We seem to have a glut of small fast young guys on the fringe - ANB, Stretch, JKH and Kennedy. Hopefully a couple really fly this year. ANB as a forward / mid I think has the most chance of cementing his place. JKH and Kennedy fight it out as forward / mid rotation depth, Stretch defender / mid depth.
  9. Makes sense - get the nucleus of the team all around the same age.
  10. "“By trading our future first round selection, we have opted to bring in two players now and will back in our program to develop these players into elite AFL footballers.” Mahoney
  11. Some predictable overreacting on demonland tonight. I feel those vfl listed players were playing for their lives tonight, whereas most of our guys seemed to be taking it easy. Unacceptable but not the end of the world. Hopefully we learn a bit from their desperation and are better for it.
  12. Innaresting there's no changes at all to last week's team. Roos certainly likes to give his players every chance to show something. Let's hope they repay him for the faith he is showing in them.
  13. Haaa. Chill out mate. Its the nab cup and im saying one of our 19 year olds is playing well if you discount a couple of miss-kicks. I think you might need a lie down.
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