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  1. Have another scotch Ron and watch the replay again for old times sake. i love him too.
  2. I think we look pretty young with all of Wagner, Stretch, Harmes, ANB and Hunt in the 22 (if that's how it pans out). Match committee are smarter than me, though, I just hope we're not underdone. congrats to Hunt, testament to his perseverance. Loved the video of him calling his Mum, nice touch.
  3. Agree with this big time PG. for info, average disposals 20, 1 goal for the year (although good in score assists), at 76% DE which isn't too bad. So a bit more of the pill and a bit more focus on pressuring the opposition - average tackles 2.3 (7 over 3 games) is where I'd like to see effort.
  4. But we haven't seen Frost in the backline yet which would provide a definitive comparison between the two. Pedo up front gets in the way, and not too bad in the backline. Frost will be lucky to kick 5 goals for the year in the forward line, and doesn't lay enough tackles - but I reckon (based on watching him at GWS) he could be great as a KPD. I understand the club are trying to stick to a plan, but it's a [censored] one and the sooner they recognise this the better.
  5. Based on what I've read, this would definitely be true because he'd have recruited everybody
  6. I hear your angst Lad, however have you seen how bad the pies have been this year?
  7. Not sure you'll be replacing Jane Bunn as the Ch 7 weathergirl anytime soon - 60 knot breeze doesn't align with my view of perfect!
  8. Jetta should get Howe back for the kick in the head he got last year from Howe vs Richmond that left Nifty out for 4 wks.
  9. We must have depth now because I'm not crying into my beer and give us a good chance against the pies without him.
  10. Love this picture Devil, this looked like our backline trying to work out who was playing on Daniher
  11. Not sure LDVC that Dunn being 2cm smaller than Tom Mac or Sam Frost makes a huge hill of difference. The club seems keen to continue with Frost in the forward line, and the lack of a quality second tall in the forward line currently (I don't think it's Frost, but that's probably another thread) leads to these calls for juggling/optimising the key three talls in the backline. OMac, whilst taller, is only 82 kg and needs some weight before he's going to be the long term second KPD. Therefore I still think it's Dunn with his experience (and weight), and length clearing the zone on kickins that is required as one of the three backline talls. I think fundamentally the match committee just got it wrong last week.
  12. Melbourne round two team B: Neville Jetta, Tom McDonald, Heritier LumumbaHB: Matt Jones, Colin Garland, Christian Salem FMD that's a quick backline.
  13. I'm tipping that Hogan will kick Essendons score off his own boot (if we pick Dunn in the backline)
  14. Stopped watching the show when Trevor Marmalade left....better things to do with my Thursday nights (ironing work shirts)
  15. The difference for me in the round 1 game was that even when we didn't score in Q2, Q3; we still had substantial use of the ball through the guts and good movement into the forward line. Not sure what the inside 50's were for these two quarters, but I believe they wouldn't be shabby - we certainly didn't go missing as a team; we just couldn't convert (a decent amount of) opportunities. I feel this is significantly different to last year, and leaves me much more optimistic this year that over the next few games we'll refine our best 22 and tune the forward line structure to improve our results.
  16. If you're back on Sunday, you can just watch it free on afl smart replay - online (or on your smart tv if you have one)
  17. This is exactly where my head is LDVC, hopefully he's good for the weekend (mentally/physically) because I felt we missed his length kicking out from full back to break the lines (which was why I believe Bernie started taking the kickins in the 2nd qtr, and wasn't as effective as Dunn IMHO)
  18. Yeah - we've already got Chris Dawes for that.
  19. I loved this message from McCartney - probably a bit going through Clayton's head given it's his first game. Keep the message simple, allow's the boy to focus and excel. Imagine how good this gun is going to be when he builds up his tank! (I'm closing my eyes and multiplying those contested possessions by two!!)
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