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  1. Wow so many similarities to last night. Port are slow, second to the ball and the Dogs are taking their chances! Geelong and Port were not PF teams and both teams were basically witches hats! We have beaten the doggies twice this year too and with no injuries on our end we have to stay positive and trust this new Melbourne team in the Granny! Go Dees!
  2. Watch that 3rd quarter from last night over and over again!!
  3. I don’t know about anyone else but every time I read something positive about the club it just fills me with utter joy and the tears start welling in my eyes again. I am scared of what I will be like if we do win the grand final! Here’s to the Dees!
  4. I honestly don’t think I have lived through a sweeter moment in footy (yet- could change in 4 weeks time). To beat Geelong at their home ground after being 44 points down and 32 down at 3/4 time, in the manner we did was the sweetest thing! For Maxy to get his revenge and kick the goal after the siren was just unbelievable! Great vibes. Like another poster I do not even know how it happened, who or why it happened but I think it was an amazing team effort in the end!
  5. Loved the pressure today, unrelenting and got a lot of boys touch! Hopefully this will be the kickstart we need leading into the finals. Demons fans are the harshest fans! 98 point win guys!!!!! It’s been a while since I was that relaxed at half time! Carn the Dees!
  6. For me I think this is Viney trying to find form. He has been injured and not in the team also trying to find match fitness. What a good opportunity to try and find some of that touch. He is getting the ball and once that confidence comes back he will be the bull he was again!
  7. This is the most frustrating thing is we do not have the killer instinct against lower teams. We should be asserting our dominance instead of [censored] footing around! I hope they come out hard in the second half!
  8. I could tell tonight in the 4th quarter we had this game, we have a way of controlling the game when we are “on” and it is excellent. We just controlled that last quarter beautifully. A great game, so proud of the boys.
  9. The umpiring is atrocious! How can you get a free kick when the guy falls over into Tmacs knees and he was trying to get out of the way! Motlop’s throw for their second goal!! I am beyond frustrated
  10. Go Dees!!!!! What a win, loved the performance! Top of the freaking ladder!
  11. I feel like we have controlled the game for all but 10-15 minutes but those minutes cost us goals and the Dogs are so quick at kicking goals! Let’s hope for a big second half here!
  12. What a great first quarter!! But the umps, honestly horrible!! So frustrating!
  13. BT was horrible today and the whole commentary team just like to bag us and root for the other side. I think this is ingrained in them from our past years as we always lost and the other team were always way better than us. It has always been hard to listen to the commentators during a match but this year it is really bad because we are actually doing well! I for one am building trust in our boys and to be able to just control a match like that is what good sides do! There have been plenty of Richmond games over the last few years that were just like us today! So proud of our boys. Go Dees!
  14. He is horrible! Worst commentating of a game ever. Also when will the commentators start actually talking us up. Just because we are not Richmond they always have to criticise and just sound down about us!
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