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  1. My Membership barcode is no longer available. I hope that Patricia and Teagan get tickets as well. I have been dreaming for 50 years to be at Grand final when Melbourne wins, but not possible with Covid19.
  2. I have a Priority 1 membership available for anyone is interested in going to the Grand Final. Colin Email [email protected]
  3. For all that asked my mum was a lot better today than yesterday, though she will need some rehabilitation at the Peter James Centre. It is great to be sitting 9/0 for the season. They are playing great team football. CARN THE DEMONS.
  4. My 90 year old Mother had a fall on Wednesday, and is now in Box Hill Hospital. I am now on my way to the MCG after visiting her on the way. CARN THE DEMONS.
  5. A great win. On the way home from game, I was standing at taxi rank at Caulfield Station, and man waiting as well was former player Paul Callery. He asked what my memory was like, and I told the famous story when Vin Waite knocked him out, and Big Carl knocked out Waite. Waite got 4 weeks at tribunal, and Big Carl zero weeks.
  6. A very good team performance. CARN THE DEMONS.
  7. I am really pleased that Dec is doing well, and good luck for the rest of the season.
  8. I am on my way to the MCG. It is great to be going to the footy again. CARN THE DEMONS.
  9. All I have received an email from Melbourne offering a 40% discount from New Balance prior to Round 1
  10. Happy New Year to everyone on Demonland. Let's make 2021 a great year for the Demons. Again thank you to Andy and his team for running such a great site.
  11. Merry Christmas to all on Demonland. I hope that 2021 is a great year for all.
  12. I have just received my 2021 Melbourne Membership Pack in the mail. CARN THE DEMONS in 2021
  13. Probably due to the reduced soft cap. I suspect that your last statement will prove to be correct. The reduced soft cap forces difficult choices.
  14. Thank you Demonland for running such a great site. Also thank you to all the contributors for their great contribution to this great site. Let's hope that 2021 is a great year for the Demons
  15. Yes, I do and I was there. It was a great day.
  16. An outstanding win. It is always great to beat Collingwood. CARN THE DEMONS.
  17. I was actually at this game, and 186 lost at Geelong. After this game a number of Essendon supporters gave me a hard time. I gave them a hard time the following week.
  18. It was great to watch the game again, and, and see myself on the tv.
  19. Eddie said on Footy Classified last Wednesday night that the 2020 draw will become the 2021 draw, with only change been that Easter falls on a different date. This will save the afl extra work.
  20. It was Graham Molley that played in early 70s. Glen was the son of Graham.
  21. All The replay of the 1988 Preliminary Final verus Cartlon is on Fox Footy Friday 17/4 at 5 pm. It will be great to watch this game again.
  22. I wish you and your family all the best for the next few months.
  23. No problems at all Andy. I have made a donation of $50 to help you. I love this site, and am happy to contribute to help with the costs of running the site.
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