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  1. Good to see the AFL making a call on this. It doesnt change my mind but I'm Ok with their action. I guess my view is that players have to have an option- the problem for me is that any action he took could have been deemed wrong. To me he took a reasonable action to go sideways where it could have stayed in play(when he could have handballed it straight forward) So I disagree with the AFL that the deflection was unimportant. To me it changed the whole situation. But thats just my view.
  2. Hi Sue I guess my view was that he was handballing sideways and not in the straight ahead direction in which it ended up going from the deflection He was much further from the boundary on the side and the slight upward direction too giving players a chance to touch it would also have cast doubt - he could well have been vaguely aware of the Crows player on his l right ,though we will probably never know. To me the deflection(which could easily have not been noticed it all happened so quickly) and the subsequent bounce of the ball in such a split second could easily have been seen as delibera
  3. Sorry Sue, but the slow mo videos may cast light on whether it was deliberate or not. And I feel they definitely do-others may disagree but my view and opinion was t hat the ball started t omove sideays and slightly upward then took a sudden dive south toward the ground. Thats a deflection off Spargo to me. Thats my view anyway. What evidence do you have that almost everyone who saw it in real time had no doubt? Are you referring to Melbourne supporters? Adelaide supporters? those who were at the match on the other side of the ground;? those who were behind the goals or viewing fro
  4. I am going against the grain here and nearly every poster. I have hated the "intention rule" ever since it came in. And on Saturday we got the worst of it. However I believe in the last incident the umpire got it right. I agree with Mel Bourne. To my view, the Crows player handballs in a sideways direction and in a slight upward direction (for a split mini second). Then the ball suddenly changes trajectory into a downward motion and bounces in front of the players toward the line. That to me is not the direction to which the Crows player originally was sending it as it left his han
  5. Agree with you totally on Lockhart ..he has class speed and passion-goes 150% all the time.. Also agree on the need to bring more players through for the experience rather than waiting till later in the year if injuries occur. They need games under their belt. I would include Crawford and Daw in this too.
  6. I agree QB. I wrote almost two weeks ago about the need to give Majak some game time now-even if only as a cover for an injury and to have game time under his belt if this were to occur.. He needs the be working with our best 22 under match conditions. We also need some unpredictability as the Opposition are working us out and preparing thoughtfully against us. Run him off the bench is we r not yet confident in him but we have tired players and need something different-at least to see if he can offer us something.
  7. There are two key reasons I feel we should be preparing player, structure and strategy options and developing and testing these from this point in the season onwards. One is potential injuries.-the other is others sides working us out. With Tomlinson , Hore and Smith injured, we are really just one injury away from having a big hole to fill in our backline. Sure we can switch McDonald back as a last resort but as many have pointed out this can change the dynamics and effectiveness of what is currently working down forward. The backline has an effective system but i would like M
  8. You and In are on the same page Leave it... I have made two posts about Langdon recently although they didnt seem to get much response. Here was one on May 9th. " FWIW, I feel all the good defensive work is effective because of a most important link in the chain - Langdon. His hard running to help out in defence or to create space and options on the wing is critical and is what translates the great defence into something. If he were out of the side I would worry that we would be getting out of trouble less often and the ball could easily be rebounding back putting immense pressure o
  9. I like your thinking Adonski - even in short bursts to make it difficult for the Opposition to plan and match up. Salem and Rivers all have something to offer in the middle and as I said we need to be planning for later in the year to have options- either because of injuries or just the flexibility to switch plans during a game. Other teams will be spending a lot of time planning for us second time around. ( e.g Richmond). Like others, I don't wish to tamper too much with a winning formula but I feel that longer term planning is also important and feasible.
  10. I may be having another senior "moment"- but do others see the potential for Jackson during some game time to play as our centre (even whilst Gawn is rucking) with maybe Viney and Oliver alternating time on the wing (opposite to Langdon). I like his distribution skills in getting the ball and feeding it out to others and might be a hard match up for some opponents with his height as well. It might also free up Viney from being crash tackled so much and take some pressure off Oliver being bashed and tagged so often. Just a thought to vary things as an option. I wouldn't mind it being ex
  11. I might be a little left field here but I would bring in Jetta to back pocket, Hibberd to HBF and Salem into Petraccas spot in the middle or forward--basically let Salem take the role Petracca has and still cover the defence with experience.
  12. To me, the biggest player loss would be Langdon. He is a key to making the backlines efforts to get the ball out effective and to create a bit of Opposition panic in getting the ball into our forward zone. I don't know how we would replace him effectively if he were to be injured. I believe there would be a significant drop off in defence effectiveness and forward delivery.
  13. FWIW, I feel all the good defensive work is effective because of a most important link in the chain - Langdon. His hard running to help out in defence or to create space and options on the wing is critical and is what translates the great defence into something. If he were out of the side I would worry that we would be getting out of trouble less often and the ball could easily be rebounding back putting immense pressure on our backs who have worked so hard to clear it. Can you imagine any replacement doing what he does. He means so much to this team.
  14. 1. T MacDonald 2. Langdon 3 Oliver 4. May 5. Harmes 6 Spargo
  15. I like your line up Dee Spencer. I think I would be happy with Petty down back and Tommy in the forward pocket and occasionally switching with Jackson at CHF or on the HFF. I would like to see Rivers Sparrow and Chandler getting lots of game time.
  16. As today's game has shown, every game from now on could be either seen as a danger game or one where we will not be favourites to win. There has been some talk on the forums about the need to be managing players. Always hard when you need your best team out on the oval. But whether its physical or mental tiredness, players carrying niggling injuries and others bursting to get into the team , it is something that needs looking at. Its a mix of strategic and weekly operational planning and needs thoughtful decision making. Chandler, Sparrow and Bedford are three busting for
  17. I think ur right there Demonstone. I keep going back to fixtures to see the year I saw him and am still not sure. I only know it was at Junction oval as I was given a free seasons ticket for the day by our school and sat right behind the goals. The S aints were so good in that game. :)
  18. I saw Carl in his 3rd or 4th match totally dominate the Dees at Junction oval..with Stewart and Baldock on fire and Bob Murray kicking goals at full forward, they beat us easily...though we did go on to win the flag later that year!
  19. Try this Sisso . Makes interesting watching. †here are other Majak daw highlights on youtube too..
  20. Well said Hemingway. I liked Alan Rowarth..Could play half forward flank and kick goals and the swing to full forward and do likewise. I guess he really filled in after Athol Webb retired. Norm Smith seemed to use him abit like he did wth Barry Bourke a few years later-a small decoy full forward but one who could still kick goals. Thoose were the days of black shorts for home games at the G and I remember Alan coming out one day in shorts that must have been bleached as they had lost their black colour and turned grey. Dad got Denis Jones' signature for me on his photo which also s
  21. Ha Ha..Fenton Smith just got censored again. Maybe if we called him Doc or Duck instead of [censored] it might get through?
  22. LOL I remember [censored] Fenton Smith. I wouldn't have censored him! :)
  23. Hi P2J Yes-legends for sure. I was born in 1950 and sop lucky that Dad used to take me to matches at the MCG to see these guys-they have given me so many memories to carry through the years. I would love to meet some of them before we all pass on. :)
  24. Thanks The Stigga-you got me keen to go back and look at the selected sides and stats-gee 1959 and 1960 teams were so good. I can't pick between them. Was also amazed when I saw the emergencies for 1959 - players who didn't make the team-what a line up:- Athol Webb Trevor Johnson and Neil,Crompton :) Team B: John Beckwith (c), Tassie Johnson, John Lord HB: Geoff Case, Dennis Jones, Ian Thorogood C: Ian McLean, Laurie Mithen, Brian Dixon HF: Geoff Tunbridge, Clyde Laidlaw, Hassa Mann F: Ron Barassi, Alan Rowarth, Ian Ridley R: Bob Johnson, [censored] Fenton-Smith, Frank A
  25. As a boy we struggled a bit financially-for many years I kicked a plastic footy when my mates with their real "footies:"were not around. I didn't have a footy jumper so I wrote to the great man asking him for one of his. I posted it addressed to Ron via the club -in a scenario akin to sending a Christmas wish to Santa at the North Pole! I received a lovely photo with his signature saying:- "Sorry no jumper Tim - I hope this will help." This has become more poignant now as I received this a week before his big move to Carlton was announced. He must have had a million things on his mi
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