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  1. Easy for me - Max. He is honest, loyal, funny and works hard all of the time. He is so down to earth and has not let fame change him at all. he is also confident enough to be himself and not try to be what any one else wants him to be - what a great role model. If I have to pick another (that I am not biased toward), Harmes is it. His improvement this season has been out of this world. He seems like a really nice guy too.
  2. People moan that the players are mentally weak, then you want them to come out and speak negatively about the game and how it went. make up your mind. Part of this trying to get better at the games that count is about having confidence - individual and team. They know they have to get up next week, negativity will not help that cause. If you think the players aren't hurting after a loss, you are wrong. But it is part of their job - a part we don't see and don't often think about, to get themselves back up and ready to fight it out again next week. Yip - we lost - mainly because we couldn't kick a goal - kick a few of those goals and we win easy - we had the pressure. We really aren't far off. We still have two more games to play = two more chances to make finals. I don't think it's time for the players to be negative. BTW - How ridiculously lucky were three of those Sydney goals?
  3. Great advice! There are many reasons family read this site. It is actually quite a good source of info for family members that live away. Can I also add: Have a think about what you say (yell) at the footy match. I was at the Bulldogs game and there were some awful things being said repeatedly about a couple of players and one in particular. That players wife and child were sitting very close and heard everything. Nasty stuff! I really don't get why people single players out and yell at them, it isn't really supporting is it.
  4. Max had 2 ACLs and a Miniscus, then a hammy on the same side as the ACLs. But not 3 ACLs. I hope lever can recover the way Max did. Max worked really hard to come back from those injuries.
  5. Not really sure how this team is ever going to please some of the "supporters"
  6. I am not an expert in any way, shape or form! My two cents worth is just a feeling and it fits with the body language I saw at half time on Sunday. I think we have a plan that the players are trying to execute, I think the plan will work when we get it working. It seems to me that our timing is a bit off and the players are still building the trust (in places) and working on in game communication. I saw Goody make a sign with his fingers - representing so close, I think they are just a bit off in timing and execution and when it comes together, it will be great. Yip I am an optimist, essentially the things that have been going wrong are things that can be fixed. Our list is strong and the new players coming through have talent. Sometimes it takes a while to click.
  7. I like this thread! * Max, Trac and Oliver - awesome * The game was exciting - we were in it all the way * Hand control and playing as a team for most of the game - trusting that players where where they should be (in close play, midfield).
  8. I was lucky enough to spend last Christmas with a Dee. He was shattered. More exhausted than he had ever been (and this was 4 days after it). His body was covered in blister ans scars that impacted on the training he was able to do afterwards. He said he hoped he would never have to do it again and he couldn't really see the great advantage it would give the team. This is from a fella that pushes his body to the limit all the time, has been through awful injuries and come back again even stronger. I am prepared to take his word for it that it didn't help his game training in any way, shape or form.
  9. I'm in NZ only get over about once every 2 years. I was surprised to hear that the crowd was small because it sounded pretty good. To those that were there - you were a great crowd!!!
  10. I just slugged some Kahlua into my coffee - feeling way more relaxed about the game now - every part of me just wants us to win with tonight's team - then I'll know we are the biggest chance at the pointy end of the comp!! I'm in NZ so will be a late kick off for me - better pace myself!
  11. Wow, number one moment for this round of AFL - Nev's amazing save and our last goal! Go Dees
  12. I was so wrapped up watching the game, I didn't read the game day thread - I haven't even gone back to it - was it worth a read? I really don't like game day thread when we are losing and everyone is tearing into our players - what's this weeks game day thread like?
  13. C'mon Freo - well that sounds weird!
  14. What a ripping win! 4 in a row woohoo. That game was exciting all the way through - we are a 4 quarter team now. I am worried about who will get up for next week, with a few niggles and injuries. I loved the end the most - when all the players had a look of pure delight on their faces, another monkey off the back - they believe in the team and that's why we are winning - team first!! Oh and its awesome having Maxy back out there
  15. Hmm ok, well I can confirm that by next week Max will be ok to play, and expects to play, but it will come down to the choices made by Goody et al.
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