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Found 3 results

  1. I wanted to say a massive thank you to Mark "Choco" Williams for coming to the Melbourne Football Club. Apparently he said something pretty inspiring to Christian Petracca while he was on the bench when the Grand Final was in the balance. This assisted with turning things around very quickly in the Demons favour. Mark "Choco" Williams has probably been the recruit of the year for the Melbourne Football Club. I cannot sing his praises any higher. I hope that the Melbourne Football Club sign him on for a few more years. He has made a massive impact on our playing group. To think a few years ago no AFL club wanted Mark "Choco" Williams around. He has definitely proved them all wrong! What a legend!
  2. For those who don't know, a "Creed" is something that can be a formal doctrine or set of beliefs or philosophy that an organisation can encapsulate what they stand for. The development of a "Creed" is something which can also help with driving the standards and culture of an organisation. A good example of a "Creed" is one that our new MFC Head of Development, Mark "Choco" Williams' Father, the late and great Fos Williams created for the Port Adelaide Football Club in 1962. Here is a link to it for those who haven't read it before: https://www.portadelaidefc.com.au/club/history/the-creed The Port Adelaide "Creed" was recently brought to my attention with the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the Port Adelaide Football Club and I thought it would be a good idea to try and emulate something similar. Now obviously, we don't wish to plagiarise what Port Adelaide has done. But I would like to put forward the suggestion that the Melbourne Demons Football Club creates its very own and unique "Creed". Something that I hope will assist with shaping the long term culture of the Demons. Nevertheless, this is something that we as Melbourne Demons members and supporters can only suggest. But I think it is worthwhile pursuing this idea. However, it is crucial that this is driven by the Demons players, the captain Max Gawn, the coach Simon Goodwin, the CEO Gary Pert, the President Glen Bartlett and all other stakeholders of the Melbourne Football Club. Mark "Choco" Williams having input would also be invaluable. This is something the Demons players and coaching staff could develop as an activity while on their Pre-Season camp perhaps? Anyway, I am interested in hearing other Demonlanders opinions on this possible suggestion of developing a "Creed" for the Melbourne Football Club and ideally helping to develop our culture.
  3. I read an interesting article in the Herald Sun newspaper about Mark "Choco" Williams last week. I still think he has some value as an assistant coach in the AFL and would love to see him at the Melbourne Football Club. Especially with the big shake up of our coaching department. Obviously, Mark Williams is seen as being a bit abrasive and confrontational. He has ruffled feathers of some of the more sensitive types. But he did wonders in the development of Dustin Martin and other players at Richmond. If anything I think he had a big influence in helping Richmond win it's 2017 AFL Premiership. It must be remembered that he is still obviously an AFL Premiership coach with Port Adelaide from back in 2004 (we won't talk about the horror of 2007 with Geelong's utter annihilation of Port Adelaide in that Grand Final except that it took that ignominious record away from the Demons disaster of the 1988 Grand Final!). He also has a passion still for coaching and is currently coach of the Werribee Tigers in the VFL as far as I can recall. Seeing as we have a few "good cops" in Simon Goodwin and now Alan Richardson. I would like for us to have Mark Williams as a "bad cop" to balance out all the touchy feely stuff with a more hardline attitude who will tell the players off if they are slack and lazy at training or put in weak and pathetic efforts during a game. Obviously, the "old school" fire and brimstone yelling and screaming at players doesn't work like it used to. Nevertheless, I think Mark Williams would be a handy asset as a great development coach for the Melbourne Football Club. I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this suggestion.
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