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  1. Tom Mitchell 2.0. Gets a lot of it, does nothing with it.
  2. He’ll be a first or second round pick mate. Not sure why you’re assuming against the AFL journo who knows anything and everything about the draft.
  3. That’s just not true at all. He had 2 training sessions. They told him to go back and do what you’ve been doing at VFL level and if you continue on with it there’s a chance mid year. He did exactly that.
  4. Nah. Hasn’t done anything special just as he didn’t in preseason.
  5. Because we didn’t move the three of them to the inactive list. Club chose only to take 2 selections. Might not use either of them.
  6. Ziebell? Wtf would you want him for ?
  7. Needs a new contract ASAP! Would hate to see him go
  8. No. He’s in the team to kick goals, which he does. 132 games for 292 goals is more goals then all our forwards combined.
  9. We picked Weid at 9 and Big Harry went the pick straight after ?
  10. The irony is that we picked Weid at pick 9 and Carlton picked McKay at pick 10z
  11. Transcript of the channel 7 story https://t.co/8CK0VrpCVm
  12. Tom Browne states it’s imminent. Here is the transcript article - https://t.co/8CK0VrpCVm
  13. Any player can have a foot issue, hot spots are very common and it means they’ve detected it early. So much overreaction in this fanbase, it’s unbelievable.
  14. This is beautiful
  15. Nothing but a fine. Careless/low contact. No concussion or injury and returned to the field. Such an overreaction, as usual
  16. Weid better then Brown? Brown kicked 60 goals 3 years in a row. Get real ?
  17. We’ll know the make up of the team by tonight as Casey play North VFL tomorrow night so we’ll see the squad. No doubt Goody will be asked in his presser tomorrow anyway if Brown or Weid are playing
  18. Hoping more then anyone that Big Ben debuts. Easy swap for Melksham. We didn’t recruit him to play for Casey. He’s in the top 10 forwards in the comp. No matter how good we are going, he automatically makes us better.
  19. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-news-2021-north-melbourne-tasmania-covid19-north-melbourne-vs-melbourne-blundstone-arena/news-story/74a15982928edb3da1dd358a5344c616 Game to go ahead in Tassie as planned.
  20. He’s a restricted free agent, so yes the Bombers would match whatever we offer which would force a trade. A future first and someone like Harmes? Talk of trading Gus is a joke. It’s well documented we want another classy ball user. Kelly and Merrett is that type. I love the look of Lachie Ash but the Giants would want at least 2x first rounders. It’s nice to be linked to A grade talent though, that’s for sure!
  21. Restricted Free Agent, which means the Bombers would match whatever we offer and force a trade.
  22. He will sign, Clarry and Trac are his best mates
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