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  1. expecting 25,000 for this week IMO
  2. Omac lucky he didn't get on the park tonight. Would've embarrassed himself
  3. Only player who walks the walk IMO
  4. I love Max but he gets bullied every game and just sooks. Needs to dish some out
  5. I'm his biggest critic, great to see him have a great game but hopefully he can carry this on against some decent sides
  6. Funny that it's been approx 16 years since we've been 3-0
  7. Bowey=backman Laurie=forward Rosman=utility Tom Phillips was up for grabs
  8. Great to see but I hope he can replicate this against a decent side
  9. Many opportunities for trac today, 2 fumbled marks in the first quarter however still a solid game from him. Would love to see him in beast mode next week
  10. Just wondering if anyone has any clue how ticket sales are likely to be done next week given the Reduced capacity and an away game ?
  11. How about the Tom mcdonald 50m penalty 10 mins into the first quarter, that was a gift for us. The poor umpiring went both ways
  12. One of his worst games I've seen him play, good to know we can still win with him playing poorly though
  13. I thought both hawks and dons looked average tonight
  14. Soft as from so many of our supporters
  15. Because he kept coughing it up
  16. Grow up. No one is complaining about the scoreline but there wasn't much improvement from 2020
  17. Oscar is quite close to the worst Melbourne player we've had
  18. Having Jones on the wing for parts of the game still doesn't feel me with confidence, feel like we still need a few more mids with pace
  19. Great game, surprised me. Hopefully he can put some size on and keep up the good work
  20. He played a little bit too cute today, needs to take the first option more often, use his good footskills rather than rely on the handball. Still nice to see he got the pill though
  21. Hopefully they can keep the good work up, liked May's long kicking today too
  22. Well fyfe ran rings around him in that case
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