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  1. Bulldoga mids reading Max's taps like a book
  2. Would be nice if they paid a dropping the ball when tackled. Being wet is not an excuse
  3. Lever gets mauled on the boundary. Throw it in. English gets his arm touched. Free kick Doggies. Go figure
  4. High pressure from first bounce. Contested footy. Win more clearances. Less fumbles. Last week was so frustrating. Target Bont and Libba Kick straight, for god's sake. That should do it!
  5. That's the 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' that is being talked of in the media. I accept anti vaxxers will get covid once we eventually open up, that's their choice (unfortunately we all fund their treatment). But let's not forget there are those who cannot get the vax due to compromised immune systems or other health reasons, or indeed those with 3 jobs and 4 kids who are short of half a day to line up for a shot. Then there are those that perhaps don't speak English and are hearing all sorts of mixed messages. I know of 2 migrant families where this has occurred. We need to make it easier for them, eg, vaxxing in the workplace or even the home, greater financial and social assistance, etc. I'm not judging any position, just pointing out that getting people vaxxed has complexities that demand smart responses. And 'smart' isn't a word that we normally associate with govts at any level in Oz Perhaps low on the importance list, but these slow responses to vaccination will increasingly encroach upon our AFL season, this year and next.
  6. Possibly the only sport in the world where the umpire/ref is expected to have a skill in play. Get rid of the bounce and throw it up. Last touch over the line for a free. Would reduce throw ins and possibly the congested play along the boundary. This also removes the deliberate OOB rule. Get rid of ruck nominations, just penalise the 3rd man up. Take those things away and suddenly it's a little easier to umpire the game
  7. The forward entries were horrific tonight as well. The Hawks pressure and positioning was very good. Lucky a few Frost-balls helped us out.
  8. Would like to see Kozzie get involved more. These conditions should suit a small fwd
  9. Looking forward to seeing Frost-ball in action
  10. I'd be happy to view the game from the roof of the Southern Stand with the fake birds of prey. And I'm ridiculously scared of heights! Oh well...
  11. Really? That could equally describe us last 15 years. We were irrelevant for at least a decade. Glass houses How many GFs have we played in the last 15 years? How many brownlows? AAs? Any other measure? Be respectful of our failures as much as other club's failures. Show humility, our current success could easily fade.
  12. Please stop DD, you're turning me on... ?
  13. Understand the frustration with your own situation, but I don't think its right for us to sit in judgement and bundle all AFL players and their families in the one "entitled" basket. A parent away from a young family for many months last year would understandably be nervous about another hub this year. And many young or fringe players are not on fat contracts, same with much of the support staff.
  14. And I thought it was only Richmond fans that turned on each other! It's the virus we need to be angry about, despite how we think people behaved, and regardless of only getting select information via the sensationalist media. We in Vic were in a similar situation to NSW only a year ago, and the virus leaked to other states
  15. Got 3 tickets, trident reserved seat members. Instead of being near N52 Olympic Stand where we normally sit, they are N12 in Southern Stand. Tried to change them on ticketek site, but it wouldn't work for me. Don't know how that came to be, but still ok seats. No biggie. Looking forward to when we can return to our old seats again. Go Dees!
  16. They were in quarantine at home, as per their red zone permit, according to numerous media sites. 2 new COVID cases in Vic
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