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  1. Thinking about players like Danger or Dusty, these are big bodied midfielders that have a strong capability to find and deliver the ball through the middle, go forward and take a mark and kick goals, and also have a bit of an X factor. From our list, Trac is really the only ‘guy’ that can play this role. No one else fits the bill, and he has the capacity to stretch up to be that player. This is an absolutely matchwinning role, and wee have seen what Dusty or Danger (even a Cripps) can deliver. As part of a key midfield group of Oliver, Harmes, Viney and Trac, each has a different set of skills. I hope that in 2020 they get their setups better organised to utilise these skills to better advantage, and Trac grows into ‘our Dusty’.
  2. Was contemplating end of year trades, the return of Trenners and Petracca, another year of Roo's coaching and draft/trading... ... and wondered who thinks we can crack the finals next season, Roos last as our coach? and why / why not?
  3. For all you dreamers, wannabe recruiters, and draftee "experts", this is your chance to state your drafting order ahead of the 2014 AFL National Draft. We will do it as the club would (and all other clubs) come draft night. We'll write down our exact orders to select the draftees and if any are selected prior they are crossed off the list and the next in order will be taken. Now this is quite easy this year considering we are dealing with pick 2 and 3, although hopefully in years to come this exercise will get harder as we climb the ladder. It doesn't matter if you know next to nothing about the draft, or if you've watched every highlights package, read every stats sheet, or have been to numerous games, this is just for fun. So now the question is who has the Midas touch or Marty McFly's sports almanac? We'll find out in a few years -------------------------------- Here's mine: 1. Christian Petracca 2. Angus Brayshaw 3. Nakia Cockatoo Why (only if you want to): I consider Petracca and Brayshaw currently the best two talents and both blue chip selections meaning they are most likely to progress well and succeed at the AFL level. As for Cockatoo, he had produced similar games in his past but we just didn't see enough of him this year, I think if we had he would certainly be in everyone's top 3 or 5 equations. He practically has it all, strength, evasiveness, vision & poise, speed, the skills (accurate kicking and clean hands/ both sides), and an excellent attitude. He can play on the outside or get his hands dirty on the inside, he also has a nice leap and can certainly take a mark. As for those mouth watering highlight packages that potential draftees take the entire season to generate, Cockatoo produced his from one game. By obtaining at least one blue chip above I believe Cockatoo is certainly worth "the risk" (foot and lack of 2014 exposure) and finally I feel he's miles ahead of the next few midfielders (for those going by "needs") and likely ready to go come 2015. Who just misses your cut? 4. Patrick McCartin: As much as I would love to see he and Hogan develop and line up next to each other for the next decade, Cockatoo has won me over. -------------------------------- Additional information regarding bios, stats, and highlights can be found here: http://www.afl.com.au/draft/draft-machine
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