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  1. Obviously our players do not like playing in cold conditions. Perhaps we should have a strategic apparel plan in place to ensure that the players wear long sleeves on such occasions. This may help them warm up a bit sooner and save supporters the angst of watching quarter after quarter of abysmal football. I'm sure that there is a lessen to be learnt here.
  2. Well that was disappointing and the waste of an golden opportunity to consolidate at the top. Imagine that is the end of Weideman for sometime, just cannot seem to impose himself when needed. Hope that it is a long hard 2 weeks coming up.
  3. No No No History tells us with 8 wins on the board we drop coaches not ruckman.
  4. ON TOP OF THE THE LADDER -Bloody fantastic, just bloody fantastic 7 /0 I am just happy to be on this ride, not interested in the ifs, buts and what nots , taking it a week at a time looking to the next challenge and see what this team can achieve. Did I say its Bloody fantastic well BLOODY FANTASTIC - May the Dees be with you.
  5. Just disgraceful. Typical AFL. Rules for some Rules for others. Of those cited: 2 striking charges for a total of 2 weeks, 2 striking charges for total fines of $3500, 2 rough conduct & a tripping charge for total fines of $5000 and not one injury or blood split. Hawkins throws a reckless elbow and fractures a players eye socket and not even a discussion. Might be a different story if he had hit him in the temple. I wonder??
  6. There you go. Taken the opportunity and we are 3 / 0, that's unMelbourne like in recent history. It's a beautiful thing. Go Dees
  7. Always too tough these types of questions. I just think of the players that compelled me to go and watch the Red and the Blue. Flower, Jakovich, Farmer, Davey, & Schwarz
  8. Do not think that there will be many changes to the side for next week if any. Would like to know how the like replacements from Casey's game performed first to see who was demanding a game back in the firsts. Love to have Viney back, but would err on the side of caution after his injury and another game at Casey would help with his match fitness and and make him even hungrier. Frankly I would be happy to have an unchanged side and show a bit of faith for there is to be improvement and excitement ahead for this side. Also by winning the first game we have shown the first steps of improvement on last year. A that's the first tick in the box for 2021.
  9. Quite strange. I’ve never seen so much excitement over a development coach appointment. But I like it.
  10. Great news and welcome back Adem Yze. Its a bit of a rarity to have an ex MFC player in coaching panel. I think that he may be the first since Greg Hutchison back in the 90's. Looking forward to 2021 already. Keep the good news coming MFC.
  11. History may show that the Pickett trade was a stroke of genius. It's going to be a fascinating comprised draft period with the addition of what appears quite a number of 1st round compensation picks. Additionally I would hate to be a player recruiter trying to spot the best players available in this Co-Vid affected year. Seems to me its going to be the equivalent of a chook raffle. Hopefully we can orchestrate some quality picks/trade again this year.
  12. Don't forget "training the house down" in preseason
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