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  1. I think it's not fully appreciated how close the players are to each other regardless of what colours they are wearing, just different paymasters. The chumminess after the game is definitely not old school. A classic example was Oliver and Dangerfield when Gawn was taking his shot in the prelim... we supporters are the cows being milked via kayo and memberships.
  2. The glass half-full argument is that we scored a no 3 pick when we dipped for one year... if he is the AFL.com.au trade talk special of the month we should use his currency to straighten up our woeful forward line.
  3. Good post. Harmes had friends, plenty of others trying the Hollywood fend-off. And what's with our penchant for ignoring presenting players and bombing into packs? There's a player called Dee Hubris (forgot his number) who needs a spell at Casey.
  4. We should be more worried about the AFL trying to pinch a couple of our top-liners in the next cuppla years for the new Hobart Start-Up. PS Does anyone have any good knowledge of the best surf beaches down south?
  5. Good points but fairly big $$$ being thrown at rugby states could more equitably used to gold-plate the proposed Hobart stadium. Then you could have Brisbane suns-of-the-royboys.
  6. I know, i was just adding the last line. Lets hope our Luke doesn't run out.
  7. "We been talking 'bout Jackson ever since the fire went out..." Johny Cash.
  8. https://www.afl.com.au/news/789331/he-needs-time-to-make-his-decision-dees-patient-with-star-luke-jackson-despite-rival-interest
  9. We are fighting the W.A diaspora. Scores 0-0 at the 85 minute mark. Nativist sentiment of gun players V POSSESSION IS 9/10ths of the law.
  10. Jackson's in everything. 2nd and 3rd efforts are no problem for him.
  11. I dont think the Q. Was return to the west..
  12. I think Mark Wacko Jacko was the last Jackson to leave the Dees. We hung onto Ricky, he was a beauty. Mind you, Mark hadn't played in a barnstorming, premiership-defining season ...
  13. Drew much inspiration from this morning, hopefully stuff likes this helps to get the Dees back on track: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/jones-finds-peace-after-grand-final-devastation-20220606-p5argo.html
  14. Well i remember the '88 elimination against WCE, it was a shocking firdt half by the Dees, we swung Sean Wight forward in the second half and it was a different team, we stormed home at VFL park.
  15. BBB is currently trying to mark in the middle of a moshpit.
  16. On a positive note, there was a very healthy queue for memberships outside the ground and many, many little kids be-decked in the red and blue (inc. mine) walking up Brunton Rd (obviously unaware of our injury list). We got our little Demon apparel at half-time.
  17. Pickett into the guts. Consistently won the ball in contests and showed footy smarts.
  18. That mark at 5+ minutes very Schwartesque. Dillon, Parker and Schwarz all rolled into one.
  19. I think your KA has picked up on the rich heritage of grandstanding TV callers I suffered through my prime years: Mike Williamson, Peter Landy and Sandy Roberts.
  20. Viney's mindset is second-to-none. He has been in the dark times and doesn't let the players get ahead of themselves.
  21. You are all over this, well done. For mine I don't even bother to watch these games till they are over even though I have kayo. Go Dees.
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