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  1. David Teague just walked past me during school pickup this afternoon. Snuck in a sneaky "Go Dees" and the smirk on his face changed into a look of worry and sorrow. He knows what's coming this weekend. Dees by 6 goals.
  2. I think this was a strategic leak to the press to prepare the fans for his omission from the squad.
  3. Bring in the Weid - give him a solid run of games to prove his worth. If he fails .... how many more chances do you give him ?
  4. This is such a great explanation of the MFCSS - hit the nail on the head!
  5. Trac appears to be available as he overcomes his corky.
  6. When you are 8-0 and have 2 rising star nominations in the first 8 weeks. #lifeisgood
  7. Maxy is due for an absolute blinder.
  8. Given Weitering's form - he will likely negate which ever forward he takes. Need to make him accountable or at least have a 2nd and 3rd tall option to counterpunch. Could this be reason enough to have our own '3 headed monster' in the forward line (TMac - BBB - Weid) ?
  9. Reported Harry McKay out of contract at the Blues. What would he command $ wise? Could we let Weid go and bring in McKay? Wouldn't that be marvelous?
  10. That will happen from to week to week as the defensive matchups will change. The beauty of our forward line is that you shut down one or two players and another 1-2 pop up.
  11. Just watched the replay as I couldn’t do the live game but was following on the live thread. If you take the live thread as any indication you would have thought we had an absolute shocker but was surprised at how well we held it together. I think this was a solid team effort in difficult conditions against a team that set up well tactically. Thought Oliver, Harmes, Tmac and Jordon and Salem were best.
  12. I tend to agree. We had an exceptional forward in Hogan prove to us in his first 10 games that he would command his spot in the 22. I get that forwards need time to develop but Weids trajectory suggests that he is more likely to be an average player. We should still hold onto him but definitely be scouting the junior leagues for up and coming KP forwards in the next 1-2 years. Listening to Peter Sumich yesterday, he suggested that LJ might just be that player so we definitely have contingency if we were to lose him.
  13. Even if they do jump on a plane early and come into Melbourne, the Vic Govt can issue retrospective advice for individuals that have arrived from Sydney. Given the high profile of the Swannies and the WA precedent, my gut feel is that there is a very likely chance this game will go ahead without any crowds.
  14. I think we need to try both TMac and Petty options before we commit to a longer term solution. Also having TMac as a pure winger is being overlooked. This would allow both Weid and Petty in the team and is what TMac actually trained for. Only problem is what this will do for rotations and in particular Angus Brayshaw, whom was quite ordinary in the middle on the weekend.
  15. Now being reported that the deal is worth well over $1mil per year as was reported by @goodwindees. Where did the narrative that he wanted to leave some $$$ for his team mates come from, because earning that much cash is not going to help retain your LG, Kozzies, Rivers and other emerging stars in a few years time. Unless there is some clever front/backloading being done here, i cant see how this was a team focused decision. Dont get me wrong, i am wrapped he has signed for 7 and he is well worth what he is getting paid - just questioning the narrative.
  16. I keep forgetting that we have Majak in the ranks. I do recall him playing some solid footy in D50 for the kanga's. I know he's been running around the ruck in the magoos, but is he a left field choice for Tomo? His tank will be the biggest challenge and i do get we have to blood Petty somewhat given the age of May, but i think its worth some consideration.
  17. Burgo confirmed he had the operation today. Hopefully he will be ready for a full pre-season and back on the park for Round 1 2022 to defend our premiership :)
  18. That certainly warrants another look. At first it looks like Fritsch runs into him, however Bonar clearly changes his line to 'check' Fritsch where the ball wasnt even near him. Hard to see how contact was made - maybe shoulder to the head - how does one bring this to the attention of the MRO? Can the clubs do anything ?
  19. They have to appeal based on what I just on the Danger elbow in the GF. Didn’t realise how similar they are. If there ever was a precedent to use this is the one.
  20. It’s a week. What irks me is how Tomohawk got off. The media is half responsible for this though.
  21. I just think its very hard to turn on the high pressure for every game. You have to win a few games when you are only running at 80-90%. We don't need to bank the percentage when you are already at 150%. We turned it on in the second half and clearly came away with the chocolates. Given the significance of Sat night games against the Swans i would expect a return to what we have seen in the first 6 rounds. The other thing to not lose sight of is that sitting at #1 on the ladder, opposition teams will bring an extra level of intensity to try to knock off the top team. No easy games f
  22. Does anybody have an idea when the actual decision is made/announced? Surely we should have heard by now?
  23. Sparrow is very much a replacement for Viney. As for Viney's foot, this will be with him for the rest of his career (similar to BBB's knee). Have to manage it and be conservative with his workload's etc. I think he was probably due for a week off about now. He'll get another 2 weeks during bye weekend then probably rest in the lead up to finals.
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