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  1. Sat on the second level of the members and mainly Melbourne supporters around us. A few of them were giving it to the "druggie" supporters nearby, but to their credit, never responded. I have never heard such booing at a match before. We were just laughing and comparing it what a West Coast match would be like.
  2. That seems only a "smallish" increase to match the MCG size oval with a small diversion of some pathways. Admin building would be ideal along the south east side of the park bordering Swan Street. Underground parking would be a must.
  3. Just watching the show now and we have been given a very good rundown of the game as well as a Tom McDonald interview. Neil Mitchell must have got thru to Tony Jones. Haha
  4. Watching with "bated breath" the Channel 9 footy show today as to what will be discussed about Friday night's game. Last week a fat zero with tubby saying at the end of the program that they had already discussed Melbourne v Bulldogs earlier. Absolute lie and he was called out on it during the week. As to the commentators saying during the week that Essendon were the best team currently (oh FFS) give me a break. Now explain last nights result you muppets. Looking at you Taylor & Brayshaw. How do you keep your gig at 7.
  5. The embarrassing thing with this is the umpire gave a free. Clearly acting. My first look was that he was blocking/shepherding and yes he did go past the ball. As others have commented, the MRO cannot make a decision until viewing all media commentary for their assessment.
  6. Surely if we are top two or four and they are fighting for the four the game should not be played down there if crowds are allowed back by then. I can hear their protests but really that ground is not up to AFL standard. A better deal for away supporters is urgently required. A cat member told me a couple of years ago that only 200 seats were allocated for away supporters. PATHETIC.
  7. I know Max will just put up with the way other teams treat him, but by God, the club really should bring this to the attention of the umpire dept and ask for clarification. Being smashed in the head week after week with not one free.
  8. Agree with all but I thought the Charlie Cameron one was there although "tiggytouchwood". Fortunately ANB got it back straight away. Lions got 3-4 soft frees around the 4m mark.
  9. At least, and they made a lot of noise as well but channel 7 also had taped cheering etc going on. When Brisbane kicked a goal the noise did not equate to the amount of Brisbane supporters there. Still, I loved the Melbourne chant going on in the second half.
  10. Quite right about last year. Someone should tell Dwayne Russell on SEN as some guy phoned up saying Melbourne should forfeit the match and points go to the dogs if they cannot form a team. Russel agreed with this guy. Russell in his position on radio should know about last years postponed match. Beggars belief.
  11. What do you expect when Channel 7 decisions on AFL football are made by "boffins" in SYDNEY. They have no real understanding of best times to start/finish as it's all about advertising dollars which now control the broadcasting times of our game. Gil is over a barrel, bum exposed and too weak to stand up to them. The second issue with Channel 7 is their support of just plain ordinary commentators. They could start a cull with Brian Taylor, Brayshaw and that waste of space Luke Darcy. JOBS FOR THE BOYS must be cleaned up. Fortunately I have Foxtel with different commentators (Eddie has to stop screaming) but with Melbourne playing so well we have FTA commentary coming thru Foxtel often now. Grrrrrrrr
  12. Would run with Brown this weekend. Weed's not up to it yet. Any danger this week that we may lower our eyes and hit Brown on the lead?
  13. Your right. I forgot about that lot down the highway.
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