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  1. Is any of these guys the foghorn ump with the really deep voice?
  2. The best bit of analysis he did all year was when he showed how when top 8 teams play each other, they win 50% of the time. Truly big brain stuff.
  3. He’s a total champ who at the most difficult moment possible has put the team’s chances of success above his own. Of course it’s heartbreaking, but it’s the correct call and is once more an example of how selfless he is. I [censored] love the bloke and wish him and his family nothing but the best. A true legend of MFC.
  4. As you requested on the podcast, George, a bit of flying the flag in Amsterdam!
  5. Andy: goooooooood evening demonlanders, the demons beat geelong by 83 points but with the dogs thrashing Port Adelaide in the other game my MFCSS is worse than ever and I can’t help but think this is just setting us up for the greatest of disappointments, losing the grand final in a repeat of 1954. George: If beating the cats three times in one season hasn’t cured your MFCSS yet nothing will. binman: Don’t worry Andy, we’ll smash em, absolutely smash em.
  6. Pop corn girl was all of us last night.
  7. I hate Eddie McGuire, but last night in the coverage he made the observation that Brown got traded from a club who thought he was superfluous and went on to get a wooden spoon, whilst he is now the key forward in a team in the grand final. Pretty good switch for him.
  8. I cannot wait for the next Demonland podcast, make one each day for the next two weeks fellas!!!
  9. I am [censored] myself. Glad the game is on at 11:15am here so I don't need to deal with these nerves for long tomorrow. I have taken the day off work so I can either drown my sorrows or go on a bender afterwards. CARN THE DEES.
  10. Any idea when finals venue and times will be confirmed??
  11. I watched the entire thing from the beach in portugal, people thought I was mad when I suddenly started screaming and crying. That was the greatest moment in the last 50 years of our club’s history. One to remember forever. Now let’s win the flag!!!!
  12. Ugh i tried to order an L but it says it's already not available anymore.
  13. Completely agree. We shouldn't have been in that position, but bloody hell the umpiring is a complete joke across the league. There needs to be some kind of challenge mechanism, or review at stoppages, when there are blatant howlers such as that deliberate call.
  14. Spewing. Weideman can get traded, what a non-entity that bloke is.
  15. That was stressful. We're in dream land right now.
  16. That Bolton effort has mark of the year wrapped up. What a screamer. He's a fantastic player, been red hot the last 4 games.
  17. 4 points is 4 points. On to next week!
  18. Carn Dees, get this done and stand alone at the summit.
  19. Loving the podcast, keep up the great work.
  20. Haha holy crap, this is the most jinxy thread ever. Keep the lid on everyone!!!!!
  21. It would be peak Melbourne to lose this game. I hope we win this game easily, but if we do I'm not going to laugh at their fans or their club. We've been so bad for so long, it would be good to have a bit of humility and enjoy our own side being good rather than rubbing it in the faces of other supporters. And as the example of Collingwood, Adelaide, St Kilda, us in 2019 etc show it can all turn around in the blink of an eye so let's not set ourselves up for massive bad karma coming our way. Enjoy the ride folks!
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