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  1. Either way - I'd go with Weideman.
  2. Ben Brown Out. Jackson In. Give Chandler 1 more week to show what he can do. Weideman looked more likely to take a grab than Brown last week and also offers more when it hits the deck. Whilst it shouldn't dictate selection - I'm concerned that dropping Weideman after one game plays into the hands of other clubs that will be trying to convince him to switch clubs at year-end.
  3. My two cents. Jones is playing - so whether we think he should be or not we should get behind a great Melbourne man this weekend. Whether he plays game 301 the following week - I'm not so sure. Weideman in for M.Brown. Fritch (if fit) in for Melkshem. May (if fit) in for Petty. Would gamble on playing May if close to full fitness to match up on Lynch but wouldn't play Fritch if not 100% fit as we have forward cover. Ben Brown has to wait another week as we can't completely restructure the forward line and expect to beat Richmond. Play McDonald as a high lead up half forward (not so
  4. Viney for Sparrow/Jones. Torn on who goes out as I feel we need to persist with Sparrow and give him a run of games. I also think Jones did some good things and seemed to move more freely than he did last year and would be a little stiff to be dropped. Need to get Viney in the team if fit though. Talk of dropping Jetta after his performance on the weekend is off the mark. His one on one contest work was great. Whilst Hunt and Harmes weren't at there best I think they need an extended run in their new positions as they both have a lot to add to the backline and midfield respectively
  5. Yep - he stays, but as a wingman. Larkey kicked two on him in the first 10 minutes of the game before we were forced to move him off him. Both pretty average efforts. Didn't look like a defender.
  6. In: Gawn, Viney, Lockhart Out: Harmes, Jones, AVB Lockhart a straight swap for Harmes. Lockhart is a better defender and in better form. Harmes has had ample opportunity to show some form as a defender and hasn't done so. If he's not playing the role as a lockdown midfielder there isn't a spot in the side for him. Tomlinson has struggled as a tall defender. Move TMac into defense and play Tomlinson on a wing in place of Jones. Could potentially drop Tomlinson and play AVB on the wing but would prefer to seem them give Tomlinson a run in the position he was recruited for.
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