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  1. Just saw the replay. The initial contact was towards the top of his arm and with momentum and the excessively oiled up arm slid up but what made me laugh was he went down like a wilted rose petal. Toughen up "princess".
  2. His tackling is a real feature of his game. Creates opportunities for teammates to pounce on loose balls. Love the way how he stands up to much taller/stronger players.
  3. Being a lovely day, a lot of dogs (financial members) were down the park chasing balls. A friend off mine has her dog signed up as a Hawks member. Go figure.
  4. Clearly thought he was umpiring a West Coast game.
  5. Anyone know the attendance last night?
  6. Discussion on the train last night on Tom McDonald was around how Melbourne were shopping him around last year with NO takers reportedly. On reflection I bet a few clubs are now regretting their decisions. Great game last night Tom.
  7. Your right and most supporters agree with you as the noise level really goes up when their runs start.
  8. Hope the Pies keep winning so that they will feel good and boost the crowd for QB
  9. Nice and cool down there Rob? Let me know when your up next and we should catch up.
  10. The same way Geelong kept all their players I would say.
  11. Having just watched the Saints V Hawks game, and the poor turnout of Hawk supporters, maybe those that gave up our club decades ago to support the Hawks may well want to come back into the Demon fold. As you left in the first place to chase success we do not want you back. Our supporters have much stronger backbones having gone thru many dark days and deserve any success that will happen this year and the future.
  12. Probably the same cheer squad members then and now.
  13. Just spoke to my neighbour regarding Collingwood's banner mistake. Older volunteers cut out the letter's and figures from a memo issued by the club (which had the spelling mistake) and the cheersquad assembled it to the "club memo". The mistake was pointed out to them but we saw the result. As my neighbour pointed out to me Collingwood have far bigger problems than a misspelt banner. That's all for TONIHGT folks.
  14. Will speak to my neighbour as he was involved in making the banner yesterday. Great ammo for me. Haha
  15. I miss Channel 10 broadcasting footy as someone there always made sure the camera's focused on toothless supporters in shots after a goal. Perpetrate the myth I say.
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