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  1. Too many players undone. Preuss and May our supposedly top signings not playing. Management of Joel Smith against Lions was terrible. Was only a practice match but when we played Pies both Preuss and Gawn we looked a much better team especially up forward. Max needs help. Petracca needs to get a kick. Hannan, Kent and Garlett not around as small forwards hurt and AVB is a big loss. We lack pace and outside run. The new rules don’t help us.
  2. Article in 'The West Australian' this morning. https://thewest.com.au/sport/fremantle-dockers/afl-trades-2018-fremantle-dockers-not-ruling-out-jesse-hogan-trade-ng-b88990275z
  3. I think Jesse will likely leave but the Club now that we are in the premiership window has to be asking him to recommit till at least till the end of 2021 and will be making an attractive offer to him. We don’t want Jesse leaving at the end of next year if he just sees out the current contract. It’s too disruptive to the team and the structure. Time for Jesse to commit or move on. We cannot have this saga at the end of every year. Either Jesse is in or he is out.
  4. Hogan to Freo and then trade to GWS for Dylan Shiel
  5. Weideman will not be dropped. Just listen to Goodwin praise him. He is needed for second ruck which he is doing very well and he is an important part of our future. Apart from his high marking and tackling, Tmac’s foot/toe will not be risked in the ruck. Tmac is now a multi faceted footballer up and down the ground that is crucial in that role and our structure is so much better as a result of it.
  6. And he manned up one on one against Rance on Anzac eve after half time and beat him. A very valuable player after a bit of a slow start to the season.
  7. I don’t want Watts to go but if he goes to Geelong and we get their pick 20, I will be happy if we use that to get a quality outside running midfielder either through the draft or from another Club. I assume the other side of the equation with Watts is that we have our eyes on somebody and we need the pick we get from the Watts trade to expedite this. It may involve letting another player go depending on the quality of who we want. Should Jack go to Geelong they will be my second team which I could not do if he went to the Pies - I truly hope that does not happen.
  8. Totally agree. Most Dee supporters love Jack Watts while at the same time being frustrated with him on occasions. I feel very low and as low as I did when Barassi left for Carlton and when we sacked Norm Smith which took years to recover from or some will say have never recovered from evidenced by not having won a flag since 1964.
  9. Jack, if Chris Scott, Paddy Dangerfield and Joel Selwood want you, just go. They have all experienced success and know not what winning is about. Grab the opportunity to play with Danger, Selwood and probably Ablett. You have been treated poorly by a succession of coaches and the fact that they are asking you to go is a sign of their own weakness and inability to manage you. 70% of Demonlanders want you to stay. That says it all.
  10. The Club wants Jack out and will get the best pick they can. Competition for him is hotting up. The Pies, Swans, Port and the Cars apparently so far. Many Tiger and Pies supporters today calling in on SEN asking how Watts can get to their Clubs. He is in demand and unfortunately given a second chance at a bigger Club than the MFC, is likely to be a star and fulfil his potential. It could be at the Pies with his good mate, Howe. That would be horrible and a pity it has not worked out at the Dees.
  11. Jack Watts is the 'fall guy' at the footy club. What about the indiscretions of Vince, Bugg and Lewis last year. Jesse can be excused as he was under immense personal pressure. Vince, Bugg and Lewis more than anyone else cost us a place in the finals. Watts, no doubt, is a divisive figure amongst supporters but over two thirds of Demonlanders want him to stay and there have been many upset Demon fans on the radio. At training, Watts is great amongst the kids - they flock to him and he chats and spends more time with them than any other player. That said, he has to play better, for longer periods and more consistently, but he is nowhere near the worst player on our list. I want him to stay and have let the Club know this. As a supporter for 65 years I have seen these type of decisions on popular players made before and we more often than not get it wrong. Lastly, this situation has been handled very badly by the Club into the public arena. If I were a Board member, I would be far from satisfied.
  12. Nathan Jones was shattered, but from the MFC web site, the 'mood was light, and well, kind of positive..........' http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-08-26/jones-and-his-team-play-waiting-game Says it all, but at least Nathan cares.
  13. Out: Stretch, Wagner In: Salem, Bugg
  14. Absolutely agree. Melksham has been a great addition and should have silenced all the negative commentators on Demonland at the start of the year. Plays a variety of roles excellently including being a very reliable kick for goal which are important in the context of the game.
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