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  1. You may be right but Petty has formed part of such a good defensive unit we mat be robbing peter to pay paul. Any chance Turner might get a run in the forwards during pre-season?
  2. Heard a whisper that we are talking to him. I would find it hard to imagine the Dogs trading him in the present circumstances. never know what might happen if they land Lobb.
  3. While this season ended with a whimper rather than a bang I saw some positive signs for next season and ones immediately following.
  4. The match committee has been right more times than it has been wrong over the last couple of seasons and I have to trust this week's selection. I know that this team and these players have the ability, talent and a team structure to win this game. They have performed well over the last couple of seasons and defeated Brisbane by nearly 10 goals two games ago. I am sure that the coaching team will have them primed for a good performance and have them ready for whatever Zorko's Zeros will throw at us. The game against Sydney illustrated exactly what can happen if we lose our discipline. I doubt that will be allowed to happen this week. I want to us out-pressure them and out-work them across the ground. Confident of a win - Dees by 7 goals
  5. More chance of me getting pregnant.
  6. I am not sure this observation is relevant but I have noticed that the players all wear short socks these days.
  7. Hmmmm 60 years ago today my inlaws got married and I am committed to a large family lunch. Yeah, I know that they are not Australian..... not interested in footy and all that but why the hell get married in September???? I will get to watch the first half live and then have to wait until after the family lunch to watch the second half..... no matter how good the food and drink it will not be appreciated. Go Dees! 4 goals margin.
  8. That is the best team we have available at the moment. Only two different to the starting 2 in the '21GF. I think we have the Swannies shaded in the midfield and our defence will need to be at their best and have the usual pressure of all team defence up the ground to hold the forwards of Sydney. Our forwards team performed well last week and had great service into the forward 50. Silver service and accurate kicking was a highlight against the Lions. I still look at our forwards a a week to week proposition. Tough Sydney defence will test them out. Dees by 4 goals going away.
  9. I could see Salem in for Bowey but he would be stiff. He is a very calm player that has time with the ball and is very measured in his delivery. The same could be said re Salem. Bowey sticks his tackles and, without looking up the stats, I would say he has more defensive tackles than Salem per game.. Medi sub? How about Tmac? Can cover attack and defense and if he does not get a run on Friday night he can get a run with Casey. I think we have enough variety and flexibility in the rest of the team to cover most situations.
  10. Yeah Red, that could well be the case. However, I am sure we are talking to a number of players to ensure we have a few options in place depending on what plays out. It is just that the Grundy meeting became public knowledge.
  11. Earlier on this season I posted on this thread information that came to me from a usually reliable contact that the deal was all but settled and that Luke would sign within two weeks an extension of two years. That, of course, did not happen. Since then I have not bothered to post on this thread the whispers that I have heard. So many of them were conflicting and sounded more like wishes than a reflection of the true situation. My reading of all that I have heard is that, while there is a very, very good offer on the table from Freo for Luke, it is not a done deal. The main problem is Freo will have trouble meeting our requested asking price and that Luke is reluctant to consider a WC offer. This may end up in the Dees getting a deal across the line for a 2 year deal while Freo get their ducks in line for a reasonable deal. This is purely my conjecture. I do not think anyone outside the MFC have any real idea of what is going on as lips are sealed on this and there are no real leaks. Good to see and good that it is not really a distraction with the new Finals season coming up.
  12. As far as I am concerned, it will be the midfield battle that determines the outcome. Our mids are well schooled in the transition from attack to defence and vis versa. Agains Brisbane we did not look to tag their most effective mids in Neale, McCluggage etc we opted to make them accountable by making sure they had attacking players on them. I like that we did that. With a tag some players have the freedom to attack as they wish without precaution, and not be accountable for an opponent. So part off the discussion I want to hear is do we do as we did against Brisbane and trust in our attacking midfield or do we tag players from the start? I think we attack from the outset proactively and, if required look to tag players that are hurting us as a plan B.
  13. Had a look at the form of both Dees and Swans over the last 5 weeks of H&A..... Dees Won 3 lost 2 ..... Swans Won 5 lost zero..... This looks good for the Swan until you look at the teams they both played. Dees played 4 teams that made the 8, The Bulldogs, the Dockers, Pies and Brisbane. The other one we played was the Blues. The Swans played just one team that made the 8, the Pies. they beat the Pies, GWS and Crows all at home. the two games they beat away were North and Saints. I think I would prefer to have the tough run in to the finals rather than the run that the Swans had.....
  14. Just want to let people know that The Demon Spirit is alive and well in this "small corner of a foreign field". reference The Soldier by Rupert Brooke
  15. I think there will be one or two more coaching positions that open up this year other than Essendon that might be a better fit for Adem. Would not be surprised if he ended up as coach of the Bulldogs either this year or next. If the Bombers take a coach for another club there will be another chance for him.
  16. Good bit of proactive coaching by the coaching team to bring Harmes into the team with everyone speculating that he would be a defensive tag on Neale. From the first bounce we backed our midfield to win the attacking matchups. I think it may have thrown the Lions coaches as they had planned on something very different. We were on the front foot from the very first and had Harmes as a plan B if anyone got ff the leash. excellent coaching
  17. Spargo on the wing was ineffective. I said he was a tad slow and a bit short and, I believe, he was shown up in both those ways. If Salem is fit to go I would bring him in for Spargo. A bit tough for him having been played in an unfamiliar position but the other players stood up well. Salem to play his usual position and a number of players to rotate through the ‘defensive ’ wing. Hunt, Rivers and even Hibberd and Bowey might get a run through there depending on defensive matchups. Jordon as medi sub again?
  18. 2022 finals.... I am prepared to accept our team’s philosophy of “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.”
  19. Could be right about the ginger nut..... There is a bit on here re Spargo but I think he has been ok in his role. Tackles well and mostly nails his tackles. When he gets the ball he uses it well with measured kicks. I would like to see him kick a few more.... you never know....maybe this week. Do not see him spending much time on the wing. I think he is a tad slow for that position and a bit short. can imagine the opposition coach looking for a tall, marking player for him if he is plonked out there. No matter who plays there I hope he does his job and keeps his width. I have found it noticeable that our wings mostly stay and play very wide on the wings.
  20. Good to see Harmes back a long as he does an effective job on Neale. With Neale attending the center bounces I can see us starting with Petracca at HF and Viney and Brayshaw in the center bounces with Harmes. not the worst setup. For Jordon's wing position we have a few that can cover there. Melksham has been named there but I do not see that as a full time gig for him tomorrow night. might have a bit part there but ANB might spend more time in that position and depending on defensive matchups I would give Rivers a spell there as well. Hunt I would try to keep in defense as we are getting god run for there with him. I see a win from the Demon Road Warriors..... Bad luck Lions.....
  21. Yep. good move to bring in Brown in place of Weideman. Essentially the same team and structure as last week and that worked well. Harmes is unlucky but a similar situation to last season with Hunt getting injured and not able to get his place back because of his replacement's performance. Strong team with a lot of flexibility in the personnel and structures. If it plays with the same pressure as last week will get the 4 points. Want it to be a comfortable win... 4 goals +
  22. Gameday once again huh? Seems to come around on a pretty regular basis during my summer months ..... and how good is that. Finished breakfast and the morning coffee and will now do a bit of work until Game Time. 12.10pm start time for me so it will be a late lunch with a few glasses of wine after the win. Dees By a lot......
  23. Interesting selections that will give us a lot of flexibility during the game and will make it hard for Freo to detail their plans against us. The defensive team look good and well manned. May, Lever and Petty the backbone to build around. Salem, Hibberd, Brayshaw, Rivers and Hunt can al rotate through there as required. Brayshaw also offers cover on the wing or even in the middle. His time in there would be vey limited to my mind as he has not played there in a fair while. Hunt could cover on a wing or even forward. Not even I was convinced writing that and then reading it back. Midfield/Ruck has options as well. The Four Horsemen, Gawn, Viney, Petracca and Oliver is enough to scare a lot of teams but their record of clearances, or lack thereof, makes us vulnerable. As my teachers wrote often of me, “Must do better.” Langdon on his wing of choice with Jordon, Brayshaw and possibly Hunt sharing the other. Sparrow to spend time in the middle with Petracca resting forward a bit. Others to have bit parts in the middle I see as ANB, Pickett ( loved it when he was at the first bounce each quarter a while back), Melksham and I would not be surprised to se an appearance by Rivers in there depending on the state of the game. In the forward 50 we have the Line being held by Fritsch and Wiedeman and a resting ruck (?) Wandering around at their feet and trying to lay an effective tackle in the forward 50 will be Spargo, Pickett, ANB and Melksham……. Whoever it is down there needs to be told that the player with the lowest number of F50 tackles for the match will be making way for Chandler. That’s fair, I think. Medi sub… I do not see JVR making his debut a medi sub so it is between Chandler and Dunstan. Personally, I would lean towards Chandler, watched a bit of the Casey games and he ha been kicking goals and playing a bit in the middle. Dees to hit their straps and [censored] the purple haze.
  24. Was in Kuching for 6 months 30 years ago and spent a lot of time in Santabong. mind you, at that time, we not won a flag in only 27 years.
  25. Selections as expected and agree that Tomlinson was stiff to lose his spot after his performance last week. Petty will have a bit of pressure on him to maintain his quality of play. It may be that Lever does not come up and then we are looking at Tomlinson in for him. Our defensive structures and quality list depth for the defensive zone is incredible. Melksham keeping his pot is a good thing. I was of the opinion he was well pat his best but his game last week was excellent. Good to see both him and Hibberd playing well in the team. a good solid block of experience there at either end of the ground. The forward 50 looked a bit better last week and not just because of Pickett's 6. I do not mind the fact that we are giving them another week together. Bedford was the least effective of our small forwards and made way for Oliver. Tomlinson for medi-sub for mine.
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