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  1. Correct, the problem was he wants to be in WA and NOT in Melbourne. The club didn't get rid of him, they traded because if he had stayed he would have walked out at the end of this year with or without a premiership, that so many people on this site think he would have delivered for us.
  2. I think I am correct in saying that Buddy hasn’t played in a loosing team against Melbourne. Time to break another Hoodoo DEES ?
  3. Commonly known as JLR. Great outcome for the club and WELL DONE to all in the Sponsorship Team. Its a tough jig and they keep delivering and meeting the Club's expectations on getting the sponsorship dollars in.
  4. Queue THE Seekers, https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=u+tude+the+seekers+the+carnival+is+over&view=detail&mid=A9BC56DC1C11A0298571A9BC56DC1C11A0298571&FORM=VIRE Got to love the line about "the harbour lights are calling"
  5. Has anyone seen Jesse Hogan around the club or at the training sessions since we made the finals? I was there for about 1.5 hours on Saturday but didn't see him. Just interested that he has not been in the media or visible leading up to the finals. Would have thought he would be out encouraging the boys and having a profile and showing his support. Thoughts??
  6. Agree get rid of Hogan while we can as he is not going to get any more currency next year.
  7. What about [email protected]@king Hogan four getable goals missed them all. he could have won the game for us doing what he gets paid a lot of money to do , kick set shots from well with his distance. Lay off Jones, Hogan can only dream of being half as good a player for our club as Jones has been.
  8. Then we need to trade Hogan. Four set shots at getable distance and angles two go through and game won. None go through we loss. He is never going to deliver on his potential. Just hadn’t got the right stuff!
  9. Does anyone else think that Master Lewis has got a great kicking action for his age! Look at the nice foot position and body balance. Sign him up now!!!
  10. Does anyone else think that Hawkins should be looked at for the whack in the face that he gave Fritsch when he was laying on the ground?
  11. Yes he is and that is why we would like to see him ply his craft as a Key forward that leads and strikes fear into the opposition backs. Running up the wing and being in the centre is not going to help him as a forward. He needs to learn to mesh with the other forwards, understand the running pattern so he can lead and hit the scoreboard. Hogan would be one of our worst skilled players below the knees.
  12. Agree with you. You would think with a ex Geelong player and ex development coach in our box that by halfway through the 3rd they would be telling Hogan look at the way Hawkins is playing this ground and stay in the F$#king goalsquare! It drives me insane to see Spargo and Jeffy flying against their backs and resting rucks, but see that Hogan has clocked up heaps of kms run up and down the wing. Last week when he got his goals in the second half it’s because he was staying in the forward line and drawing the free. It’s either Hogan has the club over a barrel and demands to play his way when he won’t or the coaching team can not coach a player with so much potential and play him in his best position for the team.
  13. Can anyone else confirm that the MFC put an official “please explain” request into the AFL umpiring department last week after the Port Game? If it’s true it explains the biases performance today from those maggots. I hope we go again because we seem to never win the 50 50 decisions. Not saying we didn’t play well but there were 6 decisions today that gave them goals/ scoring opportunities directly influenced by the maggots.
  14. Concern for me was that when Petty made his mistakes NOT ONE senior player got around him and supported him. Poor leadership across the board.
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