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  1. " Within 2 years, Daniher was gone and the club eventually replaced him for the following season by Dean Bailey. We were a poor club and chose our new coach, partly on the basis of cost. That's some of the background to his arrival at the club. " So you state that we chose him on cost and them cannot come up with a single piece of evidence to support your claim...and then ask Alotta for a quality of evidence you cannot produce. You say Bailey wasn't that great compared with the field but don't know the field. You state that an AFL coach did not want to come,...but not for the reasons you originally claimed (remuneration). Funny, given what I know of you and Alotta, only you have form for making big claims you never back up with evidence despite guarantees that you will. You also know that the appointment process probably had a certain level of confidentiality to it that he won't want to compromise, and ask a question that Alotta probably won't answer, knowing he won't. Don't forget that there will be a few that remember the conspiracy theory rubbish that you brought up years ago about how our whole situation was a stitch up from a shadowy group of baddies. That you promised evidence. Evidence that you never produced. Stop trying to fight a battle you lost years ago and are better to leave alone. You embarrass yourself.
  2. Hating the left is pointless. Look at how your life is better because of them I don't hate the right - I just know that they hate me. As for footy, I'm excited about CP but don't want to say anything because Jesus. I think he hates me too.
  3. That's a balanced take on things. Let's not take a calculated risk because it might go wrong. FMD, I hope the footy dept has a stronger stomach for the business than you show.
  4. Much more likely there than 3AW...but I think you and I think of 'balance' very differently.
  5. Bogan Radio. Mark Allen and the Ox: they spend 3 hours talking about golf and how often they get drunk. Then they say ice is bad. They'll move onto some soft, vaguely pervy sexist crap and then back to golf and beers. What Mark Allen knows, other than what he knows about himself, wouldn't fill a thimble.
  6. I'd have Oliver ahead of Parish on my limited video footage. Physicality will translate better, agility is better, likes beating opponents and hitting bodies and has the frame to do it. But I wouldn't pick him at 3. 7 yes.
  7. I've so many I don't know where to start. Jack Viney: thought he'd be too small and skills too scrappy to be any good. Nev Jetta : same. Luke Tapscott:...but he looks so strong and likes hurting people...if only he could find the ball.
  8. Best simple description of Tony Abbot that exists.
  9. Cop flak from the PCer's? Mate who cares what they say...and frankly you have bigger problems. You don't want to draft someone because you are afraid of being teased. Really.
  10. The fixture is commercial hell but we've earned it. And it is not fair to boot. Carlton are awful but have had much better draws than us. Life isn't fair; this competition isn't fair. All we can do is deal with it - and turn up. That means the supporters turn up to games and just maybe the team decides to turn up a few times as well - and there were plenty of times this year where that just didn't happen. Or they turned up late. Like the friend with chronic fatigue. What this boils down to is winning games. We've been so bad for so long that opposition supporters don't turn up to watch their team beat us. That is reality. We have been a shameful joke and we get a draw that inflicts the least hurt on the competition. Well, that is tough for us but good for everyone else. Stop sooking either way.
  11. You are a sad sack. Go away. I love Nudge, GNF, Chilliboy. This is their time.
  12. He is NOW the second best attacking halfback at the club. IF Salem moves into the midfield, Melksham is the best halfback we have. We've just markedly improved out backline for only pick 25, and he is better than Mitchie, Newton, Lamumba, Grimes, JKH, Riley, McKensie, Bail, Matt Jones, Harmes, White etc. For just pick 25. Nah, I think I'll write an angry righteous email to Josh and [censored] about my pain. Where is my waaaahmbulance?
  13. Too many precious darlings on this site now. The Bucky review is a decent job. Kent is an underperformer. he promises a lot but has delivered very little. We'd be getting Kennedy to be the replacement for him btw...what does that say? The love for Kent is all about surface features: he is a squared-jawed blond boy with a decent physique who hits bodies. MFC fans drool. It is kinda pathetic. Shows us where we've been. If I ran a poll about who is the better player out of Melksham and Kent, we all know that the site would vote Kent....despite the mountain of evidence against it...but people here [censored] about spending pick 25 on a better player than Kent is. Sometimes I wonder about people. Stretch - runs to the right places and delivers nicely. Unselfish. Brilliant to coach...but lacks penetration on the kick and is not particularly fast. Isn't big. I think he'll be good enough for the moment and who knows what a few years of development might bring...but his deficiencies are obvious and I have no idea if he can address them. Gawn showed stuff all before last year...and the first half of the year was pretty average as well. His endurance is still bleh and his 1v1 and marking is very inconsistent. He's got a long way to go. Any numpty knew he had talent. Big question was always whether he'd get himself together to draw it out and with Max that is going to be a year by year proposition. Good thing he's quit the gaspers.....now. As for the "some of us can see talent" line - spare me! You are not special. You have no special insights. Your clever comments count for nothing; you have nothing riding on them and no-one will care when you are right or wrong. It is just the sound of one man fapping.
  14. I have no problem with Howe leaving as much as I have no problem the club delisting Jordie McKensie. Club and player make decisions, look for opportunities, drive towards goals. How they do it counts the most. In that respect, I think Howe's position has been pretty clear all year...and Roos' has too. This is a good opportunity for both parties. I just want to see it handled well from our end.
  15. Still massive 'if' for me - I know he looked good, but I'm also conscious that we have been easy beats and I wonder how much other teams really cared about a kid getting a few kicks. So few teams have had to try to beat us for so long. Unless his speed reappears, I think he cannot make it. I also hope to be wrong.
  16. He said "best foot forward" without the slightest hint of irony. I worry that he has 'a lot of somethings without enough of anything' to make it, but then I thought the same about Jetta. I really hope that my predictive success is as good as it was with Nev.
  17. Really? And you felt the need to highlight your lack of grace with a lack of wit? What's the third act?
  18. I ignore what Roos says because I think it is weightless puff. He's been great at being a public face - it has allowed a whole lot of avoidance of scrutiny fro 2 years. BTW thanks paul little - you're a star. Game plan changes within games. That is a problem. We go from 1v1 to zones to switch-play to 80's long-down-the-line. It's a mess. It is clearly not organised and I'm not putting that down to cattle. That's message and/or messengers. Lamumba goes from good to god-awful. Nate Jones too. Our leaders regularly struggle to lead on field - by action or by voice/direction. That is not ok - especially after 2 Roos years. there are ligit questions that exist outside of MFCSS.
  19. I don't get what the debate is about. The last several years have taught everyone a single lesson: hold your leaders to account. Questions should be asked of Paul Roos. Every year, regardless of performance. This year, we've seen different game plans implemented inconsistently. Players picking and choosing. Selection decisions that appear inconsistent. Players in favour and then out of favour. Leaders doing well and then stinking. All these things might well have good answers to them, but we are allowed to see them and it is our responsibility to question. If you are a supporter with blind faith, you are not a supporter. You are believer - a disciple. I have no time for blind faith. Same level of respect as blind drunk.
  20. Are you kidding? ETOH, THC, LSD, amphetamines, cocaine.....Australians love drugs and use them lots. And most people have no objections to using drugs. I cannot tell you the number of tradies, builders, concreters etc that I've come across on gear of one sort or another. Massive feature of "ordinary aussie" lifestyle. Massive.
  21. That is so daft that it is not funny. When you try to say any illness is "purely" something, you open yourself up to ridicule. Vulnerability, triggers, recovery all involve more than any narrow definition of "pure" physical.
  22. We have not seen that but he has had opportunity to show it. He'll be handy depth. A keeper for mine until we don't need him - 2 years.
  23. I've only seen 3/4 of the replay but my impression is that Newton is soft and runs hard one way. Great, he got three goals. Huzzah. Loved Stretch's game - linking, running, moving where he should when he should. Small, but tackles as hard as he can and doesn't shirk the issue. Sure with his possessions. Does everything that toump should do but doesn't. Viney needs a mate - ANB next year perhaps? With two more mids from trade week and petracca we'll have power and depth in the midfield. Bugger me. Losing vanders and Kemp is really hurting us forward.
  24. Needs a tank. Biggest difference to Fyfe. Harmes is not a monster athlete. He just isn't. He is worth persevering with, but let's not get stupid about this. Fyfe is a freak, Harmes is a rookie.
  25. Mono, the Daniher-era sports psych persisted into Bailey's tenure. He was head-hunted by Al Clarkson ans has been at Hawthorn (AFAIK) ever since (mid-2008 on).
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