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  1. Probably not impartial. Why is impartiality a factor here ? An informed source theyd be i suspect.
  2. no...we have more than our quota
  3. I dont see Ross being a fit with us in any shape or form. The Giants if not keen on persevering with Cameron might be interested in him perhaps. No idea what his ( Cameron) contractual status is. pass
  4. He most certainly knew some of the 'crew " here at Marvelous Melbourne. A relationship with the club? No...with people ? Yes.
  5. out of the light and back into darkness goes us
  6. and I will. if he is half as clever as he's made out to be ...and has some real cohunas his first act in the job would have been to advise the same said board to hold their fire for a little while. After all he has far more experience in the running of footy than his board members. He signed off on it...he wears it
  7. You had me at Useless Demons !!
  8. Thankyou @praha perfectly reasoned precis. Goodwin situation does not equate the Hardwick one...despite much attenuation. The goalposts are the goalposts despite some trying to change them. This is not the job for Simon. Those sugesting surrounding him with good assistant s etc..then why bother with the dead core ?? This isn't a help Simon fund it cause. Its the MFC.
  9. Suspect he'll say all all the right things and find his way to Dingley
  10. My immediate concern regarding Pert..was wtf re-sign Goody so unecessarily quickly. Now im nervous about anything he does.
  11. We'll only know the club is having a red hot dip at fixing this shizen shambles AFTER its had this 'said' go and we see one effect...i.e...heads on stix might be a start...but in seriousness. ..only when we see new fabric. Until then same same. The club owes us nothing...and guess what..we owe IT nothing.
  12. From Titus O'Reily.... puts it into words far more elegantly and poignantly than I. I hope he doesn't mind... He's a Comedian at Heart but by god you can feel he's fed up like the rest of us ( the rest of this can be read at https://www.titusoreily.com/afl/the-monday-knee-jerk-reaction-afl-round-twenty-two ) Melbourne (42) v Sydney (95) It was an intriguing round of football. Not this game, this was a game that simply highlighted two very different club cultures and made me wish I’d never been born. With both sides having nothing to play for except pride, the Swans to
  13. I'm not so much concerned that a player said anything to another...as such. It's just symptomatic imho of a much larger problem. Total disarray out there. A dog's breakfast as suggested by another is spot on. Playing like headless chooks might be another way. There's hardly a rhyme or reason in the way we go about it. Sometimes frustration gets the better of you and I think this is predominantly what this was. Frustration. The team is coming apart at the seams. I think it was Riewoldt ( n) who suggested they're in survival mode. It looks it Im more concerned that it's got to th
  14. Question: Do you buy a membership next year ? Allegory: Do you keep hitting you head against a brick wall ? Funny some folk are just sick of the headaches...others seek more panadol or other medicinal remedy. I don't see anyone suggesting they will NOT follow Melbourne. It's up to an individual to choose their life's pleasures.
  15. Possibly a shame that those accusing others of wearisome chucking of armaments cants actually understand what is being mentioned. It's not possible nor desirable often...in a time of hairtrigger litigation ...to call a spade a spade. Again...anyone thinking we are a well oiled machine ought check their barometer of delusion. We had many of the ingredients to provide for success. And yet where are we ? A miserable pathetic. ..yes PATHETIC 17th..going nowhere fast. Someone took a decent beef ragu and turned it into tinned spag bog. Mahoney may well have done s
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