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  1. @Dee Zephyr Could you create a thread for badges mate? We're allowed to grab 5 badges per person (our group of 4 will grab 20) but not sure where I was going to post the pics.. Will post them everywhere and anywhere if some one sees there name. Go Dee's
  2. You're right @Cassiew, Just played it and its definitely not there.
  3. It's in the Melbourne Demons app, my kids think it's hilarious.
  4. G'day All, Until discovering this thread the other day, I had assumed my 2x 'Priority 3' memberships were a lock for GF tickets.. If someone is interested in offering 2x Priority 1 or 2 memberships for fare recompense, please PM, i'll happily pass my P3's onto some one that wants to take a punt. Cheers Will
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