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  1. It might add, and surprise the many..i really wish he was better. I just want success for our club. Thats all Who brings it ? I don't really care...and it doesn't matter. It's the results, not the people, not from my side of the fence. I'd like who ever plays for us to enjoy it, to be competitive, to succeed and be thoroughly proud to represent the Mighty (sic) Dees. I want those managing that success to be similarly minded and probably clueyer still. I just don't see that happening presently. I no longer harbour doubts about the FD , I'm thoroughly convinced th
  2. What an odd thing to do really. It seems plucky on the first view but ...hell, Red etc would know...dont go asking questions ...or allow questions if the answers arent already known. Im not really that much in favour of these style of events to be honest. Surely the Club KNOWS what is wrong itself..surely. It just needs to get on with it . These fluff forums...rubbishy smokescreen in my view. Another form of spin..what next
  3. You know we've got a rip snorter of a game ahead when even Titus can't be bothered pretending he has that much interest as to pick a winner.
  4. and with any luck forgotten by Monday...then the sneaky exit out the back door in Tassie...2019 done and dusted
  5. As neither team seem capable of crafting a win I therefore predict a draw 66 v 66 The Rossi's or the Volkls ??? Hmmm
  6. You dont think his own admission he came back too early has no bearing ? The word injury gets bandied around. Injuries, sub-fit, susceptible niggle, underdone. Could all be the same thing. Reality is he played sub-capable.. at his own volition. Hopefully a full preseason might help. Lets roĺl with that.
  7. A strange thing to argue over.
  8. Hysteria. ..over what. This is a nothing game Its about a nothing club run buy a nothing mob that seems to know nothing about football ...despite inventing it !! No one's hysterical. Pretty much no one gives a [censored]. I dont. This season was over halfway through game 1. The only thing remotely akin to hysterical is the idea there's much reason or rhyme about anything we (mfc) do as being organised. At the moment some still talk interestingly of demon football minutae as though we actually can impact. Im sure some would post a thrwad about the changi
  9. Cmon cmon theres so.many other garbage selections to choose from......
  10. @monoccular no not a barrister...but i make a good coffee
  11. The erroneous supposition is he understands strategy !! Just saying
  12. Your wisdom is not artificial. ..it's real
  13. I hope a scout from Syd was there taking notes so as to be sure to let us do ANY of that.
  14. Making far too much sense Earl. I too think Hunt could be a winger. We must be going the Lilliputian gambit up forward. ..inspired. No amount of luck will help. We've already lost this...again...by design. Fmd we're clever.
  15. you dont REALLY believe any of that do you ??
  16. they can't even give away tickets or upgrades...the game is toxic
  17. Duck ??? Must be quackers !!!
  18. It's inspirational...The FD are genius Wonder if there any vacancies at Tawonga ??
  19. It's not about having any claim to fame on the G...nor having won a bit of silverware. It's really about having a footy brain and a normal brain that knows when to do what. I for one wouldnt judge anyone per se just because of a StKilda association. There is no stranger fish than the StKFC. But he seems a reasoned and experienced football mind that seems capable of bending like a tree. We've got to many rock -types currently. Hell...he has our lot sussed.
  20. are we boxing clever ???
  21. Reckon youve nailed it. Unsure whether other powers that be would facilitate.
  22. A problem with Jack is not actually of his own doing but that of the imagined style of our contested footy. A warrior/terrier like Jack was in the minds of some most suitable for a role in our Gladiator Game. This was more concerned apparently about getting the ball than actually doing anything profitable with it. In this Jack was sublime. See ball ....get ball.....it was that next bit He might still have a role as an inside mid at times. We do need them, it's just that there's currently no balance with outside run. Is that Jack's fault ? Not in my mind.
  23. Going to be fascinating to see what mercurial spells he can cast over our lot.
  24. Remember me Your glib response requires more clarity surely. We all know at any given time there are managed injuries out there. The point surely is that some natures of injury are far more susceptible to becoming much worse than others. We've all seen surely the catastrophe that Foot problems can become if poorly managed. It actually concerns me that Viney may never fulfil his potential because of recurrences. That would be a shame. I rate him highly as a player, no so much as a captain. But as Kent suggests...some players just ought not be played ...sometimes.
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