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  1. But part of it is also the stupidity, just like BT… Underwood telling the viewers that is we continue winning, then we are on track to pass Geelong record in round 23… Really??
  2. I said last week that I want them to finish this round below 50%, we did the bare minimum and they are now 49.9%. Kelli Underwood was horrendously bad today, her excessive talk of the contract just shows her knowledge base to be minimal at best
  3. Clear mark to Fritta, then push in back. Umpire pays free kick… why not 50? Why not pay mark, is it because paying the in the back helps even out a lopsided free kick count??
  4. Brilliant result for us with Suns getting up. Could last week and this be the beginnings of the club..
  5. The fact you keep referring to him as HarryO, says so much about you and says to everyone else, that your opinion means nothing
  6. Adem Yze is a champion of our club, who has returned and helped us win a premiership. I don’t want to lose him one bit, but I desperately hope he gets to be a senior coach as I know it is what he wants. Good luck to him.
  7. Give him a few weeks to recover fully, play Majak
  8. If the Pies have subsequently done the right things since the Do Better report, why have Davis and Krakeour cut all ties to the club?
  9. As already stated, have the end the round with a percentage below 50
  10. Lets just get in there, humiliate them and show why we are on top of the AFL ladder corrected..
  11. Has been through it all, great effort to make 200 Glancy, a premiership winning legend of our club
  12. I want to see us crush the Eagles next week, payback time. I will be immensely pee’d off if they finish next week with a percentage above 50
  13. Am guilty of saying he has been average, most goals came over a two week period. I think Fritta is a victim of our expectations, I rate him very highly so probably have unfair expectations of him
  14. Did Sam sleep with your wife?? It’s getting tiresome
  15. I think Pies did in an 18 game season (lost a final, won flag) about 100 years ago
  16. Great bursts in game, they really pushed us but our defence were awesome, Gus and May leading way. Rest Lever next two games, clearly playing hurt
  17. Don’t understand snapping on your wrong foot from a set shot
  18. Disgraceful free kick to Higgins, cheat clearly dived forward
  19. Oliver, you are better than that! Gus amazing today
  20. People mention Cairns, am nervous here how the Covid 5 run out the game
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