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  1. I visited this thread for the lols...
  2. Can the AFL please explain why we wore the royal blue clash jumper in an away fixture against Collingwood two seasons ago? Bizarre. It is the best alternate strip we've had but wearing a clash for the sake of a clash is completely unnecessary.
  3. Wonderful clip, I wish him every success in the next stage of his life.
  4. He has a great step on him which he showed in that 3rd period off half back, really composed, outstanding user by foot as he showed in the 3rd period kicking to a target on the back of the square with the outside of his right boot. Will be a player from the look of him, definitely the Dees highlight of the magoos hit out.
  5. I won't say I'm happy celebrating the premature end to this bloke's career (or any AFL player for that matter), but it does feel like a fitting demise.
  6. Reflecting 24 hours post game, I’m going to remain positive. While the first 1 & 1/2 quarters showed glimpses of the attacking, dangerous 2018, the lack of intensity post half time had 2019 all over it. Close victories, despite the obvious flaws, build confidence. I’m sure everyone who’s heart beats true knows the shattering feeling of week after week of honourable losses and pea hearted performances of the not so distant past. It’s a start, we’re on the board. Onwards.
  7. Anyone know of ticketing detail / availability for this pre season scratch match?
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