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Can we have a vote on a podium finish for our least embarrassing coach of the modern era?

The nominees are:

Carl Ditterich 1979-1981

Ron Barassi 1981-1986

John Northey 1986-1993

Neil Balme 1993-1998

Neale Danniher 1998-2008

Dean Bailey 2008-2012

Mark Neeld 2012-2014

Paul Roos 2014-2017

Simon Goodwin 2017 ~ -Patsy Biscoe

I’m looking for a 3, 2, 1 podium finish for the least embarrassing coach over the last 40 years. To be clear, if you’re number 1 on the dais, you’re the least embarrassing coach. If Simon G doesn’t make the podium then we’re all fine and we can go one another 40 years.

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How about a vote on the most pointless thread? 

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