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  1. Negative 25 almost to the day. Third generation MFC supporter however, and both parents and grandparents were at the '64 game and have been to every MFC finals since then (save for 2021). And my grandparents memory is kept alive in our family through our support of the MFC and MCC. As a 10 year old I sat at the very top of the old Olympic Stand (with tickets I'm pretty sure my parents scalped) just so we could all say we were there.
  2. Oliver Gawn Lever ANB Frit Trac Special mention to Langers
  3. Yep spot on. BB50 leading straight rather than 45 degree angles into the pockets....who'd have thought!?
  4. Jeeeez Viney stunk it up that qtr.....getting stuck into the umpires at qtr time wasn't a great look either.....
  5. Bowey looks like he could be a player - good pass to hit up TMac on the wing
  6. Plot twist: the Hawthorn succession plan is the real Kennett curse.
  7. The mid-season draft is just that, a draft. Not a trade period...
  8. Absolutely nailed it Red! It seems to be at the behest of the home club - for example today we had to put up with that stupid 'Hawk' sound effect after every Hawthorn goal, mercifully we hardly heard it after halftime. Quarter breaks have been hijacked by marketers making sure they 'activate' any dead space, and in doing so treating the football going public like idiots in thinking that if we're not kept engaged for every single minute of our time at the ground we're just going to up and leave....spare me.
  9. 6. Gawn 5. Lever 4. Langdon 3. Oliver 2. Hibberd 1. TMac - 100. that stupid 'Hawk' sound effect after every Hawthorn goal, mercifully we hardly heard it after halftime.
  10. 6. Petracca 5. Gawn 4. Langdon 3. Viney 2. Lever 1. Tomlinson Mentions to Brayshaw, Spargo and Fritta
  11. They're [censored] untouchable down at Sleepy Hollow. It's disgusting. Sick of it.
  12. Worst umpiring call so far this year. Geelong DO NOT deserve the W.
  13. Love that deliberate call against Smith! Now get it done Brisbane!
  14. Good to see Mitch Brown polling votes in Rd 18
  15. Sweet FA from Dixon didn't help Port's cause either
  16. The gesticulating by every player within 50m of the ball appealing deliberate out of bounds is what gets me
  17. Gotta feel for Port after the year they've had. Richmond in 2017 was good I guess but FMD hearing Cotchin talk about how he and his wife think the Tigers group is so special is getting really [censored] tiring.
  18. Tom Browne also confirming Carlton per twitter
  19. Tom Browne reporting Viney has 'formally agreed terms to stay' per twitter.
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