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  1. FFS we jump on contracts don’t we. He has proven nothing to this point. Unreliable kick at goal and makes poor decisions when leading out. I’d hold fire. This is like Weidermans contract. I hope he doesn’t command much money
  2. Before potting Goodwin, tell us what he was asked and what he said?
  3. Is there any video of the Kozzy Pickett 'dangerous tackle'. In real time both looked completely regulation to me. There were plenty of similar tackles that were let go throughout the game.
  4. Yep, Tmac. Maybe Tomlinson worth a shot. He is not desperate enough and the fact he is leading our goal kicking with 1.43 goals a game speaks volumes of how dysfunctional the forward line has been, rather than how terrific he has been. His set shots are abysmal. It's his lack of accountability that annoys me. He doesn't have an impact once the ball is on the ground. I'd almost go with Nibbler over him at the moment. That's how poor I see his performances at the moment.
  5. He can have a spell for mine. Not based on that brain fart last night, but rather his input over the last 4 weeks. A lot love this bloke, but I can't understand the hype. Occasionally he takes a nice overhead mark, but his kicking at goal has been horrid this year. The other issue I have with him are that he continually leads to deep pockets. This is the cause of his poor kicking accuracy, as he is often taking shots on acute angles. That said, we have seen him blow shots from directly in front too. My third issue is his lack of forward pressure and his inability to get front and c
  6. Leigh Fisher had his one set of rules for frees to Brisbane for holding the ball. Pathetic. I remember him having a shocker in a game against Freo at the G last year. Kept being sucked into Micheal Walters’ [censored]
  7. Harmes has more upside than Brayshaw and can at least play in other positions. Gus is cooked. I’d be dropping him before Harmes
  8. Second half of your assessment is spot on. Harmes was pinged red hot for hold the ball in slinging gang tackles with no prior and told he didn’t make a genuine genuine attempt. Absolutely atrocious. Suddenly that rule didn’t apply to Brisbane players
  9. Send him to Freo. He and Hogan can reunite and carry on with their off field shananigans like they were doing in Melbourne. it’s funny ... there’s always a pattern
  10. Watched the game tonight and agree Harmes was poor, but Gus was worse. I saw Jones and Langdon on the wing most of the night. I was never sure Brayshaw was playing. Wherever it was, he was useless. I’d be dropping him before Harmes. Brendan McCartney was attributed with turning Harmes into a serious player, I wonder what effect his departure and mentorship has had on him.
  11. Harmes is having an ordinary year because he was played out of position at the beginning of the year and doesn’t know his role in the side, yet we forgive Oliver quickly when he gets the ball tapped down his throat all night and doesn’t once take it cleanly. Add that to his dodgy foot skills. Harmes should be replacing Gus in the middle. He deserves a crack in the middle for 80% game time. He is cleaner below his knees than Oliver. Gus is gone at the moment. Slow and disinterested
  12. Surprised no one has brought up the Kozzy ‘dangerous tackle’ decision. Absolute garbage. Viney has been tackled tht way all night. Pathetic. the Hannan kick, regardless of the stupidity of Fritsch that followed, was shocking too. Deep to a pocket. Even if Fritsch marks, what Is the chance he kicks it? A long central kick would have been better. There are those that will say, but at least it would have been a throw in..so what..the game was there to be won, you need to ask questions of the opposition in those final minutes if you wanna win games.
  13. I saw that we have raised 400k at this stage, which is great. I do not think that has taken into account the sales of the jumpers, but I am yet to clarify that with the club. These are tough times for people, so any fundraising is monumental. I am not sure how this stacks up against the fundraising done by other clubs.
  14. AVB looked to struggle with the pace of the game last night and to a lesser extent, the week week before. His disposal was ordinary, but he does tackle well. I dunno if he can be carried another week, or whether a reset and refresh is needed.
  15. Jackson rucked in the forward 50 and competed to lock the ball in. As a natural ruckman, he knew where to hit the ball. This allowed Gawn to set up behind the play and intercept the Hawthorn dump kick out of defence. McDonald does not provide this. Also, when Gawn needed a a rest, Jackson went into the middle and became another midfield, who has the ability to win the hit out. That's why he stays. McDonald does neither of the above.
  16. Jackson allows Gawn to set up defensively. The whole basis of the game plan today. No way he goes out. One of the dumbest calls going around here atm. Two weeks ago McDonald was being lambasted by all and sundry and we bring in a kid who holds his own and impacts the game, with huge upside and people quickly forget McDonalds last season and half??
  17. I am flabbergasted at the number of people tht think TMAC walks back in for Jackson. The argument that Harris Andrews will get a hold of Weed and Jackson astounds me. What astounds me is tht I can just imagine Tom being moved under the ball all day and not bothering to put his hands in the air to make a contest. Then I picture him turning like the titanic when the ball does hit the deck. He has offered nothing this season. Sadly looked to have maybe turned the corner in the game when he suffered the injury. That’s on the basis of 1 quarter. Last season was much the same. Sorry, but Jackson is
  18. Totally agree, it’s not out of his game yet, I’ve conceded that. He needs to continue to review it.
  19. Agree. Which is why I am happy to praise the good work, but coaches must continue to highlight the poor decisions. The want to go back into traffic and create issues for himself and then dump a handball to relieve the pressure, which in turn puts another player under pressure. He has to cut it out of his game, but I will back him to do so, as it’s apparent he is working on it
  20. Best game since 2018. Tracc and Gawn were immense. Ive seen a few mention it, but I reckon Langdon deserves a heap of praise. Last week was good, this week we saw exactly why we went after him. Runs and Runs and runs and hit his targets today. also thought Clarry improved as the game went on. Getting better at picking when to handball and when to kick. Still has to be a focus though.
  21. They are all somewhat effective. Obviously n95 and surgical masks are more effective.
  22. HERE: https://www.funkyfido.com.au/products/afl-adult-mask https://arcadiagallery.com.au/products/afl-face-masks
  23. There are a few companies flogging them online.
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