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  1. John Beckwith used to kick it to his mum in the crowd every week. Was an expert at it.
  2. That was a banner we hung on the fence back in the 60's.
  3. Will never happen as they are all accredited by the AFL and they cannot go against the script.
  4. You clearly see the umpire head down looking at the line not the play. Waste of time for review.
  5. As the ball sailed thru I could imagine you screaming frightening the wild camels. Take care out there.
  6. I remember when directories were handed out and we would go around the neighbourhood asking if people wanted them. Those given to us were cut up for the cheer squad. We fortunately found a printer in Carnegie who would let us go through his off scraps which again were used for ticker tape. The first train from Carnegie on game day was a hassle getting bags of cutup paper and banners on. Fortunately Jim Cardwell (Secretary) found a spare room for us under the old pavilion for the banners. Lots more memories were had.
  7. And a big shout out back at you. You slept outside of "T-Section" before the grannie? We spent the week there.
  8. 17 and was there with the cheer squad down by by the city end goal. Was lucky to have seen previous premierships as well. Been waiting, waiting and waiting. Can this be the year??
  9. Can anyone please show us the difference of Geelong's ground compared to the MCG. Not really IT savvy.
  10. That last piece of play deserved a full house crowd. Oh the whinging and booing from the home team supporters would have been priceless.
  11. Same happened to me as well. Very poor of Foxtel. Get your act together nuff nuff's. Promptly set up a new replay early this morning. Has anyone else noticed that for set shots for goals none of our players are spinning the ball on the runup. This used to really pi$$ me off and could well have contributed to many points being scored.
  12. Look let's just face the facts the "Taxpayer Stadium" is just not to AFL standards.
  13. Well I sit in the members and feel the opposite. Haha
  14. My mouth is salivating at the thought. Thump the living sh_t out of him.
  15. No but last weeks $80mil Powerball numbers would have been good.
  16. Loving the Derby at the "Boo Stadium". The booing by Freo fans is just brilliant against the masters of booing. Laughing my head off. Oh the joys of cheap white wine.
  17. Listening on Fox I felt the song was slightly subdued. Perhaps me singing along drowned them out a bit.
  18. Now he can hold his Eagles membership without being caught out.
  19. I am absolutely in awe with the work you are doing. You have highlighted one of the main problems in getting aid to the population by "the Generals" controlling freight. I could believe many trucks get lost only for the goods to appear on the black market later. Please keep up with the great work your organisation and yourself are doing.
  20. Me too. Went ahead till Thursday so I could record it but we are not on at this stage. Only able to tape a 20 min version. Grrrrr
  21. Sat on the second level of the members and mainly Melbourne supporters around us. A few of them were giving it to the "druggie" supporters nearby, but to their credit, never responded. I have never heard such booing at a match before. We were just laughing and comparing it what a West Coast match would be like.
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