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  1. Good day for the Dees! Really gutsy win for the ladies and (almost) a dominant win for the boys! If only they could kick straight! Salem awesome tonight! Oliver great again! Tomlinson our most reliable defender? Kozzie so exciting, Swallow, Rivers and Jordon solid, Jacko getting better each week. Youngsters were good! Howard did to us what May and Lever did to Freo last week. Need Viney and Brayshaw to do more. Need to hold marks. Need to kick straight. Melksham and Hibberd to come back maybe next week. Then BB and Weid. Could be anything this year! Opportunity is there, need to grab it.
  2. 6 Salem 5 Oliver daylight 4 Tracc 3 Langdon 2 Kozzie 1 Max
  3. Watched him play many games at South Barwon with his brother Paul who played AFL for Geelong. Geelong Football League was a very high level competition and South Barwon dominated for about 6 years. Absolute gun at that level, way better than Tom Couch and as good as any player in the comp. I was lead to believe that he was going to be a Demon as a teenager but did his knee and so was never drafted. Not sure if this is true?
  4. Can’t believe you censor names!? Rhymes with Rick, starts with a D.
  5. My great uncle Fred [censored] - 4 games in 1926, a Premiership year. Did not play in the Grand Final sadly. Was the son of Alec [censored] - first captain of Essendon in 1880s. Also Dave McGlashan - filled in for Jacko when he was injured (or suspended) in 1982 and kicked 6 against Collingwood. Only played 6 games for 7 goals over 2 years.
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