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  1. I'll throw P Moore in the ring and love Stevie May
  2. Slightly off topic but I hope all listed players get invited to future GF reunions, would love Jake and others to be a part of that
  3. Anyone else think M Wade might be an [censored]?
  4. Sorry, can't stand NFL, comes a close 2nd last to Horse racing re. sports worth watching for me. Rjay knows what I'm talking about, the genius that is Kanami Tono, shreds like Satriani, looks like an angel
  5. Don't understand tobacco users, if your going to smoke you should get something positive out of it
  6. The whole club was committed to winning a flag and all should be acknowledged in some way
  7. I just want to see him on the premiership dais getting a medal and then the reaction, would be a thing of beauty
  8. Coming from someone living down the road from Snowtown, hilarious
  9. If this trade doesn't end well for the Dee's, I wonder what sort of reception Luke gets when he's back at the G? Not that he'd give a rats [censored]
  10. I'm wondering about this part. Didn't seem like we had 12 injured players Rd 23 against the Bears and then they had a week off
  11. Actually it might have been a comment I saw here. Someone bumped in to him at Darwin airport and he expressed a strong displeasure towards the club. Anyway, I've drunk that much since last September everything blurs in to fog sometimes
  12. Pretty sure it was reported that when Aussie left it was due to being very unhappy with the club, hope it's nothing along those lines. Be interesting to see where Kennett lines up in all this. Could be a couple of players requesting trades to North having a change of heart, be happy for Logue to consider heading to us
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