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  1. Clearly forgot that Yze and Richo were upstairs and are probably better than Goody on seeing the game unfold.
  2. That is the 7 mate app which is channel 7’s digital streaming solution ( what Kayo is to Foxtel). Usually digital streaming rights and terrestrial (free to air) broadcasting rights are split up, but it appears as though ch7 has both. Might want to see if you can pause n play live TV on 7 mate and not leave it to GF day.
  3. I think it’s a good contingency plan. Playing as a KPF is probably not the right solution for him despite what his body and upbringing have suggested. Need to find him another role.
  4. It does play into Bevos ‘us against the world’.. theme - ‘no one has backed us, no one thinks we are a chance’ etc etc. its a bit much I think and potentially a double edged sword because millennials these days might not buy into the hype so readily.
  5. I wonder about that all the time. That draft In 2019 delivered 3 absolute stars. 2 of which we wouldn’t have had a chance in landing had we finished top 4 as everyone predicted. That timely dip has already delivered and will set us up for many years to come. I believe we are in a very strong position to compete for many years and hopefully snag a premiership or two. We will have to contend with the Doggies as our main adversary but it will be interesting to see who else will rise to the occasion. Essendon and Sydney look the goods and have talent all across the park.
  6. Also got to watch out for Daniels coming off HB into the stoppage. He was left alone in game 2 and setup their play off HB.
  7. Took this screenshot last night. Is this a sign?. I’ll take anything at this stage.
  8. Trac, Trac, Oliver for the 3 votes last 3 rounds
  9. Its diabolical. The umps clearly have no idea. It has to change or just replace it with the AFLCA.
  10. 39 touches and 3 goals gets you 3 points every week
  11. Which is bullocks. Macrae has 35 touches nearly every game and he’s not taking many votes of the Bont.
  12. This what [censored] me off the most with Ports effort in the PF, Bont wasn’t even tested.
  13. I think he has to be with May’s suspect hammy. Did he have any scans done? I’m sure if they were clear we’d have heard by now.
  14. He is a great talent in our team. The beauty of it is he is surrounded by other elite players which allows him to excel even more.
  15. I didn’t think about North but they need stability and established talent. You don’t go blowing speculative picks which is still what Mac is IMO. There maybe a connection with Daw and North though.
  16. On Mac, I think Richmond will probably take him with their 2nd pick @ 15ish. Can’t see any other team in that range taking the risk as they will have more pressing needs to fill. There is still a chance he comes through to us. We need about 878 points to bid after pick 20 which we don’t have without using our 2nd rounder. i suspect we would have to move a few players to get all of Cerra, Mac and Taj. It would be quite a steal if the team could pull that off.
  17. I’d say so. It also wouldn’t be right to keep him in the vfl team as depth as there AFL teams crying out for a #2 tall.
  18. Hunt gives are pure speed off half back and offers another way to move the ball out of the defensive half. We are quick to forget his form prior to his injury. His ability to break the lines and open the game up was second to none. He was also a great lockdown defender who can play on the oppositions faster small / medium forwards. We all know he lacks in disposal efficiency and at times has made some poor decisions, but i think as an overall package he is in the 22. His year has been above expectations and has shown great improvement. I like the balance of having two different types of HB flankers as it offers something different in terms of rebound and back half transitions options. This is why we should experiment with Bowey further up the ground where we can benefit from his exceptional ball and decision making to further improve our forward 50 connection. At the end of the day, this is where ball use really matters as it translates to score involvements.
  19. Anybody know him in his junior years and where he thrived? I like him at half back, but i wonder if he can be used elsewhere as he develops some size and the engine. The obvious is we use him similar to Caleb Daniels or Daniel Rich to be the play maker, but we already have Salem and probably don't need two of the same role. Not say we try anything new next week, but would be keen to see him play high half forward and used more as an attacking weapon, particularly given the history of F50 connection we have had.
  20. im a bit outdated in my views but there are too many awards. it should be the traditional 3: 1. Best & fairest 2. Coaches Award 3. Most Improved Player
  21. Just as Trac and Max take votes away from Oliver, McRae and Libba will take them away from Bont as well. its well know that the AFLCA award is the one that has the most meaning behind it as the others namely AFLPA & Brownlow is compromised somewhat.
  22. Had he came to MFC, im not sure where he would have actually played. Im quite happy with Brayshaw and Lingers on the wings.
  23. If Cerra decides to walk if does he nominate for the AFL pre-season draft or AFL national draft - i have never understood the difference in the two. If its the national draft, does North take him at Pick 1? Is he worth that much? Carlton will grab him on the cheap at Pick 6 but GWS (2), GC Suns (3) Adelaide (4) all stand in the way and are a big risk for him. They probably wouldn't pick him given his desire to go back to Melbourne. So he could potentially get to Hawthorn at Pick 5 as well.
  24. its not a 100% success rate but close enough to it. Wasnt Daniher to Sydney a recent nomination that wasn't successful - im sure there are more.
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