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  1. ticket inside and WIN a Family Pass to the 2021 Toyota FOLLOW US
  2. We shall not underestimate WB by even one cent, they are the most dangerous team under coach Luke Beveridge. For a win in Grand Final, they are willing to fight you till death -- this will be their main weapon on show, do we have that same willingness ( I know Viney has got one)? If we don't have, don't want to fight at that level, there won't be a happy ending for us. At this stage, the games played between these two sides in H/A season don't count much.
  3. Tell her the government announced Stage 5 lock down starting from midnight tonight for 2 weeks, the parents have to be isolated in they home in different rooms, you are going to look after the kids.
  4. Ken Hinkley: I feel your pain. Chris Scott: I feel your pain, too. Ken Hinkley: Let's talk about it ... Chris Scott: I ... I... just want to cry ...
  5. Ken Hinkley is a good Home and Away season coach, that's just about it.
  6. Port shall not wave white flag, run hard, keep fighting, what ever the margin is, WB may run out of steam in 4th quarter.
  7. Choked in 1st quarter, unbelievable! That's why I always want us to play PA. If WB won, have 2 weeks break, they will be a force.
  8. No worries. Give him another one year extension, he could be in the Grand final team of year 2022. In past 20 years, Hawthorn was the only one team which won the minor premiership and Premiership Cup in 2012, they then went on to win their next 2 Premiership in 2013 and 2014. Are there anyone willing to say that's Hawthorn, they can but Demons can't? Most likely we are going to win this year's Premiership, we will have very good chance to win next year's as well. It's our time! By the way, why so many people all over Australia, including a few of Geelong support, PA support and WB support love to see Demons to win this year's Premiership? because many of us still in the hard time, people need fairytale.
  9. Thank you all the people who cheered Demons on in Optus Stadium tonight, wish you all have a very good weekend!
  10. I like these Mental Scars: Sat 22/9/2018 Prelim WC vs Melb Optus Stadium 121 : 55 Fri 10/9/2021 Prelim Melb vs Geel Optus Stadium 125 : 42 Go you good thing, Dees!
  11. Dawn kicked a goal after the siren . . . Dawn won the coin toss. It didn't feel like the 1st quarter of Prelim, more like the 5th quarter of Rd 23, didn't it?
  12. Saturday, September 11th, 2021 Geelong Advertiser Scott Has to Go
  13. Just remember, our team is rising, we haven't seen the best Demons yet ...
  14. Rd 23 Geelong vs Melbourne 77 : 81 GMHBA stadium This was what they did to us in details in that 2nd quarter: From 19:59 Hawkins' goal to 28:12 Rohan's goal, there were 5 goals in 8+minutes! Our team as a whole had never experienced that kind of "burst" from our opponents before, some of our player were simply shocked and got lost ... I trust our current team, I believe they would learn the lesson, they would be able to handle the situation better, even much better next time around.
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