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  1. Just reading this article on the AFL website. If his agent has made overtures to every other club, I suspect that signs are not terribly good for Beamer. Surely if he has real value the clubs should be making offers to him? To me this sounds a lot like they are not getting any bites and are willing to take pretty much any offer they get.
  2. With the recent departure of Moloney it raises a question in my mind. How are we going to attract new players to the club? We've made a play for Boak, don't know how it's holding up. Some of us would like to see Josh Caddy in the Red and Blue in 2013 as well. But 2012 was a really poor year. What would make a player join a club that, if not for GWS and GCS, probably would've only had 1 win for the year? Money isn't much of a problem as we have a fair amount of room in our salary cap. Can we still convince others that we are heading in the right direction? Or will they see the departure of Moloney as a steer clear sign? What do we have to do to put ourselves above other clubs in preparation for and during the trading period to lure players to this great and proud club?
  3. I have posted it in the pre-game thread but it doesn't stand out there and noone seems to be reading it so I started a thread for it (sorry Mods) Moloney is sub today, Maric for Tigers.
  4. I know it's only the Herald Sun, but has nobody on demonland seen this? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/free-agents-on-the-you-wish-and-can-get-lists/story-e6frf9jf-1226279957739 I mean, I'm sure most dees supporters disregard it as rubbish, based purely on the fact that Moloney supported us a kid, but how much weight does that really hold? In any case, I'm not aware of him having too many mates at Essendon. He played for Geelong Falcons and is from Warrnambool - not many links I can see there. I'm willing to bet that the Neeld and the club's new approach will have him desperate to stick around for some success with the club. That and the fact he wouldn't have Jamar serving him the footy on a platter. Interestingly, it may make it easier for players to move clubs, but an aspect of free agency that I hadn't yet considered, is that the team poaching a player doesn't actually lose anything. They don't have to trade away picks or players - they part with nothing. The whole league supplies the player's original team with a draft pick.
  5. Something that has dominated my thinking since the announcement is the role Brent Moloney takes on gameday. We all see him revving up the players and talking to them in the huddle before games and at every break. I mentioned earlier in the year that Moloney should not take these talks in lieu of Brad Green. Now with a 20 year old and a 22 year old in charge I am debating in my head the merits of taking what is usually the domain of a captain and giving it to someone who isn't even in the Leadership Group. I am still of the belief that this is important to how a captain is seen and recieved on the field and I would like someone at the club to tell Brent to let his captains have this duty. Thoughts?
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