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  1. What if we deal with Bowes mgr and say we strike up a new deal we could flatten out a portion of the next 2 years? His tax obligation would be reduced as a bonus so he’ll keep more money?
  2. Hmmm. Freo will finish top 8 again so it’ll be a late first rounder you’d think. It feels the point value is still unders.
  3. Probably doesnt have the tank to do what ANB does, but that can change with hard work. Does he have it in him? maybe he doesnt. I do remember him being rather crafty in front of goal. We need pace in our forward line. Hunt, Kozzy, Spargo is a lot faster than ANB, Kozzy Spargo.
  4. I think it’s for Pick 13 and their Future 1st. So we get Pick 8 and what Freo get for Lobb (29) and Freos 2nd (32). That’s not good enough IMV.
  5. Where's the fun in dealing with even more speculation ;). Any scenario that lands us with a KPF + Grundy is a win. Pick 2 nets us Cadman. As for future picks, well that would mean we have to put up with BBB and TMac for another year and we all know that story too well. Maybe JVR changes it up and maybe Maxy learns to kick straight. but JVR needs a long term partner in crime and the other 3 are approaching their expiry date.
  6. Maybe its just Tommo , Lobb, Fut 2 for Pick 11 then. That's two picks around the late 20's/low 30's. just means Freo have to throw more at us in return for LJ. Maybe their Future 2nd. Unless you think: LJ+Tommo <> Picks 11, 13, 31 is fair.
  7. Not really for MFC, we get two late 1st rounders and 2nd rounder for LJ. This is what we have said will get the trade done. I can see your point re: Dogs, maybe take pick 29 out of the equation, but then we are just giving Tommo away so Freo can pick 11, which further dilutes the LJ trade compensation fo rus.. Freo have to give up 2x1st round, 1x 2nd rounder if they don't find a way for a top 10 pick. They'll get other picks for Logue, Lobb etc which might end up being worth Pick 11, but its complicated whatever way you look at it.
  8. https://s.afl.com.au/staticfile/AFL Tenant/AFL/Files/biddingsystemfeedback.pdf
  9. you may laugh, but end of the day how is Freo going to get the picks we demand for LJ. Perhaps they have to give up more in exchange for Pick 11. It was the hardest part of the equation where i think we were fairly compensated for losing Tommo and LJ.
  10. What y'all think? Its a bit long and wishful thinking, but i've tried to be realistic. Trade 1: WB IN: Lobb, Tomlinson OUT: Pick 11, Pick 29 MFC IN: Pick 11, Pick 13, Pick 29, Pick 31 OUT: LJ, Tomlinson FREO IN: LJ OUT Lobb, Pick 11, Pick 13, Pick 31 Trade 2: MFC: In: Pick 2 , Pick 38 (Total: 2669 pts) Out: Pick 11, Pick 13, Pick 32 (Total: 3125pts) WCE In: Pick 11, Pick 13, Pick 32 (Total: 3125pts) Out: Pick 2, Pick 38 (Total: 2669 pts) Trade 3 MFC: In: Grundy (+350K) Out: Pick 29, Pick 31, Pick 38 (Total: 1724 pts) BFC In: Pick 29, Pick 31, Pick 38 (Total: 1724 pts) Out: Pick 15 (Total: 1112 pts) CFC In: Pick 15 (Total: 1112 pts) Out: Grundy (-350K) So we get: In: Pick 2, Grundy (+350K dump) Out: LJ, Tommo, Pick 32
  11. He is, but he can definitely be better. I think he needs a bit more forward craft coaching and if we were able to snare Stevie J, would become the prominent SF of the comp. Skillfully better than Stengle and Papley IMV, but lacks a bit of experience based smarts.
  12. Which is about right. I don't know whether we try to take it to WC and split their pick 2 + 2nd rounder (which goes to the Pies for Grundy). They would be silly not to look at that, because there are no WA boys that will go pick 2 and they get 2 picks in the 1st round. And we secure Cadman with said pick.
  13. That’s I heard today as well. The draft this year is meant to be quite poor. Depth to about 20 predominantly from VIC. ChAtter has it that there will be a lot pick swaps to get a good draft hand for next year. Not sure how we play it but having 2 first rounders next year could be a good thing. May not get us what we need for 2023.
  14. Not a chance. LJ may have potential to become a better player, but that is looking unlikely based on this years performance. If we could do this trade then I’d take it take and run. However LJ is worth more than 13 and 32.
  15. Hmm it looks like we targeted starting games with a lot more intensity. Perhaps it is simple as spending all our petrol tickets too early in the game?
  16. Don’t forget the additional $$ we need to keep Kozzy the year after next. Still think we can do it as the retirees and list changes next year plus the increase in cap can probably make it possible
  17. Why? Look at pragmatically. They have an excess of forward talent but are 2 key players short down back and probably another inside midfielder . I’d try to find a way to have Bont play more mid / half forward. He would be the hardest match up in the comp roaming around the forward half.2-3 goals per game and involved in another half down scoring chains.
  18. Im more interested to hear when you are going to start a poll regarding your new DL name options.
  19. haha. i wish! I think it would be Tommo + 150K of his contract, a 2022 1st and a 2023 2nd rounder
  20. Should have said "After Melbourne, who is the next most likely to win the GF".
  21. This unfortunately is what a portion of society will think and rightly so. If its not about $$ (as is the case for ABC), then you have to question whether there is egotism involved. Giving the coaches 24 hours to respond (to an email and voicemail) on what is probably one of the biggest controversies in AFL history just beggars belief. To me it is clear there was a timeline to adhere to which centered around having the story in circulation in the lead up to the Grand Final. Sticking to that timeline was paramount and that meant going about consultation with all stakeholders in a sloppy and stealthy way.
  22. Thats a straight up No and then some. He is Weideman 2.0
  23. Wash your mouth out Layzie.
  24. I probably wouldn’t rest him for 4 games but definitely 2. Maybe give him the week after the bye for an extended break. And then another about a Round 20. Is also look to rotate rests in our midfield core. We have plenty of midfield depth to give Trac, Oliver, Viney and Brayshaw a week off in the 2nd half of the year. I think we’ll see the likes of Taj, Dunstan, Chandler feature a bit more prominently in the midfield this year.
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