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  1. Fyfe for a 40 goal a year player with "potential" - I highly doubt anyone in their rational mind would trade Fyfe for that.
  2. I mentioned it three hours ago that we should go after him, not that i'm the first. Is Robbo a member of all clubs forums? I'd be suitably impressed. "Are we making a play for Michael Hurley?" just seemed like the most glaringly obvious question to ask after yesterdays defensive effort. Does anyone love how the chrome tab has a melbourne icon next to the name Michael Hurley above ^^?
  3. Should we try and recruit Michael Hurley or would that cost too much? What role does Jake Melksham play in all of this for us? Who is a player that can drop back and help out when we need it and trust the forwards to link up with the midfield ? Jack Watts? Should we have kept Daniel Cross ?
  4. I thought we played them once at the end of the year in August and he redeemed himself?
  5. I thought this thread was going to be a digitally enhanced image of Wiedemann as a 23 year old holding a magpies jumper he's just been given from a grey haired Eddie.
  6. They want to see us have another "best win in a decade" ecstatic victory?
  7. Just don't win too many games and finish in the top 6, save that for 2017. Otherwise the fixture would murder us. Fixture tanking, charge me for disrepute.
  8. We leave Victoria once in first 12 weeks to play the GCS. Many winnable games. Did I count 4 interstate away games for the year? I think the fixture is fine, if we're good enough we can easily pencil in 10 wins. If we go on a jeff farmer rampage we'll get 12-14max Famous last words though, plenty of teams wanting to rebound. The fixture is only terrible if you're biased enough to think there is only one club that needs taking care of, there are 18. Many who finished high this year and have worse schedules, clubs who didnt do as well that now have better schedules. We need to play well this year to get favourable prime time drawing spots, then we need to play well for 5+ years and increase membership base for more prime time spots. Otherwise its an unreasonable request that doesn't fit into the reality of afl marketing. Look at Adelaides schedule for perspective, they play the top teams for the first 10 weeks.. and still continue to play more. If they're not up to it they could only get 8-10 wins max if they beat sides down the bottom only.
  9. Junktime is exceptional satire for those of us who are more football nerds than football meatheads, and view the self-important seriousness of footy culture with a bit of humor in need of some mockery to lighten things up a bit. They're the Chasers of footy podcasts. But they need to actually blend a bit more football information with the comedy, that's kind of why i prefer superfooty podcast for the sheer amount of topics they go through and Huddo is a likeable professional. Still a bit of humour mixed in but they're a bit sooky and arrogant (news limited influence) so it also has its faults.
  10. I think James Kelly has been so overrated for many years because he was always surrounded by quality players. He's slow and makes a lot of errors with are only going to be exacerbated as he gets older by the day. Similarly with Mathew Stokes, absolutely lucky to have been picked by Geelong. Probably would have been delisted from any other side within 3-5 years.
  11. Toumpas Trophy is on the line. As for these three clubs, well it's going to be an exercise in fitness and endurance especially if the weather is hot. I dare say we will perhaps be resting some players or giving them a very brief run? Petracca, Trengrove, Frost?
  12. I know this isn't strictly pick related, but where does Sam Frost fit into this for us? Can he play forward and influence whether we need to develop another traditional CHF ? or is he strictly a shut down defender? I'm of the opinion that the half back and half forward lines need to be somewhat interchangeable with the midfield and we should be working towards having efficient rebounding possessions and efficient shots at goal. Obviously we need to retain some height and strength to shut down opponents or contest forward line marks but that is where i think we should develop inbetween players who are neither traditional forwards/backmen nor traditional mids. The thing about Fyfe is that I think he's one of the best players in the league by virtue of being the first of his kind, If he was competing with many other similar bodied players that are now developing he'd be one of many standard a graders, and soon will be.
  13. a no skinny kids policy? We have ready to go mids, we need speed, kicking efficiency and competitors no matter what the size i reckon. Gunston is a stick insect compared with jesse white and look how they compare.
  14. I don't care who we pick in terms of athleticism, speed, agility or natural talent - I hope we pick an intelligent bloke. The best footballers are intelligent and can process multiple options and potentialities simultaneously in the heat of the moment before they make a decision, which is consistently the right choice because they've developed a feel for where every player around them is. What struck me last year was how well spoken Brayshaw and Petracca were, they were quality kids first and foremost. I could tell they have the intelligence to know how much work to put in to excel at this game for the longhaul. If we do go for a risky flamboyant but inconsistent natural talent then make sure he at least becomes the next jeff farmer or a player that gives us that unpredictable edge . I love you Wiz.
  15. I think a forum is supposed to have varying opinions. Thousands of fans... So I don't know how anyone can be 'sick of the mahoney bashing. There will always be differing opinions obviously...
  16. And all they had to do was give Carlisle a few games up forward, one against the dogs in 2014 where he kicked 9 from memory? If only we'd done that with Howe, we might be sitting here with a pick 5 !
  17. Absolutely, I'm just outlining that our priority needn't be for a 'big man' and the Dawes/Pederson role will ultimately need to be phased out in my opinion - Develop a player in the draft to fill that interchangable role with the mids , or find a player over the next two years on the trade table i think
  18. Why does a second KPF to help Hogan automatically need to be a lumbering donkey or a swinging defender? Haven't you noticed the Hawthorn model that wins premierships every year yet? We should be chasing an athletic CHF that can swing into the midfield like a roughhead or gunston, more than we need Dawes/Pederson/Dunn/McD in there. Even a 180cm deadly accurate shot at goal midget would be more imposing than a donkey that "brings the ball to the ground
  19. Tyson had a disappointing year. We're giving him license to have another one or two? I have faith that he will return to his 2014 form, but if he doesn't? If Salem doesn't get a clear run at it and solidfy his spot in the team over the next two years? I'm just running off the Toumpas precedent here - 3 years to show something more than some patchy form.
  20. Are Salem/Tyson in the same position as Toumpas in regards to next years upcoming output? I mean, touch wood but if they're free of injury but don't step up and fill their role and position with some consistent football, they may need to be re-considered?
  21. So you don't want a last day trade of Lamumba + 2nd round for Varcoe? /s
  22. The risk with Toumpas is not only that he won't come good, but that he will turn the ball over in a few crucial matches and quell their momentum and lose them a game or two ruling out any serious challenge for top 4 spot, if Port actually hit their stride next year. Really needs to fix his kicking efficiency and for that reason I want to see him traded.
  23. That sounds almost as quaint a town and as wonderful a coastal community as Scarborough, WA. Home to the Hogan family dynasty
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