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  1. Assuming May is 100% fit - he plays on Naughton. He's beaten him before and will do it again. Wouldn't consider bringing in Smith to play on Naughton and would only consider Petty as a backup. Petty goes to English, Hibberd to Hannan, Rivers to Weightman, Lever to Schache and Salem and Bowey dominate the ground balls. I'm a big fan of Hunt but can't see them dropping any of the back 7. Would like Hunt as sub though.
  2. Andy Maher just referred to a rumour that a tall Geelong defender could be a late withdrawal on SEN. Anyone heard anything on this?
  3. I don't think either have the size to match up on any of Geelong's 3 talls like Smith is arguably capable of doing. So we're talking about locking down on Rohan. I think we're lucky in that any of Hunt, Hibberd or Rivers (back-up) can do the job on Rohan. I think Hunt's defensive capabilities are underestimated. He doesn't read the play and zone off his opponent like Lever, Salem and Bowey. He's very much an old fashioned beat your man first and then run off. He very rarely gives his opponent space on the lead. Perfect profile to lockdown on Rohan.
  4. Assuming Hunt is good to go, I think he is the best match-up for Rohan. I don't like like the idea of bringing in Hibberd to play on Cameron in order to free up Lever. Cameron is too good and we must play Petty on him. I'll back Lever in to play and zone off Ratugolea - will be too smart for him.
  5. This makes sense. I've been counting down the days for Hunt to return and replace Smith but looking at the Cats forward structure (3 talls and Rohan) I can no longer see that happening. Smith can play a role (even if having him in the side increases my anxiety by 50%) on a tall and free up Lever - neither Hibberd or Hunt can do that. If they need Smith to play tall he stays in the side, if the likely match up for him is a small he gets dropped for either Hibberd or Hunt if fit. Can't have Smith playing on the most dangerous small forward like he did against Brisbane. So how does Hunt get back in the side? I think the only way is if we are lucky enough to get into a GF and come up against Port and we need a defender to match up on Fantasia, Rozee or Grey. I love what Bowey is offering but i'm not sure he can play a lockdown role and compete in one on ones with Port's dangerous smalls as well as Hunt can. Having said that it would be a huge call to bring him into a GF side after 6 weeks off. Anyway, I'm getting well ahead of myself now. Go Dees!
  6. Surprisingly I got very little sympathy from work colleagues that are combining work and home schooling as I took up the majority of this mornings team meeting outlining the current predicament of Dees supporters ;) I've accepted that I won't be watching the Dees in person but I think I'll self-combust if I have to watch us play in a GF at home on my own. Designate a few pubs throughout Victoria - entry for fully vaccinated Melbourne members only. Lock us in and don't let us out for two weeks if necessary!
  7. Huge effort to turn things around in the 2nd half. The fact he was very average in the first half makes his second half performance all the more impressive. He seems the type of player that is able to move on from mistakes and back himself in to win the next contest and continue to hunt the footy. His self-confidence was pivotal in getting the win against the Cats. I'm not sure May has the same resilience - or at least he didn't on Saturday night. He didn't look confident under the high balls all night after a shaky start. Although I'll back in May to bounce back with a huge game this week.
  8. I just wanted to touch on the education side of this issue - and in particular Tex Walker's apology video (sorry if this has been discussed previously). Tex Walker has a lot of work to do - his apology video makes that abundantly clear. I know he was emotional but it's unacceptable for a perpetrator to 'lean' on the victim for support and education. Hasn't the victim been through enough without having to go through the emotional labour (and potential re-traumatization) of supporting and educating the perpetrator? There are a lot of resources out there - so rather than make the victim or victimised community do the heavy lifting, take ownership and educate yourself Tex (and anyone else in his position).
  9. Not a huge fan of Smith as either a starting forward or defender - but as a sub this makes a lot of sense. Offers more flexibility than almost anyone else not in the starting 22.
  10. My thoughts aren't dissimilar to previous posts. Out: Hunt, Sparrow, AVB In: Hibberd, McDonald, Jones (sub) Sparrow and AVB aren't up to the level required. At one point last night when AVB was giving away clumsy free kicks I thought we were better off playing one short and leaving him on the bench. He did win a few key contested possessions as the game went on but in general he wasn't up to it. Sparrow has had an opportunity over the past few weeks to show us what he can do and hasn't impacted the game. His simple missed handball clanger against the Dogs that resulted in a turnover and shot at goal looked like someone low on confidence and not in tune with the rest of the midfield. He just doesn't get his hands on the ball enough for a midfielder. Whilst Jordan hasn't been super impressive over the last few months, he get's his hands on the ball, does the simple things well and is less prone to clangers and stupid free kicks - so he stays in the team in front of AVB and Sparrow. I'm not sold on Jones being able to have a huge impact on the game but I trust him more than AVB or Sparrow as sub. I wouldn't be against seeing Lockhart come in for Hunt but I think Hibberd provides more flexibility with his size to match up on both small and medium sized forwards. Loved the game of Harmes. Was much cleaner, finished well and didn't try to do too much.
  11. I also can't shake the image of Vardy ruffling Max's hair after Ryan's mark. The audacity of the guy to do that after having his pants pulled down all day by Gawn was astounding. Having said that - he's not worth wasting any energy on. The dense [censored] would probably see it as a complement.
  12. Either way - I'd go with Weideman.
  13. Ben Brown Out. Jackson In. Give Chandler 1 more week to show what he can do. Weideman looked more likely to take a grab than Brown last week and also offers more when it hits the deck. Whilst it shouldn't dictate selection - I'm concerned that dropping Weideman after one game plays into the hands of other clubs that will be trying to convince him to switch clubs at year-end.
  14. My two cents. Jones is playing - so whether we think he should be or not we should get behind a great Melbourne man this weekend. Whether he plays game 301 the following week - I'm not so sure. Weideman in for M.Brown. Fritch (if fit) in for Melkshem. May (if fit) in for Petty. Would gamble on playing May if close to full fitness to match up on Lynch but wouldn't play Fritch if not 100% fit as we have forward cover. Ben Brown has to wait another week as we can't completely restructure the forward line and expect to beat Richmond. Play McDonald as a high lead up half forward (not sold on him as a wingman) with Weideman and Jackson playing deeper forward. Can't afford to drop any of the small forwards - there pressure has been immense over the first 5 games.
  15. Viney for Sparrow/Jones. Torn on who goes out as I feel we need to persist with Sparrow and give him a run of games. I also think Jones did some good things and seemed to move more freely than he did last year and would be a little stiff to be dropped. Need to get Viney in the team if fit though. Talk of dropping Jetta after his performance on the weekend is off the mark. His one on one contest work was great. Whilst Hunt and Harmes weren't at there best I think they need an extended run in their new positions as they both have a lot to add to the backline and midfield respectively if they settle in over the coming weeks.
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