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1975 - A RETROSPECTIVE by Whispering Jack

At the start of every year, we go back in time four decades. 1975 was a year of improvement ...

After a disastrous 1974 season for the Melbourne Football Club, the rebuilding began in 1975 and the end result was a pleasing improvement in terms of wins.

The team started brightly with wins over Footscray and eventual premiers North Melbourne but three consecutive losses saw them back down to earth. The Demons struggled for consistency and were hurt by some narrow losses, none more costly than the 2 goal loss at the hands of ladder leaders Hawthorn in round 16 after they led at three quarter time.

They then made a surge towards the finals with three consecutive wins before going down unexpectedly to lowly Fitzroy and losing their last two games narrowly to Geelong (6 points) and Collingwood (1 point) to slump to tenth place.

SEASON DETAILS (from demonwiki.org)

Coach: Bob Skilton

Captain: Stan Alves

Finishing Position: 10th

Best and Fairest: Laurie Fowler

Leading Goalkicker: Greg Wells (32)

Best First Year Player: Marty Lyons

The club lost $27,827 for the year.

Practice Matches

South Melbourne WIN

Richmond WIN

Premiership Season

1 Footscray WIN

2 North Melbourne WIN

3 Essendon LOSS

4 St. Kilda LOSS

5 Hawthorn LOSS

6 South Melbourne WIN

7 Richmond LOSS

8 Carlton LOSS

9 Fitzroy WIN

10 Geelong LOSS

11 Collingwood WIN

12 Footscray LOSS

13 North Melbourne LOSS

14 St. Kilda LOSS

15 Essendon WIN

16 Hawthorn LOSS

17 South Melbourne WIN

18 Richmond WIN

19 Carlton WIN

20 Fitzroy LOSS

21 Geelong LOSS

22 Collingwood LOSS


W D L % P

Hawthorn 17 0 5 137.3 68

Carlton 16 0 6 129.2 64

North Melbourne 14 0 8 115.1 56

Richmond 13 0 9 113.5 52

Collingwood 13 0 9 93.9 52

St. Kilda 11 0 11 101.4 44

Footscray 11 0 11 94.8 44

Essendon 10 0 12 90.7 40

Fitzroy 9 0 13 97.1 36

Melbourne 9 0 13 93.6 36

Geelong 7 0 15 78.2 28

South Melbourne 2 0 20 75.0 8

Playing List

Number Player Games Goals

1 Garry Baker 16 15

2 Robert Flower 20 14

4 Tony Sullivan 15 0

5 Des Campbell 18 6

6 Ross Brewer 14 28

7 Graham Osborne 10 1

8 Peter Keenan 19 21

9 Laurie Fowler 22 0

10 Carl Ditterich 12 18

11 Greg Wells 21 32

12 Marty Lyons 19 12

13 Henry Coles 9 9

14 Neil Chamberlain 1 0

15 Stan Alves 20 26

16 Peter Keays 10 0

17 Denis Clark 16 3

18 John Tilbrook 2 0

19 Ray Biffin 19 7

20 Paul Hurst 16 5

21 Graham Molloy 2 0

22 Frank Giampaolo 12 17

23 Shane Fitzsimmons 10 7

24 Wayne Delmenico 14 0

25 Barry Ough 1 0

26 Gary Guy 15 5

28 Tony Dullard 19 4

31 Billy Barham 3 2

32 Kim Smith 4 3

33 Gary Hardeman 21 31

34 Mal Owens 1 0

35 Steven Smith 22 24

36 David Kelly 1 0

37 Ted Carroll 7 2

38 Terry Wilkins 11 1

40 John Sparks 4 4

43 Ray Smith 10 1

46 Glenn Walley 1 1

50 Colin Graham 2 0

52 Greg Hutchison 1 0

Best and Fairest

1st Laurie Fowler

2nd Stan Alves

3rd Ray Biffin

4th Greg Wells

5th Gary Hardeman

Redlegs Trophy - Steven Smith


Round Player Charge Sanction

Round 3 Carl Ditterich Striking 4 matches

Round 8 Tony Dullard Striking 2 matches

Round 11 Des Campbell Striking 2 matches


Best and Fairest - Neil Chamberlain

Second Best and Fairest - David Murray

Outstanding Service Award - Barry Ough, Ted Carrolland Graham Molloy

W D L % P

Richmond 18 0 4 153.1 72

Geelong 15 0 7 122.0 60

Essendon 13 1 8 102.5 54

Hawthorn 12 0 10 104.9 48

Melbourne 12 0 10 92.9 48

Collingwood 10 0 12 101.8 40

South Melbourne 10 0 12 96.6 40

Footscray 10 0 12 92.8 40

North Melbourne 9 2 11 109.5 36

Carlton 8 0 14 85.8 32

Fitzroy 7 1 14 82.0 30

St Kilda 7 0 15 75.0 28


EF Hawthorn LOSS

Under 19's

Captain - Chris Munday

Under 19's Best and Fairest - Mark Davidson

Second Best and Fairest - Geoff Delaney

Outstanding Service Awards - Geoff Campbell and Stephen Ellingworth

Best Finals Player - Shane Young

Best in Grand Final - Peter Hamilton

W D L % P

Richmond 20 1 1 177.2 82

North Melbourne 19 2 1 158.1 78 *

Collingwood 14 0 8 121.1 76

Melbourne 12 0 10 110.0 48

Fitzroy 11 0 11 103.8 44

St Kilda 11 0 11 89.7 44

Essendon 10 0 12 93.4 40

Hawthorn 10 0 12 91.8 40

Footscray 7 1 14 88.7 30

Geelong 7 0 15 75.3 28

Carlton 6 1 15 83.2 26

South Melbourne 3 0 19 58.2 12

* North Melbourne lost points from 16 matches for fielding an ineligible player.


QF Collingwood WIN

SF Richmond WIN

GF Richmond LOSS


Best and Fairest - Andrew McKaige

Second Best and Fairest - Craig Derrick

Outstanding Service Awards - David Keane and Ian McCormack

Best Clubman - Jeff Mackie


In presenting the Annual Report for 1975 we have a situation infinitely more pleasing than that which prevailed in Season 1974. Although we have risen only a few places in the V.F.L. Ladder our greatest gain has been in the number of matches the team has won. In 1974 we were successful on only three occasions and in 1975 a much healthier total of nine. An improvement of 300% is certainly an improvement but it does not end with this mere statistical gain. Those of us who are close to the Club are very confident indeed that this improvement is real and enduring.

Our improvement was not confined solely to our Senior eighteen but to our Reserve and Under 19 teams who were also lifted from most lowly positions in their respective grades to occupying a place in the Final Five. Our Reserves, throughout the season, always performed creditably, and it was pleasing indeed to see them competing in the Finals. The performance of the Under 19 side was even more satisfying as we had the pleasure of seeing this team participate in a stirring Grand Final against Richmond in which either side could have won the Premiership flag. Our Under 17's kept up the good work by again figuring in the Grand Final of its competition and so our supporters can have reason to feel pleased with the overall improved Club performance and justifiably look forward to an even better year in 1976. Our Coach Bob Skilton has been very forthright since the season concluded in his predictions as to 1976. Bob is very confident in the future performance of his team.

Roy Simmonds again acted as Reserve XVIII Coach and assistant to Bob Skilton. Roy's true ability is better illustrated in the manner in which he handled the new talent at his disposal and his success was well earned.

A new face on the coaching scene for Melbourne was former player Neil Crompton, and Neil proved himself to be a very excellent under 19 Coach.

The Under 17's were again successfully coached by Gordon Duff who has enjoyed great success with this team and in 1975, similarly to Neil Crompton, brought his team to the Grand Final.

This year saw an influx of new players worthy to represent the Club for many years to come and it also saw a more determined effort from many of our Senior players. It saw also a more determined effort from our Committee, a more determined effort from our associated groups, our Redlegs. our Coterie, our Social Committee, an atmosphere of endeavour led by a new Chairman with determination firing others surrounding him, that promises much in the future.

Since the season began there has been a great effort on the part of these associated groups, and if one is to succeed in football today then it is imperative that this altitude be maintained. Whether one applauds or deplores the competition for players between V.F.L. Clubs if we are to succeed then compete we must, and since finance is as important as the skill and ability of players we obtain, then our efforts must be directed towards solving this financial situation, in order that we can continue to acquire players of the necessary skill and ability to lift us to Premiership standard. The determination to achieve this is within our Club at the moment and is shown in one instance in the re-organisation of the Redlegs.

This association now permits the admittance of M.F.C. Members and they have established the Tavern Bar as their meeting place before, during and after the "home" games at the M.C.G. We are indeed indebted to the Melbourne Cricket Club for the wonderful assistance in making this area available to the Redlegs and the generous manner in which they helped to have the room refurbished.

A new appointment this year was that of Team Manager. This position calls for close liaison between the players, coaches and committee and in this capacity Noel McMahen has worked tirelessly. His drive and determination contributed greatly to the smooth operation at the Club.

Another important appointment made by our Committee during the year was that of Mr. Peter Yeo to the position of Fund Raising Officer. Peter, who is a former Melbourne player brought to us a new and exciting approach to fund raising and we believe that with the continual assistance of all areas associated with the Club he will generate the necessary finance for us to carry out our important plans for the future.

Our Club was extremely fortunate in having the support of the Austcom Inter City Group who manufacture the Monbulk range of fruits and jams as well as the Parsons range of rolled oats and dessert products. This progressive Group is led by Executive Director, Mr. Doug Shears.

Evidence of another poor year financially is given later in this report. The committee is gravely concerned over the future financial health of all senior and junior Australian Rules Clubs as they wrestle with exploding costs caused by inflation.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that the administration of a League Club is now almost beyond the capacity and time capability of honorary officials. Further it would not be unfair to comment that the millions spent on the development of V.F.L. Park have largely been generated as a result of the unselfish and time-consuming efforts of the dedicated unpaid administrators of the twelve League Clubs.

Melbourne believes the time has arrived for a high level review of the resources of the Victorian Football League. Recent events in the commercial world have forced large and small companies to examine their operations. Why not the Victorian Football League? Perhaps a new and more innovative attitude towards these resources may improve the ailing financial health of the majority of Clubs.

Our Best and Fairest Awards were again publicly conducted at the M.C.G. and we had an extremely popular win by first year player Laurie Fowler. Laurie scored a convincing success and the announcement of the award was greeted with great enthusiasm by his fellow players for not only has he proved himself an excellent player, but he has also displayed a keenness and enthusiasm coupled with a tremendous drive to obtain peak physical fitness that his enthusiasm became infectious to those who trained with him. We are most fortunate to obtain such an excellent player and Clubman.

Last year's Best and Fairest winner Stan Alves was runner-up to Laurie Fowler in our award and Stan displayed his great sportsmanship in accepting the position of runner-up once again. We point with pride to the fact that Stan earlier had been runner-up to Gary Dempsey in the Brownlow Medal count after leading to the very last vote, and on this occasion Stan demonstrated to all football supporters his greatness as a player and as a leader.

Third Best and Fairest Trophy was won by Ray Biffin. Originally recruited from North Launceston in 1968, he has developed into one of the outstanding full-backs in the V.F.L. More particularly, in our Club, he has emerged as a great example on and off the field. Football each year produces its characters within the rooms who by their desire to involve the younger players around them create the good will and harmony that Clubs are continually striving to obtain, and in this category Ray has no peers.

Fourth and fifth in our Best and Fairest Awards were two great Melbourne players who, in recent years have become, along wilh a few other players, the backbone of our team. Greg Wells and Gary Hardeman are two local products who have each risen through the ranks of our Junior eighteens to occupy the forefront of our team. Both Victorian representatives, they bring honour to us continually by the excellence of their play and behaviour.


Reference has been made earlier in this report to the wonderful work carried out by Stan Alves and Gary Hardeman who were our leaders on the field. Their example to their players could not be expressed better. Not only are they great players but they are line Clubmen and tremendous ambassadors for our Club.


Mrs. Shirley Hannan, widow of the late Jim Hannan, has generously offered to donate an annual trophy to the Club. Jim Hannan was a very keen supporter of the Club who was tragically drowned while scuba diving off Fiji in 1973.

He was a Member of Coterie, a foundation Member of the Redlegs and served on the Committee of the Redlegs until his death. He was a keen amateur footballer playing over 300 games with Old Melburnians and represented Victoria in amateur football on three occasions.

It is proposed to name the trophy: "Jim Hannan Memorial Redlegs Trophy" (for outstanding initiative and service to the Club on and off the field).

The Committee will choose the winner of this trophy each year from the following guidelines:

(1) The player should be aged approximately 24 years or less.

(2) To have character traits, potential for success in public life apart from football.

(3) To be prepared to forfeit some leisure time to assist in developing junior football.

(4) To have a high standard of personal behaviour.

(5) To possess unselfish loyalty to the Club.

The Club would like to thank Shirley Hannan for the kind thought in making this Award available.


After twelve years as Chairman of our Club, Dr. D. G. Duffy resigned from the position. He was succeeded by Mr. John Mitchell and John immediately set about his task in a manner which indicated a tremendous determination for the Club to improve. John Mitchell, who is a former Captain of Melbourne Grammar team and a most successful coach in the Victorian Amateur Football Association, coaching Old Melburnians to an "A" Grade Premiership, has spared no effort in his endeavours to develop our team. He introduced a reorganisation of the Club which streamlined many activities, created new Sub-Committees to deal with vital problems, and generally set a standard which he demanded his fellow Committeemen follow. It is quite evident that this new outlook produced a changed attitude within the team and we are certain that the benefits will be shown even more clearly in the years ahead. He has the full confidence and cooperation of every member of Committee.

Since the last Annual Report several changes have occurred in Committee.

Mr. Don Ferguson retired from the Executive Committee of the Football Club during the year. Because of Don's position as Treasurer of the Melbourne Cricket Club and his wide experience in financial matters his contribution to the Football Club's deliberations since 1972 have greatly benefited the Club.

The Melbourne Football Club wishes to record its appreciation for his years of service.

Mr. Colin McLean retired from the Committee at the end of Season 1974. A former player who represented Victoria in 1948 Col brought a wealth of football experience to the Committee Table. On his retirement from the playing field he initially was involved with the Social Committee later he served as Assistant Secretary and when appointed a Committeeman served as Chairman of the Selection Committee. The Club wishes to express its thanks for his untiring efforts as a player and Committeeman.

Mr. George Lenne ceased being a Member of Committee at the end of 1974. A player in the early war years he returned to the Club in 1955 and for the past 20 years has filled the roles of Secretary and later Chairman of the Reserve XVIII Committee, and in 1970 was appointed as a Melbourne Football Club Committeeman. George's record of service has been outstanding and the Club has been extremely grateful to have a former player who has served the Club so loyally.

Finally, Mr. Bob Miller also ceased being a Member at the end of Season 1974. Bob's contribution to the overall work of the Committee was all too short. His assistance in legal problems in the early years of contracts did not go unnoticed by fellow Committeemen.


A major move taken by our Club during 1975 was to introduce the Melbourne Football Club Scholarship Squad.

This scheme, developed by our Recruiting Sub-Committee, brought 17 selected young players from our metropolitan area to the M.C.G. for specialised training on Sunday mornings during the latter part of the year. Under the excellent management of Mr. Frank Fidge these players each week were taught the basic and advanced skills of our game by the Senior Coach, Bob Skilton, assisted by present-day players Stan Alves, Ray Biffin, Carl Ditterich, Robert Flower, Laurie Fowler. Gary Hardeman. Paul Hurst. Marty Lyons. Steve Smith and Greg Wells and former players in Barry Bourke, Noel McMahen. Phil Rhoden and Ian Ridley.

At an evening to conclude the scheme presentations were made to the squad members by the Club Chairman, Mr. John Mitchell. It is our Club's firm belief thai with this continual development and fostering of Junior players from within our areas we shall be ensured of a steady flow of promising recruits into our various teams. We wish to acknowledge the financial assistance given to the scheme by way of donations from the M.F.C. Former Players and Officials Association. Adidas Sporting Footwear and Mr. Alan McKay. The squad consisted of the following players;

Chris Brady - Romsey

Damien Caddaye - Glenhuntly

Geoff Clarke - Ormond

Craig Derrick - M.F.C. Under 17's

Andrew Fraser -Oakleigh

Dean Furnell - St. Peter's

Michael Giulieri - Murrumbeena District

Matthew Hope -Mentone

Andrew McKaige - M.F.C. Under 17's

Brett Marchant - Mentone

Jim Mercaulio - Bentleigh

Wayne Miller - Edithvale/Aspendale

Luke de Munk - Chelsea

Kelvin Richards - Bentleigh Tigers

Peter Salter - Bon Beach

Peter Thorne - Bentleigh Tigers

Greg Walker - Edithvale/Aspendale


In June this year the Melbourne Football Club were pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Flower to the full-time position of Promotions Officer. Previous to Robert's appointment, this area of the Club's operation was under the control of Mr. Barry Bourke, who acted for us in an honorary capacity.

Both Robert and Barry have ensured during the year that numerous clinics and allied functions have been conducted at schools and junior clubs throughout our area.

During the May term holidays, our Club conducted two matches at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, comprising four teams of especially selected Secondary schoolboys from within both our zones and interstate. Arising from these matches a squad of 50 schoolboys was then invited back to our ground during the September term holidays, where they were involved in a three day specialised clinic under the control of our Captain Stan Alves and other Senior players.

Three very successful evenings were also held during the year, two in Melbourne and one at Seymour, at which personnel from schools, clubs and district leagues were invited to discuss with us, in a social atmosphere, the various problems associated with Australian Rules football today.


Throughout the year, under the direction of the Chairman of Recruiting, Ian Ridley, and Senior Committeemen Ken Carlon and Barry Bourke, our Recruiting Officers have been very active in seeking the new players needed by our Club to rise up the V.F.L. ladder. No area or information has been ignored and we would like to express our appreciation to the League and Club officials in both our Metropolitan and Country Zones for the courtesy they have shown to our representatives at the matches that they have attended in their respective areas.

Listed below are some of the players who we anticipate will be participating in our 1976 pre-season matches.

Mark Czarnecki - Centre Carrum

Michael Graham - Half Forward Sturt

Peter Johnston - Ruckman St. Virgil's, Hobart

Neville Mills - Forward Euroa

Phillip Seaton - Centre Tongala

Robert Walters - Forward Romsey

Morris Wingate - Centre Kyabram


Prior to the start of the 1976 season James Hector Cardwell will retire as Secretary of the Melbourne Football Club, a position in which he has loyally and diligently served our Club since 1950 and from which he assisted in building the M.F.C. into a team which became almost invincible in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Jim, as he prefers to be known has been associated with our Club through 11 successive final appearances from 1954, six Premierships and seven successive Grand Finals, a feat that may never be equalled.

He joined Melbourne as a player in 1939, being recruited from the North Brunswick Amateur Team. Five years of war service from 1940-1945 saw Jim return to us to play further games with our Reserve eighteen and to then accept a position on the Reserve Grade Committee shortly afterwards becoming its Secretary and delegate to the V.F.L. Reserve Grade League. In 1950 he accepted the position of Secretary to the Senior Committee on a part-time basis, and in 1958 was appointed as the Club's first full-time Secretary.

In these 25 years from 1950-1975 Jim has always maintained his cool, quiet and efficient manner. One could speak to Jim for many hours on the subject of his recruiting prior to the introduction of zoning and names which readily come to mind include: Ralph Lane, Noel Clarke, Ken Christie, John Beckwith, Frank Adams, Ron Barassi, Geoff Case, Terry Gleeson, Peter Marquis, Ken Melville, Don Williams, Brian Dixon, Bob Johnson, Clyde Laidlaw, Ian Ridley, Laurie Mithen, Athol Webb, Trevor Johnson, "Tassie" Johnson, Denis Jones, "Hassa" Mann, Jim Sandral, Ian Thorogood, Geoff Tunbridge and Dick Fenton-Smith.

Jim has been affectionately referred to over his career as "The Prince of Secretaries", "The Patriarch of Secretaries", and "The Doyen of Secretaries", all titles which he wears proudly and deserves.

Upon his retirement our Club trusts that we shall not lose contact with Jim and his charming wife Mavis, for football in general and the Melbourne Club in particular need the wisdom and experience of people such as them.


The Committee this year has great pleasure in awarding a Five Year Certificate to John Tilbrook who joined our Club in 1971 from Sturt (South Australia).


Under the control of Chairman Noel Parkhill and Secretary Bill Rodriquez, our Reserve Grade Committee continued their good work associated with the administration of the Reserve, Under 19 and Under 17 teams.

As mentioned earlier in the report our Reserve team had a successful year in that they moved from last place in 1974 (three wins) to participating in the 1975 Finals (12 wins).

In addition many young players from the Reserves were given the opportunity of playing in the Senior team. Manager Noel Parkhill and his Officials, along with their Coach Roy Simmonds can be justly proud of the performance of the Reserves.

Improvement was also obvious in our Under 19 team. Coach Neil Crompton, Manager Bernie Massey and Assistant Manager Rod Shepherd moulded together a team that moved from 9th position in 1974 (seven wins) to the 1975 Grand Final where they were narrowly defeated.

Many Under 19 players were chosen in our Reserves team during the year and we are also pleased to report that five of their players also graduated to the Senior team.

These were Colin Graham, Greg Hutchison, Barry Ough, John Sparks and Glen Walley.

Our Under 17 team managed by "Steve" Stevens and his assistant Ken Scott continued their excellent work of previous years and Coach Gordon Duff again had his charges in the Grand Final.

This team over the years has been a steady source of supply of players to the Under 19 Grade and in this regard our Club is indeed grateful to Gordon for his coaching results.


Sir Albert Chadwick Mr. S. A. Edwards Mrs. E. Hunter Mr. A. E. Langley Mr. D. H. Knight Melbourne Football Club Mr. D. Ferguson Mr. F. V. Hughes Mr. T. Taylor Melbourne Cricket Club Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. Melbourne Football Club Former Social Committee Sir Frank Richardson Mr. C. S. McCutcheon Mr. R. J. Seddon Mr. G. R. Sheppard Taylor Ferguson Pty. Ltd. Mayne Nickless Ltd. Mr. H. I. Ebeling Players & Officials Association Mr. A. McKay Mr. B. Stanton Mr. I. Jones Mr. S. A. Willmott Mr. K. A. Taylor Mr. A. Norris Mr. G. Burns


The Club wishes to record its sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following, who in numerous ways have assisted us during the past season.

Melbourne Cricket Club Sir Albert Chadwick, C.M.G., M.S.M. (President), Mr. Ian Johnson (Secretary), Mr. Maurice Gibb (Assistant Secretary), Mr. Hugh Wilson (Accountant), Committee, office and ground staff. Victorian Football League Messrs. E. O. McCutcheon, J. C. Hamilton, R. Lane, A. McKenzie, G. J. Clayton, and administration staff. Coterie Mr. M. Meehan (Chairman), Mr. A. L. V. King (Secretary), and all their members. Redlegs Mr Bruce Church (Chairman), Mr. Jim Considine (Secretary), Mr. Tom Jackett (Immediate Past Chairman), and all their members. Former Players and Officials Association Mr. Ken McKaige (Chairman), Mr. R. Mollison (Secretary), and all their members. S.S.B, Little League Mr. Brian Donnegan (Manager), and all other personnel from the Bentleigh/McKinnon Y.C.F.L. who assisted each week. Melbourne Catering Company Mr. M. Belle, Mr. Bert Andrews, and all members of the M.C.G. catering staff. Melbourne Football Club Cheer Squad, to all members of this band of young and active supporters who have helped in many ways during 1975. Press, Radio, Television - to each and every member of the media who are associated with this important contribution to Australian Rules football. Social Committee - to all members of this Sub-Committee who make a very large contribution to our financial and social welfare. Sponsor - Mr. Doug Shears of Austcom Pty. Ltd.


The Chairman, Committee, staff, players and members extend to the following, our sincere congratulations on their various achievements as detailed:

North Melbourne Football Club and Coach Ron Barassi on winning their first V.F.L. Premiership.

All other League Clubs who participated in the Final Series.

Gary Dempsey on winning the 1975 Brownlow Medal and our Captain Stan Alves on being runner-up to Gary in this award.

Neil Chamberlain on winning the Gardiner Medal for Best and Fairest in the V.F.L. Reserve Grade Competition.

Stan Alves, Gary Hardeman and Greg Wells on being selected to represent Victoria during the year.

Mr. Arthur King on being awarded the National Football League Merit Award.

The following senior clubs from our zoned areas who won their respective premierships: Kyabram Football Club (Goulburn Valley F.L.), Seymour Football Club (Waranga North-East F.L.), Nagambie Football Club (Kyabram D.F.L.). Gisborne Football Club (Riddell D.F.L. First Division). Romsey Football Club (Riddell D.F.L. Second Division), Springvale Football Club (Federal F.L.). Carnegie Football Club (South-East Suburban F.L.).

Judy and Stan Alves (son). Julie and Gary Hardeman (daughter), Rosemary and Phil Rhoden (son), Joanne and Tony Sullivan (daughter), Mavis and Greg Wells (daughter) on their family additions.

The following players who reached the respective milestone of their careers as shown:

200 club games Stan Alves;

100 club games - Peter Keenan;

50 club games Carl Ditterich, Robert Flower.

Our number two ticket holder Cr. Ronald Walker, J.P. on his election as Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne.


Prior to the commencement of each season our Club is faced with the problem of finding suitable private accommodation for our country and interstate recruits.

If any member or supporter of the Club is interested in providing board for the players, further details are available from Ivan Moore at the M.F.C. Office, telephone 63 3594.


It is recommended that Life Membership be conferred upon two members of our team in Stan Alves and Graeme Osborne. They are both truly deserving of this great honour, having played ten years with the Club.


The Melbourne Football Club records with regret the passing of the following members. To their relations and friends we extend our deepest sympathy.

H. S. (Dave) Stanley, Life Member; Jack Bennett, former player; Bob Wynd, former trainer; Mrs. Joan Black, member of Social Sub- Committee.


I would like to express my appreciation of the outstanding service given to the Club by my predecessor, Dr. Don Duffy.

Don was first associated with the Club in 1951, when he acted as Hon. Medical Officer, a position he held until 1962. He was elected to the Committee in 1952, and was appointed Chairman in 1963, and occupied this position with great distinction until he decided to step down at the end of last season. In all he has worked tirelessly for the Club over a period of 25 years. Indeed a great achievement.

I would like to endorse the tribute paid in this report to the Secretary. Jim Cardwell. After 25 years' service as Club Executive Officer, Jim retires prior to the commencement of next season. His service to the Club over this period has been outstanding, and he has played a significant part in the Club winning six Premierships.

He and his wife Mavis, will be travelling overseas next year, and we wish them "bon voyage". We hope we can take advantage of his vast experience upon his return.

I would also like to thank the Administration Manager, Ivan Moore, for his co-operation and untiring efforts in handling the demanding day to day affairs of the Club throughout the season.

I would like to thank my colleagues on the Committee who have worked extremely well throughout the year in an effort to lift the Club, and their loyalty and support have been most appreciated.

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Thanks WJ

I can still remember going to the footy and arriving with a reasonable expectation of hearing the club song at the end.

I sincerely hope that those days can return for us all

( all we need are a couple of heroes and we'll get there)

Thanks for your contributions

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Possibly the longest shot question of all time, but does anyone know what role H. S. (Dave) Stanley at the club? He was a life member as mentioned but I haven't come across anything which explains why.

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Possibly the longest shot question of all time, but does anyone know what role H. S. (Dave) Stanley at the club? He was a life member as mentioned but I haven't come across anything which explains why.

It looks like he played a single game in 1906. He had some role within the club as a D.Stanley is pictured with the 1941 Premiership side, and H.Stanley is pictured with the 1948 Premiership side ( looks like the same person).

His life membership was presented at the AGM on 6 Feb 1946.

From the Argus of the 7th:

"Life membership certificates were presented to Messrs J. C. Blair, A. E. Chadwick. Dr J. Jones, Vince Coutie, W. Allan, F. S. Vine, W. M. Flintoft, W. de C. Berry. H. Dona- hoo, F. V. Hughes, F. W. Ince, W. Murphy, A. McL. Paterson. F. Pleass, J. Roach. H. G. Stanley, E. C. H. Taylor, and R. Wynd."

....sorry about the first part, just found out that the Harold Stanley who played 1 game in 1906 died in September 1945. So still don't know who H.S ( G) was or did?

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It looks like he played a single game in 1906. He had some role within the club as a D.Stanley is pictured with the 1941 Premiership side, and H.Stanley is pictured with the 1948 Premiership side ( looks like the same person).

His life membership was presented at the AGM on 6 Feb 1946.

From the Argus of the 7th:

"Life membership certificates were presented to Messrs J. C. Blair, A. E. Chadwick. Dr J. Jones, Vince Coutie, W. Allan, F. S. Vine, W. M. Flintoft, W. de C. Berry. H. Dona- hoo, F. V. Hughes, F. W. Ince, W. Murphy, A. McL. Paterson. F. Pleass, J. Roach. H. G. Stanley, E. C. H. Taylor, and R. Wynd."

....sorry about the first part, just found out that the Harold Stanley who played 1 game in 1906 died in September 1945. So still don't know who H.S ( G) was or did?

Thanks anyway, I've got info on all the life members (at least a first and last name) except:

W. Hislop, W. Murphy, R. Wynd (1945)

L. D'Altera (1952)

W. Neal (1953)

A. Neal (1954 - Possibly Aubrey Neal)

M. Hutchins (1961 - Possibly Merv Hutchins)

KL Beard (2000 - A trainer in 1975)

AJ Gardner (2002)

L. Jones (2005 - Possibly Les Jones)

JO Smith (2005)

C. Harris (2006 - Spike Harris real name?)

If anyone has info on these names I'd love to know.

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Thanks anyway, I've got info on all the life members (at least a first and last name) except:

W. Hislop, W. Murphy, R. Wynd (1945)

L. D'Altera (1952)

W. Neal (1953)

A. Neal (1954 - Possibly Aubrey Neal)

M. Hutchins (1961 - Possibly Merv Hutchins)

KL Beard (2000 - A trainer in 1975)

AJ Gardner (2002)

L. Jones (2005 - Possibly Les Jones)

JO Smith (2005)

C. Harris (2006 - Spike Harris real name?)

If anyone has info on these names I'd love to know.

L.D'Altera was an assistant trainer up to at least 1958

Kevin Beard was Head Trainer up to at least 2006

Spike Harris was Team Manager of U19's and seniors

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L.D'Altera was an assistant trainer up to at least 1958

Kevin Beard was Head Trainer up to at least 2006

Spike Harris was Team Manager of U19's and seniors

Thanks George, I'm assuming C Harris is Spike but not confirmed yet.

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