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  1. The main problem I see with Weid is our delivery to him, it is absolute poo most of the time. I’ve seen him leading up and the ball going over his head or falling short. I’ve seen him get out the back and pushing hard for the kick over the top, only for the player to kick it short. Not to mention our crumbers deciding to get in the way of the key forward and jump for the ball etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing the stats on who we target in our forward line, I’ve seen Weid make quite a few decoy leads away from TMac and Fritsch who seem to be targeted more. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. I just started watching about 15mins ago, had the same thought, worst 15mins of footy I’ve seen for awhile, just basic turnover after turnover by both teams. 🤪
  3. I was more looking at like for like, Rosman and Baker play the wing for Casey I believe and I’m not entirely sold on Baker yet. Threw Rosman out there mainly to see what the Casey watches thought? By reports, he has the tank, speed and size to handle it, might be a bit of an ask against the Lions? 😁
  4. Do we give Rosman a run on the wing?
  5. Langdon must have been off the field for 20mins then, I believe the sub can’t come on until after the concussion test? I might be wrong about that, but I swear this was mentioned in one of the games I watched in the last couple of weeks?
  6. Yes, but still a Doctor, I assume that they could get in trouble from the medical board if it was found out they signed off for sh1ts and giggles? We know clubs bend the rule, I just wouldn’t want to give the AFL a chance to rule that we breached it and not allow Langdon to play next week if he’s not injured, especially considering it was only for the last minute, Sparrow didn’t even touch the ball. I really don’t trust the AFL when it comes to us. 😜
  7. I don’t think Langdon being subbed out was for [censored] and giggles, the doctor has to believe the player has an injury that will rule him out for the next 12 days, if the player recovers before that he can play, but only “IF” the AFL sign off on the player playing. The doctor also has to write a medical certificate for the player by the next working day and submit it to the AFL. A stupid risk to take for [censored] and giggles. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Salem has been below par, trying to be too cute tonight
  9. Go back further and kick through the ball Weid
  10. Pickett does need to work on those soft frees he gives away.
  11. Take this lead into the last, come on boys.
  12. Salem has cost us a few times from those crap, no look, over the shoulder handballs. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. Our players are getting called to play on a lot quicker from marks than the Bulldogs are, Johannisen was allowed to stand 5mtrs off the line from where Melks had to stand the mark and took a good 10secs before kicking. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  14. How about the following, Demon17? Brayshaw/Oliver - Kicking practice please.
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