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  1. Hi Supermerc

    Love your Podcasts! Thanks. I listen to them when I'm on the exercise bike, to keep it interesting!

    Re overseas games, I thought I vaguely remembered a pre -season practice match (?v. StK or Sydney?) in New Zealand.

    There's no mention of it in your list, so I guess I'm wrong. I thought it was about 10-15 yrs ago.

    Is your list exhaustive?


    "Jumping Jack Clennett"

  2. Hi Wayne(Brett),

    I can't understand the numerical replies to my whimsical post about the sunrise.

    Why "7","8" and "42"?

    Peter (alias Jumping Jack Clennett)

  3. Hi Andrew

    I have spent half an hour trying to donate(yet another)$25 life membership in anattempt to avoid the vads.

    It's just too difficult.

    It rejects my display name and password.

    It may be because I refuse to use Paypal.

    I tried Amex, since the Amex symbol was displayed.


    I am in credit anyway, but I did want to contribute again.

    It's just too hard with your system.

    Peter Ashton  (alias Jumping Jack Clennett)

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