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  1. hands will go up...some will be sweet talked..or denied...There's a few pretty keen to go right at the moment. That's my mail.
  2. is it out of the realms of feasibility that we might be...already...and thats why something has to happen
  3. How's everyone going to feel if there are more than a few willing to book a taxi out of here ??
  4. its just like one too....we spend ages slowly climbing .....only to get all too brief a glimpse of the apex before plummeting down. We aren't ever at the top...not really
  5. Bad Unless you're a koolaid drinking happy clapper then things a just [censored] marvellous. The whole approach of our current FD has been to build a game ( or not ) by bashing square pegs into round holes and carving sides on round ones !! Our season of discontent is upon us. Of our own doing...well not us here...them over there..the paid ones. Anyone thinking we're rocketing back up the ladder anytime soon...you better find another hobby. Hard miles ahead. No joy in this club.
  6. ANB often played out of position ( whenever picked for the One's )
  7. I would imagine the AFL are issuing a please explain.."we gave you everything. ..and you still [censored] it all up !! What gives??"
  8. Gold 😂 I was trying to remain quite neutral about it all. Just matter of fact choices, no gloss, no nothing The Poll looked a bit different until I 'simplified it'
  9. A lot has been suggested along the lines that Goody has lost the players. Others retort that's nonsense etc Something that has been commented to me by non Dees is 'you just don't look like a team on the same page" And we don't. We don;t perform well as a GROUP. Simon may still have the players as such but his lost the GROUP. A fissure in and among the team would certainly account for this. it would go some way also to explaining the frustrations exhibited by some players towards others. I don't know if the divide is straight down the middle but I've heard there are distinct cam
  10. Cause or Consequence ? There is some dissent. I've heard this too. And who'd da thunk...its a divide between some younger...and some older. Maybe coincidence we have a younger and an older captain. Working well isn't it.
  11. It's disappointing that the more we are told of change...the more it stays the same. This is culture driven...and imho...it starts at the top and trickles down. Take a bow Melbourne ..excelling at irrelevant since 1964
  12. Time to dust off that crystal ball
  13. How funny is this... Lewy..love ya's all.. Then ...ya's all got some growing up to do...bye. Hilarious
  14. What game plan? A little bit of this...a little bit of that...a tweak here a twerk there. That aside i dare say Jade will know MORE about the players and FD. I cant see Rawlings hanging around.
  15. It's very rare, if ever, a club will actually every come out and in plain English tell you the reality of anything. It amuses me anyone actually waits for them to do so. There's "footy speak" for a reason. Politicians and Football Clubs seem to have the same elocution.
  16. Why pretend..just go bang. Grow some Melbourne
  17. And yet other clubs arent so girly about pulling the trigger. There's an idea it's about the big picture.... we're still obsessed with contact prints. Our vision is a bit ...compromised imho
  18. Was sort of thinking had he essentially lost the group it would explain much. That many assert he hasnt just raises more questions really.
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