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  1. Surely the money has to be a dead-eye 55m Daniher bomb after the siren relegating us to 9th after we knock GWS off by 15 goals Sat night.
  2. Being from a one-team city in an Aussie Rules-mad state with world class facilities, huge membership numbers, and the commensurate sponsorship dollars that would attract might have something to do with it. We are a homeless amateur rabble compared to the top clubs.
  3. No worries, thanks for clarifying. I certainly agree a bye would indeed have been handy!
  4. FMD, if GWS go down to Adelaide a day after we terminated our season with extreme prejudice... talk about salt in wounds. Hope... dashed ... hope ... dashed ... <repeat ad infinitum>
  5. Bizarre to me that the AFL scheduled byes in a compressed season replete with 4-day breaks. And our "bye" was spent with our whole squad playing a practice match on the 'G - hardly a break. That said, if I recall Essendon had their tails up at that stage - we were far from a certainty of winning that game anyway.
  6. Smaller list sizes so we can enjoy some delistings. The tail of our list is sub-VFL standard.
  7. His comments were pathetic. No accountability or responsibility.
  8. We are hopeless. I could have sworn we did this 6 years ago.
  9. The belief looks like it's deserted the team. Put in all the fitness work, drilled the "gameplan" all preseason, then find we're uncompetitive against decent sides. Our luck with injuries regresses to the mean, bizarre selections sapping confidence and cohesion, and lo and behold players' subconsciousnesses figure out that losing a few towards the tail end ain't so bad - no need to back up again in finals against teams we won't stack up against anyway. Team play breaks down. Here we are. [censored].
  10. Again. The cue was in the rack this game. Team looked in disarray - so many recent changes can't have helped, but jeez these last few weeks have exposed how fraudulent our supposed depth is.
  11. Agreed. It's a problem of our own making - the AFL aren't going to pitch in for the payout. But the membership and possibly sponsorship fallout might make for bigger losses. We're [censored] either way.
  12. And Pert is slated to be interviewed on the Deebrief this week. Could be fascinating.
  13. someone must surely be getting the sack at Jaguar for jumping in board after 2018.
  14. Looked like he was drafting his resignation letter in his head after that last Freo goal.
  15. What a spectacle. On a positive side, it's been good to see the boys having each others' back in with a few post-clash remonstrations.
  16. Be nice to rob some other ar$eholes of a spot in the 8 though
  17. Staggering how far we have fallen away these last couple of weeks. Disintegrated.
  18. Hopefully to bring it to ground for Bedford, Kozzie, etc. His set shots are a worry.
  19. Christ, imagine if it was Nibbler and Spargo or similar. They'd be burned in a Wicker Man as half time entertainment at the GF. Being Richmond players we can see the media/spin brooms out in full force, with Gil gleefully holding the rug up.
  20. We were fined half a mil for not tanking. Year in year out there's a scramble for the wooden spoon. Where's everyone else's fines?
  21. Not to lighten the mood or anything, but the Blues are looking a good chance to knock GWS off which might keep us in the 8. ?
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