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  1. I must be watching another game. ANB and Sparrow are totally useless. Wouldn't make Norths team and yet we carry them
  2. Fu***** disgrace Melbourne. You should be ashamed of yourselves. [censored] weak all round
  3. And what Sparrow or ANB are any better?
  4. I don't. He fuc*** over his own teammate. Dog cu**
  5. Nope, Melbourne's just playing s*** and deserve to lose
  6. Neil Bullen and Sparrow has to be delisted. I have never understood what supporters see in Tom Sparrow. A total hack and a disgrace of an AFL player.
  7. If anyone thinks things will change in the short term your delusional. I suggest you listen to Josh Mahoney on the video on MFC re post round 9. He made several excuses. I will never support this club until Mahoney and Goodwin are sacked! [censored] you Melbourne!
  8. Club should look to trade May and Lever. Dead set losers
  9. Told you all Melbourne were bottom 4 pre season but copped abuse instead.
  10. And Matthew newton won mark of the year...whats your point?
  11. Not after the season we had or our track record. Let's actions do the work
  12. Cringeworthy, hear it all before anecdotes. Can't imagine hawthorn, Sydney, Geelong doing this stuff. Still expect a bottom 4 finish
  13. Really doubt Petracca will perform much higher than he has in the past. Such a wasted talent
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